Now that America is proudly the FATTEST NATION ON EARTH it is time that we celebrate this wonderful milestone. With BBWs unapologetically flaunting their super sized bodies all over the net we can enthusiastically say that the age of the fatty is here. We have arrived!

There is a lot of dishonest moralizing about the sin of gluttony but the time has come for some real honesty. We fat folks love food. We love food more than just about anything else and why shouldn’t we? Food does not judge. Food does not ignore our pleas. Food makes us feel good. Food is our friend. Food is our God. What a friend he have in Cheeses.

Cheeses Christ

Embrace gluttony. Gluttony is our religion that brings us near to the belly god we call Food. Praise Food glorious glorious glorious FOOD!

Belly God

Pay homage to the Belly God and EAT!