>Another Black Eye For Fat Acceptance

There is not much difference between fat hatred and thin hatred except that thin women don’t whine as much about thin hatred and take it on the chin. Fat girls constantly whine about fat hatred often when it doesn’t exist. A fat girl play the fat card more often than Jessie Jackson and Al Sharpton play he race card. Today the race card is much easier to trump than the fat card. Thin girls simply suffer in silence due to their low self-esteem. They never play the waif card. There is also a double standard. These days it is politically correct to trash skinny and for women. The latest trend is the blatant PhotoShop manipulation of pretty young actresses to make them look anorexic. Jealous fat girls are pathetic but I still pork them anyway. In this article Bigger Fatter Blog is going to expose the war on thin women. You may ask why is a fat acceptance blog fighting for the rights and dignity of fat women. The answer is fairly simple. Fat Bastard and I want to restore some much needed integrity to the entire fat acceptance movement.

Militant fat acceptance womyn without a clue!

It’s this kind of boorish low class Kate Harding style shit I am talking about! Fat Bastard is a victim of the man hating. They love me because I will pork them but they hate Fat Bastard because he can only bone skinny chicks. He’s too fat to pork another fatling. How shallow is that?!

Here are some samples of how jealous fa girls are creating the anorexia scare using photo manipulation. These hateful “womyn” are so jealous and desperate that the stooped to these sophomoric and dishonest means. This is one more example how the Kate Hardings and the Joy Nashes have sullied this once fine an noble civil rights movement. It is appalling!

In the Michael Jackson article we exposed the double standard the media has regarding thin women and thin men and how they are soo quick to call a lean woman an anorexic yet for years they ignored the dangerously underweight King of Pop. Fat Bastard’s keen eye caught a photoshopped version of a Jessica Stroup photo juxtaposed with a tubby Brooke Hogan.

Altered Jessica Stroup image Unaltered Brooke Hogan image


Click the link below to see more jealous fat girl photo fakes.

[ana4-true.jpg] [ana4-fake.jpg]
REAL————————–> FAKED by a fat girl

[ana7-true.jpg] [ana7-fake.jpg]
REAL————————–> FAKED by a fat girl

[ana8-true.jpg] [ana8-fake.jpg]
REAL————————–> FAKED by a fat girl

[ana9-true.jpg] [ana9-fake.jpg]
REAL————————–> FAKED by a fat girl

[ana14-true.jpg] [ana14-fake.jpg]
REAL————————–> FAKED by a fat girl

[ana17-true.jpg] [ana17-fake.jpg]
REAL————————–> FAKED by a fat girl

[ana18-true.jpg] [ana18-fake.jpg]
REAL————————–> FAKED by a fat girl

Because he thin-phobic media hates thin women they have asked me to remove the images of the faked anorexic models but here is the site from which they were found.
See for yourself.

You may be asking why the I, Proud FA, the Dean of Feederism is defending skinny women. I am not defending skinny women. Like people of all sizes they should not need a defender or apologist. I am defending fat acceptance and size acceptance form misguided zealots form within the movement. Fat Bastard asked me to write this article because coming from me, the Dean of Feedersim and porker of fat women it would have more integrity that if Fat Bastard wrote because as we all know Fat Bastard only bones skinny women because it is not mechanically possible for him to pork porkers. A fellow blogger has discovered even more faked photos.
You can view them here. http://www.2medusa.com/2008/09/photoshopping-gone-mad-skinny-on-fake.html

Fat girls have ruined he fat acceptance movement. Fat Bastard and I are trying to restore some of the integrity NAAFA founder Bill Fabrey, the father of fat acceptance, brought to the movement. In the meantime shame on all you hateful and jealous fat girls who have not really embraced your fat and gluttony.

As a fat admirer I don’t find any of these thin women porkable. Fat Bastard would love to bone anyone of them. I think that even in the real photos they are too thin for my tastes. Fat Bastard is has different tastes but that is not the point. These malicious photos are being used by jealous fat girls in the tired old hateful maladroit fat acceptance movement to shame thin and waifish women as if they need to feel any worse about themselves. Thin and waifish already have extremely low self-esteem as it is. It is just painfully cruel that the strident and confident womyn in the FA movement have be so low class as to pick on these pathetic skinny females who cannot and do not defend themselves. We here at Bigger Fatter Blog protect and defend people of all sizes. We do not judge people who want to be frugal with their calories.

You jealous fat girls won’t fuck fat guys like Fat Bastard so all we have to say to you and your ilk is FUCK YOU!