>Thin Phobia, Thin Hatred and Jealous Fat Girls

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>Another Black Eye For Fat Acceptance

There is not much difference between fat hatred and thin hatred except that thin women don’t whine as much about thin hatred and take it on the chin. Fat girls constantly whine about fat hatred often when it doesn’t exist. A fat girl play the fat card more often than Jessie Jackson and Al Sharpton play he race card. Today the race card is much easier to trump than the fat card. Thin girls simply suffer in silence due to their low self-esteem. They never play the waif card. There is also a double standard. These days it is politically correct to trash skinny and for women. The latest trend is the blatant PhotoShop manipulation of pretty young actresses to make them look anorexic. Jealous fat girls are pathetic but I still pork them anyway. In this article Bigger Fatter Blog is going to expose the war on thin women. You may ask why is a fat acceptance blog fighting for the rights and dignity of fat women. The answer is fairly simple. Fat Bastard and I want to restore some much needed integrity to the entire fat acceptance movement.

Militant fat acceptance womyn without a clue!

It’s this kind of boorish low class Kate Harding style shit I am talking about! Fat Bastard is a victim of the man hating. They love me because I will pork them but they hate Fat Bastard because he can only bone skinny chicks. He’s too fat to pork another fatling. How shallow is that?!

Here are some samples of how jealous fa girls are creating the anorexia scare using photo manipulation. These hateful “womyn” are so jealous and desperate that the stooped to these sophomoric and dishonest means. This is one more example how the Kate Hardings and the Joy Nashes have sullied this once fine an noble civil rights movement. It is appalling!

In the Michael Jackson article we exposed the double standard the media has regarding thin women and thin men and how they are soo quick to call a lean woman an anorexic yet for years they ignored the dangerously underweight King of Pop. Fat Bastard’s keen eye caught a photoshopped version of a Jessica Stroup photo juxtaposed with a tubby Brooke Hogan.

Altered Jessica Stroup image Unaltered Brooke Hogan image


Click the link below to see more jealous fat girl photo fakes.

[ana4-true.jpg] [ana4-fake.jpg]
REAL————————–> FAKED by a fat girl

[ana7-true.jpg] [ana7-fake.jpg]
REAL————————–> FAKED by a fat girl

[ana8-true.jpg] [ana8-fake.jpg]
REAL————————–> FAKED by a fat girl

[ana9-true.jpg] [ana9-fake.jpg]
REAL————————–> FAKED by a fat girl

[ana14-true.jpg] [ana14-fake.jpg]
REAL————————–> FAKED by a fat girl

[ana17-true.jpg] [ana17-fake.jpg]
REAL————————–> FAKED by a fat girl

[ana18-true.jpg] [ana18-fake.jpg]
REAL————————–> FAKED by a fat girl

Because he thin-phobic media hates thin women they have asked me to remove the images of the faked anorexic models but here is the site from which they were found.
See for yourself.

You may be asking why the I, Proud FA, the Dean of Feederism is defending skinny women. I am not defending skinny women. Like people of all sizes they should not need a defender or apologist. I am defending fat acceptance and size acceptance form misguided zealots form within the movement. Fat Bastard asked me to write this article because coming from me, the Dean of Feedersim and porker of fat women it would have more integrity that if Fat Bastard wrote because as we all know Fat Bastard only bones skinny women because it is not mechanically possible for him to pork porkers. A fellow blogger has discovered even more faked photos.
You can view them here. http://www.2medusa.com/2008/09/photoshopping-gone-mad-skinny-on-fake.html

Fat girls have ruined he fat acceptance movement. Fat Bastard and I are trying to restore some of the integrity NAAFA founder Bill Fabrey, the father of fat acceptance, brought to the movement. In the meantime shame on all you hateful and jealous fat girls who have not really embraced your fat and gluttony.

As a fat admirer I don’t find any of these thin women porkable. Fat Bastard would love to bone anyone of them. I think that even in the real photos they are too thin for my tastes. Fat Bastard is has different tastes but that is not the point. These malicious photos are being used by jealous fat girls in the tired old hateful maladroit fat acceptance movement to shame thin and waifish women as if they need to feel any worse about themselves. Thin and waifish already have extremely low self-esteem as it is. It is just painfully cruel that the strident and confident womyn in the FA movement have be so low class as to pick on these pathetic skinny females who cannot and do not defend themselves. We here at Bigger Fatter Blog protect and defend people of all sizes. We do not judge people who want to be frugal with their calories.

You jealous fat girls won’t fuck fat guys like Fat Bastard so all we have to say to you and your ilk is FUCK YOU!

>Michael Jackson’s Cause of Death

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Dear BFB readers,

I know that many of you are shocked and angered at the death of MJ and I understand your rage but I cannot allow comments calling for the death of the doctor or doctors who killed MJ.

Like all of you I want to see justice done. Proud FA and I are sick about this as we too were MJ fans.

There is a lot of blame to go around in the death of this fragile man. Dr Murray is innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. He will probably weasel out of it just like the butchers and leaches who killed Ana Nicole Smith. The Jackson family has called for a second autopsy. In the meantime blog hard about reckless actions of Dr Conrad Murray.

Your host, Fat Bastard

Anorexia’s Role in the Death of Michael Jackson

It is well known that people of low body weights have a lower tolerance for drugs. Any first year medical student knows that but it would seem that Jackson’s physician Dr Conrad Murray was absent from class on the day that was taught. Joe Jackson patriarch of the Jackson family has called for a second autopsy and now Dr Murray has lawyered up after an examination by the Los Angeles County coroner’s office failed to determine what killed the 50-year-old pop music icon. Dr Murray’s lawyer/mouthpiece maintains that Murray is cooperating with he police…. and pork is the other white meat. Give me a break! Just like in the case of Anna Nicole Smith, sleazy doctors, hangers on and a deadly dose of Demerol most likely caused this tragic death and ended the come back of the beloved King of Pop.

Facts about Demerol (Meperidine hydrochloride):

1. Has received MAO inhibitors within the past 14 days.

2. Is allergic to narcotic analgesics or to any of the ingredients of the medication.

Side effects of Demerol:

The major hazards of meperidine, as with other narcotic analgesics, are respiratory depression, circulatory depression; respiratory arrest, shock, and cardiac arrest have occurred.

Demerol is usually only used for a short time. Repeated or high doses may cause drug levels to build up in the body and cause serious side effects such as seizures and shaking. Caution is advised if this medication is used for conditions which require long-term or high-dosage treatment (e.g., sickle cell anemia, burns, cancer).

Dr Murray has to be either a moron or a murderer. The autopsy will show that a huge dose of the prescription drug Demerol was what stopped the heart of MJ and broke the hearts of his million and million of fans. Speculation has started already about Jackson’s use of pain medications. He may have been addicted to pain killers. Addiction to pain killers does not kill people unless they take an over dose. There are many chronic pain patients who lead very healthy lives who are addicted/dependent on drugs like Vicodin and its natural cousin morphine. Most chronic pain patients are addicted to pain medications. Jackson was probably in chronic pain and now the media whores and vultures in the media like that foaming at the mouth pit bull Nancy Grace want to paint the recently deceased Mr Jackson as some sort of pill popping junkie. Did these shit bums every consider the toll all the years of dancing have taken on the 50 yearold’s frail and battered body? Of course not. They haven’t because that would require some thought, integrity and compassion and they are vile scumbags.

Media whore Nancy DisGrace

Certainly there were drugs involved but that does not make up for the fact that Michael Jackson the King of Pop was severely anorexic. OK Fat Bastard but how does this apply to the new fat acceptance? Fellow fatlings and fat admirers, here’s how I got there. Even as a kid MJ was rail thin.

Jacko as an anorexic teen.

Notice his stick-like legs

Even in the 90’s Jacko was far below an 18.5 BMI (Body Mass Index) 18.5 is the lowest healthy BMI. At the time of his trial for pee pee touching the King of Pop weighed under 100 pounds. So what Fat Bastard, how does this apply to fat acceptance? Here is how it applies. Michael Jackson had been dangerously underweight for nearly all of his career but where was the press? The press make great sport of thin female celebrities who are thin and perhaps borderline underweight but they were strangely silent when it came to the most famous MAN on earth. This pretense of concern to skinny female celebrities is revolting and the epitome hypocrisy. Here is one of the thin actresses the jealous fat girls in press love to pick on and call anorexic.https://i2.wp.com/i.dailymail.co.uk/i/pix/2006/12/poshPA101206_228x614.jpg
The lovely Victoria Beckham

UPDATE: According the the coroner’s report Michael Jackson weighed 108 pounds when he died. Jackson stood five feet ten inches tall. That means his BMI Body Mass Index was 15.5. Compared to Michael Jackson, the actresses that the jealous fat girls portray as anorexic are porkers.

It is now suspected that the drug Diprivan was found in Jackson’s home. Diprivan is a power anesthetic that is not approved for home use. Your local pharmacy does not carry this drug and your doctor could not prescribe it to you. Diprovin has to be administered intravenously. It is used to knock people out for surgery.

From the FDA website: Diprivan Injectable Emulsion is an intravenous sedative-hypnotic agent for use in the induction and maintenance of anesthesia or sedation. Intravenous injection of a therapeutic dose of propofol produces hypnosis rapidly with minimal excitation, usually within 40 seconds from the start of an injection (the time for one arm-brain circulation). As with other rapidly acting intravenous anesthetic agents, the half-time of the blood-brain equilibration is approximately 1 to 3 minutes, and this accounts for the rapid induction of anesthesia.

Bigger Fatter Blog is not just fat acceptance, obesity and gluttony promotion. We are also the leading voice in the NEW size acceptance movement. We at BFB are not mean to skinny folks. While my best friend Proud FA only porks fat girls and the only women that I can bone are skinny ones so there is no way I, Fat Bastard, and Proud FA are going to get on the bash skinny women band wagon. We barely bash http://www.actionagainstobesity.com/NationalActionAgainstObesity/NAAO.html founder MeMe Roth. Victoria Beckham is not even underweight. Michael Jackson WAS dangerously underweight and no one said anything. Here’s some news for you jealous fat girls; manorexia is a real thing. That’s right, men suffer from anorexia too. In your hateful zeal to attack thin actresses you completely forgot about MJ and all the emotional reasons he for why may have starved himself to death. His blood is on your jealous skinny woman hating man hating hands. Before you silly fat hens go saying that a drug overdose was what really killed Michael Jackson consider this. If Michael Jackson had been at a clinically normal weight he most likely could have handled the shot of Demerol his reckless personal physician Dr Murray gave him. Hell I could have taken ten times the dose they gave MJ and not felt a thing. Poor emaciated Michael, like all skinny people had such a low and slow metabolism his frail and battered body could not handle the dosage of medication he was given.

The lovely Jessica Stroup and Shenae Grimes

Jealous fat girls of the man hating press using PhotoShopped (see the proof) images are trying to say that Jessica Stroup and Shenae Grimes of 90210 are “dangerously thin” and have an eating disorder. YOU STUPID IGNORANT JEALOUS BITCHES, compared to Michael Jackson who really was dangerously thin Jessica and Shenae are fat! How dare you jealous vain bitches waste paper writing such trash just because you won’t accept and embrace your own obesity and gluttony and pay homage to the belly God the way true fat accpetors do. In case you haven’t heard GLUTTONY and OBESITY are GOOD! I hope MeMe Roth steals your husbands.

Rest in Peace Michael Jackson and thank you for your wonderful music. You brightened an often bleak world. You will be missed. In the meantime Proud FA, the many readers of Bigger Fatter Blog and I would like to express our deepest sympathy to the Jackson family. Good bye Michael. The world mourns your passing. https://i0.wp.com/www.csmonitor.com/2009/0626/csmimg/AGLOVE_P1.jpg


Altered Jessica Stroup image Unaltered Brooke Hogan image

Normal human bodies are about eight heads high. Brooke Hogan in this picture measures about eight heads high despite the fact that she has the Hulkster’s big head. Jessica Stroup in this altered image is only 5 and one half heads high. This is proof that jealous fat girls in the media alter images of normal sized actresses to make them look anorexic. Measure them for yourself.

To prove we at BFB did not alter these images here is a link to the website of the man hating NAAFA inspired yeast beast who altered them.


  • The body width = 2 1/3 heads
  • The body height = 8 heads
  • Distance between nipples on chest = 1 head
  • Width of calf muscles together at lower arc = 1 head
  • Bottom of the knees = 2 heads from ground level

For an amplified version of the chart below click this link.

You jealous fat girls are sooooo transparent!

>Thinlings Facing Extinction:

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NursingEducation.jpg image by skyngsmile

Thinling Nurses: A fatling’s best friend

I’m sure the man hating loons of the old and irrelevant and maladroit NAAFA style fat acceptance will cry traitor at this article I am about to write. OK girls, let’s hear your simpleminded, predictable and nonsensical diatribes. Our faithful readers will give them the drubbing they deserve. Fat Bastard will shoot down your half baked boneheaded logic with one brain tied behind his back. Bring it on you crazy bitches.

Unlike the crazy hate mongering paranoid yeast beasts of the old fat acceptance those of us in the new fat acceptance don’t think that everyone is out to get fat people but then again men and even sissified fat men don’t go through life with the tragic victim mentality so typical with fat girls.

As we all know Americans have taken the lead in most everything. We won the space race and now we lead the world in consumption. Americans are by far the world’s greatest consumers. I can proudly say that Americans are the worlds biggest and greediest gluttons. Our greedy gluttony has made the US the engine of the world’s economy and that is a good thing. Greed and gluttony are good but can we have too much of a good thing? I didn’t think so but unlike people like Kate Harding the numbers don’t lie. I am pleased as punch that 73% of Americans are fat or obese but it really does appear that we are rapidly reaching a tipping point. In my opinion and in the opinion of many other experts America may actually be getting too fat. The bottom line is, we soon will not have enough thinlings to serve the needs of the fatlings.

Lets start with the military, national security and combat readiness. Fatlings rely on cheap gasoline for their gluttonous SUVs. With our military getting too fat to fight soon the US will not be able to assure a secure and affordable supply of petroleum. This will impact more negatively on fatlings than on thinlings. Thinlings will do as the do now. They will buy smaller fuel efficient cars, motor scooters and they will walk. The following excerpts from the latest Pentagon report illuminates this frightening problem.

Pentagon Report Shows Obesity In U.S. Military
Doubled Since 2003
Fatling Soldier

Julie Farby – AHN Reporter

Washington, DC (AHN) – A new Pentagon study finds that the number of troops diagnosed as overweight or obese has more than doubled since the start of the Iraq war, another example of the stress and strains of continuing combat deployments.

According to the report, “Stress, fat spouses and return from deployment were the most frequently cited reasons for gaining weight. The largest increase in diagnoses of overweight and obese troops came in the last five years.”

Proud FA commentary: I live in a military town and I pork many military wives and as the readers of Bigger Fatter Blog know, I only pork fat women.

The report, published in the January edition of the Defense Department’s Medical Surveillance Monthly Report, raises concerns about military’s ability to meet increasing levels of demand.

The number of service members diagnosed as overweight increased after 2003, according to the study, and today nearly one in 20 are diagnosed as clinically overweight.

The weight-gain trend is not the only trend to develop within the military after six years of war and back-to-back deployments. Other trends include steadily rising suicides and divorce rates among soldiers and Marines and increased prescription drug use in the Army.

“Overweight/obesity is a significant military medical concern because it is associated with decreased military operational effectiveness,” the study said.


Our police force is quickly becoming too fat to serve and protect.

Officer Rotunda Watts enjoying a snack.

The thin blue line is quickly becoming the thick blue line as portly police pack on pounds.

Motor officer Heapo Calorie
Officer Don Donutto

The thinlings are fighting back because as we know thinlings pay more in taxes than fatlings so they are pissed. Folks, it hurts to say this but it needs to be said. Thinlings are taking punitive measures to get rid of obese cops.

Cadet Frank Furter with training officer Sgt. Mike Hindenberger.
Here is an interesting article about how the Ohio state highway patrol is trying to control obesity and overweight officers. While it is rare, officers can be dismissed for exceeding their target weight for 24 months in a row. Honestly, of all the people who need to be in decent physical condition, I would put police and fire/rescue at the top.

Ohio’s highway patrol is among just a handful of state patrols that allow punitive measures against troopers and sergeants who fail to meet weight requirements. Union contracts in Alaska and Massachusetts also allow for removing overweight troopers from duty, although that rarely happens, said National Troopers Coalition chairman Mike Eades.

The rate of police officers who are overweight or obese has grown along with the general American population in recent years, said Dr. Steve Farrell, who teaches police agencies how to implement fitness programs at the nationally respected Cooper Institute in Dallas.
Police officers and troopers may spend most of their workday sitting, either in patrol cars or at desks, but they must be prepared for sudden, extreme amounts of physical effort, such as running after a suspect, Farrell said.

Some states like Alabama have begun surcharging obese employees for their health insurance since there is a direct correlation between obesity and health care costs. This is a good way to encourage people to take responsibility for their lifestyle choices. But interestingly enough, one of the police officers that was interviewed said this- “If you say to people, ’We’re going to punish you,’ you’re not going to get people to volunteer to comply,” said Weisman, a retired Columbus police sergeant. “It doesn’t motivate them.” I find that to be a very ironic statement coming from a police officer. While we certainly need to encourage people to make the right diet and exercise choices, I think it is entirely appropriate to “punish” people who refuse to do so- either through higher premiums or through “time off” like the Ohio state patrol uses. I think the threat of losing your pay is a very effective incentive. In fact, I’m pretty sure that money is the only incentive that people really respond to because it is obvious that poor health and obesity related diseases have no effect on most folks.
I can just hear the stupid bitches like Kate Harding pissing and moaning about this. Wake the fuck up you ignorant douche bag! If people are costing the system more then they should be paid less PERIOD! Speaking of periods, Kate is always on hers.
Obesity if not stopped at it’s current rate will eventually become too much for the thinlings to handle. Society needs manual laborers. Thinlings will soon be at a premium. Currently 27% of the US population is comprised of thinlings. That number will dip to under 20% by 2020 and the number of fatlings capable of gainful employment through manual labor will drop drastically due to the steep increases in morbid, super morbid and super super morbid obesity. Think of it like this. Let’s say a plague wiped out honey bees. The worker bees are the ones that gater honey and spread pollen so that crops will bear fruit. Thinlings are very much like worker bees. Fatlings who are like the king and queen bees cannot servive without them. Who’d gather the nectar? Who’d protect the hive? Who’d service the queens? There will be a huge percentage of fat men unable to service a woman and especially a fat women. Being that less than 20% of the US male population will be thinlings and the majority of them will prefer female thinlings there are going to be a whole lot of angry and bitchy BBWs and SSBBWs.


>CG Brady: Anti Obesity Scoundrel and Biggest Threat to Us Fatlings Yet!

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>The following is an article by CG Brady. This guy has a book coming out that really will threaten our growing gluttony movement in the US. I love diet books because all they do is make people fatter and that is what all of us in fat acceptance want and that is why Proud FA and I do not censor diet talk. Most diets only make you fatter so we love it when a new diet comes out because we know it will fail. 98% of diets fail and that is GOOD for our mission of obesity and gluttony promotion. CG Brady understands as much about gluttony as Teddy Bear AKA Gerald, Proud FA and me Fat Bastard. This insidious punk understands how to get people to stay on diets. His NAZI style methods of mind control are in a word or two ghastly and frightening. We have fought so hard to increase the overweight and obesity rate in the US to an impressive 73% and not this son of a bitch has come along to undo what Americans have worked so hard to achieve.

This guy makes MeMe Roth look like a friend to fat acceptance and we all know the devastating blows she has dealt to the movement.

This is not just about Fat Pride. Sure it will suck when we lose the status of the FATTEST NATION ON EARTH but the economic consequences of people eating less will devastate our entire economy. Health care will take a huge hit! The food industry will be laying off hundreds of thousands. Food prices will plummet and our farmers will starve. CG Brady needs to be stopped and stopped soon. I want everyone reading this blog to write to Amazon and Barnes and Noble and threaten to boycott them if they put his books on their shelves. CG Brady is a menace. He is a monkey wrench in a wonderful system that enables us fatling to survive. This toxic man and his hateful methods will not only hurt us fatlings, it will hurt everyone. It will even hurt the dieting and publishing industry.

We need a coalition. All of us, the diet industry, the old fat acceptance, the medical industry and big pharma need to unite against this threat. As you know I am usually against censorship but this knowledge is knowledge that should be forbidden. CG Brady has let the genie out of the bottle and before it does anymore damage we need to put the genie back into the bottle, cork it tightly, bury that bottle and then bury the shovel. Proud FA read this and he is livid. Neither one of us get into a twist when obesity gets medicalized. We see weight loss surgery for the barbarism that it is but this is much worse because it changes the beliefs, attitudes and behaviors that have served us so well for so long. CG Brady’s stuff is blatantly unAmerican and we need to nip it in the bud.

Here is the dreadful article. I did illustrate it as a way of mocking this smudge of a man. I only hope that the rest of the fatosphere take this as seriously as those of us in the New Fat Acceptance have taken it. Please comment and don’t hold back!

Diets Fail: Why The Brady Method
® Works

Most diets and weight loss programs fail for one reason and one reason only. Dieters simply do not comply. If you can get people to consistently eat the correct amount of calories they simply cannot remain overweight. That is a scientific and mathematical certainty. Certainly proper nutrition is important, however; it is not always vital for weight loss even though it is for good health. I am able to do that and I have been doing it for nearly 2 years.

The first thing I do is ask the client their age, weight and gender Here is a sample of some typical responses followed by the rest of my questions.
(They will say so that I will feel better and I will look better and I will be able to do things like walk up stairs without wheezing and so I can get of my meds. I need to do this for ME. They are parroting the conventional wisdom that has not worked. The egoism that is there is no longer apparent to a society that lives by the motto “hooray for me a fuck you” is apparent to me. This obesity and gluttony thing is in many ways but not entirely a societal problem and yes I do have all the answers because I looked for them. When asked for altruistic and noble reasons for being healthy and lean they eventually say, “It is what parents should do for their kids. It is socially responsible.” At this point I have spat in their soup so to speak. They knowingly eat unhealthy but tasty food without giving it a second thought now they are less comfortable doing it and more inclined to stop.

What is your theory as to why you are over weight? Ex.300 pounds

What is an ideal weight range for a woman who stands 5’5″?

What is your ideal weight?

What is the lowest safe body fat percentage for a woman?

What is your theory as to why most Americans are fat or obese? (This is an important question because contrary to popular belief fat people are often very self centered. There are several reasons for this but let it suffice to say the act and the result of gluttony, yes fat people really are gluttons and I will define gluttony more completely later. When fat people begin to consider others especially ones with whom they can identify they begin to think differently. I know how frustrating it can be hearing their excuses and flawed logic.)

How many calories a day does it take for a moderately active 40 year old female to maintain 300 pounds? (Now they have to think in terms of physics and logic. They are taking the bait.)

On a scale of 1 – 10 how badly do you want to be healthy and fit?

On a scale of one to 10 how difficult to you think it will be for you to get healthy and fit?

On a scale of 1 – 10 how motivated are you to get healthy and fit?

At this point we get into the mechanics of weight loss. The most a 300 point person should lose in a week is 3 pounds. This person is taking in 4276 per day. She should be taking in 1800 to 2200 if she want to maintain a healthy weight. I would put her on about 2800 (that is her Basal Metabolic Rate) calories a day and her only exercise will be what she normally does. She will gradually cut back until she is at 1500 and then she will go back to 1800 – 2200 depending on her activity level. At this point she’s hooked now I set the hook and I set it deep.

I give her the guidelines for healthy eating which are essentially the USDA food pyramid but I ask her to shoot for .5 grams protein per pound of body weight and try to get 35 grams or more of fiber per day. The reasons diet fail is because they spoon feed nutritional information. My clients have to figure it out for themselves. It puts them in control. I have read Atkins’ books and I visit the crazy low carb forums and I want to piss on his grave and slap all his disciples. I digress but I hate that fat bastard even in death as I hate Agatston in life that chubby sickly charlatan. I am 54 and my body still makes young women swoon.

Swooning female!

Barry Sears, (Zone Diet) Agatston (South Beach Diet) and the late Dr Robert Fatkins all have/had man boobs. I guess I love to digress.

Grave of the late Robert Atkins MD.

Atkins’ 1972 diet was revolutionary, and in direct opposition to the conventional wisdom of dieticians: lower carbohydrates, and increase meat and fat. While one would lose weight on such a diet, most of the loss is from water and muscle mass. The former is pointless and the latter can be dangerous. These inconvenient facts did not stop the public from buying 30 million of his books.

He suffered a heart attack in 2002, but one that he claimed was unrelated to diet. Atkins died after he purportedly slipped on a sidewalk in New York City, sustaining a brain injury. At the time of his death, Dr. Atkins weighed 258 pounds, and at his height of six feet, the U.S. government considers him obese.

Now she needs to create 5 to 7 meals/feedings per day that add up to 2800 calories. That means 7 400 calorie feedings/meals or about 10 Stouffers LEAN CUISINE® meals. OINK!

At this point the client sees how much eating she has been doing. Now it is time get the net and a winch to land this one. She is thinking at this point, “OMG what a pig I am” Reality is fillet knife and it is working its magic. This process takes about 6 weeks. Now she is past the point of no return and the rest is just being patient and gradually cutting calories and not worrying because her weight loss is slowing. She knows that is to be expected.

I may have an unconventional personal style and an out of the box approach to problem solving but what I do works. I have contacted many so called experts and none of them will give me the time of day. I suppose some people, especially ones with too much education for their IQs develop very high AQs AKA Asshole Quotients. They are also jealous because they hate it when someone with half their education has twice their intelligence.

It may seem that I have a certain amount of disdain for fat people. I do but there are many other groups of homo sapiens for which I have considerably more. We are a dreadful species with the potential of evolving socially, emotionally, and spiritually into something better. Our animal side is winning and sadly the human animal often lacks the nobility of his smaller brained cousins. I hope that can change because I have sons and two grand kids. I would like them to live in a humane world full of responsible and caring people.

How do we attack this jerk? If we make sport of him the way the jealous fat girls try to make sport of MeMe Roth we end up looking like jerks.

How do we shoot down his methods?

How do we discredit him?

We need to brain storm and come up with tactics and strategies that can defeat him and stop this threat to our gluttonous lifestyle cold. Let’s get to work! The preservation of our gluttonous lifestyles may depend on what we do here.