>Why Bigger Fatter Blog?

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We know. People don’t like the fact that we are highly critical of the movement we call the old fat acceptance. What is the old fat acceptance? I our opinion the old fat acceptance is the movement that began when Bill Fabrey the creator of NAAFA was forced out and replaced by a bunch of angry jealous far left man hating elitists. NAAFA under Bill’s guidance meant National Association Aiding Fat Americans. Bill’s vision for NAAFA was an all encompassing and inclusive one. If you were fat or a fat sympathizer you belonged. Since Bill’s departure from NAAFA the letters N A A F A today mean National Association to Advance Fat Acceptance and under the current leadership the once great NAAFA of Bill Fabrey has become a joke. It was relevant when Bill was in charge but today it is a mere shadow of what it once was. It has failed miserably in its poorly defined mission. Today’s NAAFA continues to lose members and funding. Today’s NAAFA does not speak for fat people or their needs. Let’s make a comparison.

Let’s take the NAACP. The NAACP speaks for the concerns of the vast majority of Blacks. The NAACP remains relevant, focused and effective. It’s mission is well defined and it’s leadership is intelligent and thoughtful. NAAFA has poor leadership and it does not speak for the vast majority of fat people. NAAFA has become the ole girls club. NAAFA is wishy washy. NAAFA is bigoted towards men, especially fa men. NAAFA is to the fat acceptance movement what the Black Panthers were to the equal rights movement except that the Black Panther Party had a point and were marginally effective and most people would agree that in spite of their provocative and militant ways they did more good than harm. The same cannot be said for NAAFA.

Bigger Fatter Blog and the New Fat Acceptance is a logical scientifically based organization that would like to see the fat acceptance movement return to the vision of its founder Bill Fabrey. We seek to undo the damage that NAAFA and the rest of the loons in the fatosphere have done to the movement and to fat people. Everything has its pros and cons. Let’s take a guy thing like cars. You can drive a Honda Civic. You will have a decent car but you will sacrifice comfort for good fuel economy some people are willing to do that where others are not. We don’t judge people for what cars they choose to drive. Let’s take the Cadillac Escalade. It is like a fatling in that is consumes fuel but it sure gets you from point A to point B in style and comfort. With its advantages comes a price that people who own Cadillac Escalades are willing to pay and they pay it at the pump and in higher insurance rates. Just like there are advantages and disadvantages to being fat, there are advantages and disadvantages to be skinny. Those of us in the New Fat Acceptance will take the good with the bad. In my case I don’t enjoy the pleasures of greedy gluttony. I tend to be a bit more epicurian about food whereas Fat Bastard is a greedy and hedonsitic glutton as are all fat people. Fat Bastard has made greedy gluttony and art form and Teddy Bear of the Biggest Fattest Blog has made it is science. These are major advancements. Anyone knows how to get and stay fit but who really knows the finer points of gluttony and how to mitigate its often devastating consequences? The answer is simple, Fat Bastard and Teddy Bear know the finer points of greedy gluttony and unbridled food lust. I also put myself into that category because I am one of the few feeders who feeds with mono saturated fat and as I always say…”Fat fattens best.”

Now let’s speak to denial. Denial is what led to Fat Bastard’s heart attacks and other health problems. He like many fatlings bought into the HAES lunacy and he blamed everything and everyone for his declining health. I too had been imbibing on the NAAFA Kool Aid and as a result I pretended to believe what I knew was total bullshit. I knew that the fat acceptance propaganda being spread by these strident and angry fat girls was not helping fat people or the movement but instead in was and is harming the movement and fat folks. Fat Bastard and I could no longer be a part of this insanity. Deep down we both knew that Fat Bastard and all fat people are greedy gluttons. Being that we are men we knew that the human body could not defy the immutable laws of physics. We knew that gluttony and nothing else made people fat. We simply ended the charade.

Today with 73% of Americans fat or obese and only a tiny tiny fraction of a percentage of them being represented by the the current FA movement we knew something had to be done and that is why we launched this Bigger Fatter Blog. We were sick of the censorship in the fatsophere. We would read Paul McAleer’s Big Fat Blog and howl with laughter and then be disgusted at the single mindedness and the toxic venom spewed by the jealous fat girls. Here’s another example of what we mean. Let’s take the Tea Bagger movement. Tea Baggers and fat feminists are really cut from the same clueless piece of cloth. They are ignorant and easily led. They are angry but the cannot really express what it is that is pissing them off so much so the create paper tigers and other symbols to justify their discontent and they more they run their mouths and close their ears the dumber and louder they get.

The opposition is not our enemy. Let’s take the case of NAAO and it’s founder MeMe Roth. They hate MeMe. We don’t. We see her as loyal opposition. We would like to have a spirited debate with Ms Roth but we would not resort to the vulgar name calling and sophomoric debating tactics that allow a woman MeMe to trounce the angry fat girls every time. When Fat Bastard and I watch MeMe debate on of the girls from the fatosphere we know its going to be a blood bath. MeMe sits there in a calm, dignified and ladylike manner. We want to see her get knocked out of the ballpark but it never happens. MeMe slaughters them every time. Fat Bastard and I could more than hold our own against MeMe Roth because the first thing we would do is show her some respect. Also, we are not intimidated by the fact that MeMe is a hottie. That’s not entirely true. Fat Bastard stops shoveling in the chips and dip when MeMe is on the tube and keeps babbling, “She’s hot She’s hot. Don’t you think she’s hot” to which I say, “No Joy Nash is hot but she’s an idiot. Now shut up so we can hear.” As usual MeMe brings a gun to the knife fight and she wins hands down. Its like watching Mike Tyson get pounded. You used to like Iron Mike but after he became such an asshole you find yourself cheering for his opponent because you respect his opponent more than you do Iron Mike. Fat Bastard and I are lovers not fighters. We also know that hating MeMe Roth and attacking her personally only hurts fat people in the long run. It may feel good at first and the fat girls unleash their phony righteous indignation and blizzard of misinformation but in the minds of the people who matter (the smart and honest ones) MeMe wins by a mile.

This sort of insanity and venomous attacks against a member of the loyal opposition only serves to make fat girls look more and more like the jealous and pathetic creature they are.

As most of my readers know I, Proud FA, only pork fat girls and my blog partner Fat Bastard only bones skinny women as it is really tough for two fatlings to have intercourse. Fat Bastard and I both agree that MeMe Roth is not anorexic. In this photo she appears to have a BMI of around 21. So what she has no tits? We respect the fact that she accepts her body and did not opt for a silicone beef up. Maybe if the jealous fat girls would accept their bodies they way MeMe accepts hers they would understand what real fat acceptance is. MeMe looks damn good! When Fat Bastard saw this picture I had to feed him a waffle to sop up the drool. MeMe is like Ann Coulter in looks accept that MeMe is much more womanly looking and has normal hands and no Adams apple. That is because MeMe is a genetic female. From a Playboy Magazine standard MeMe has a smokin bod. She has an athletic build. She is not by any stretch of the imagination anorexic and knowing her workout schedule MeMe has to be eating like a horse. Sorry girls for alluding to the stubborn laws of physics. MeMe Roth simply does not eat to excess and she moves. So all you fat MeMe Roth haters either accept your sloth and greedy gluttony or get fit and lean like MeMe. Your jealous fat girl routine is old and ugly. It is just another reason so many gluttons think the fat acceptance movement is a joke.

Attacks on MeMe Roth will do nothing to advance fat acceptance and gluttony acceptance. We are trying to further normalization of sloth, gluttony and obesity. Making nasty tea bagger comments about Ms Roth only diminishes our righteous cause of sloth, gluttony and obesity. My father used to tell me that every knock is a boost. You fat girls in your misguided zeal and jealousy continue to raise MeMe Roth to greater heights and you sink fat acceptance to newer low. Admit it girls, you hate women like MeMe. She’s bright, classy, ladylike, and attractive physically as well as intellectually. MeMe and women like her are the kind of women men want to see and fat girls want to be. The vary people crying for fat acceptance, you fat girls, are the ones who are least accepting of your own obesity, sloth and gluttony. You girls need to fish or cut bait. You either accept you gluttony and obesity or you don’t so get off the fence and stop blaming MeMe Roth and other lean and pretty women for your inability to accept yourselves.

Just so your little pea brains will know the difference between anorexic, healthy, fat and obese bodies here are some pictures.


Normal/Healthy like MeMe Roth

Fat Slut but not all that unhealthy

BTW when you google image with search terms for fat girls all you find is sluts flaunting it. I’m not complaining after all I am a fat admirer.

Obese Woman Some Health Issues

BBW or Morbidly Obese

SSBBW or Super Morbidly Obese

Super Super Morbidly Obese

If the woman in the above picture had only listened to Kelly Bliss and followed the HAES protocol she would not be in a hospital bed but instead she would be running marathons and winning them and still be just as big.

Do any of you silly girls get the point now?

>A Salute to Companies That Enable and Accommodate Fatlings

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Enjoy the outdoors in your Jazzy 1650
Proud Fatling in Jazzy 1650

One of my heroes, Jackie Gleason always said, “It pays to buy the best.” After much review it is our considered opinion that Pride Mobility Products make makes the finest power chair in the world. This is not a slight to companies like Hoveround who also make fine power chairs but as far as we know the Jazzy chairs are indeed the Cadillac of power chairs. They currently offer 15
models to accommodate people up to 650 pounds. http://www.pridemobility.com/jazzy/

These bad boys are built to last. Most will go 11 miles on one charge with a blazing top speed of 4.25 MPH! Pride Mobility also host and online community so that fatlings can socialize with other fatlings in the comfort of their own home. http://ownersclub.pridemobility.com/home

Bigger Fatter Blog’s Fat Bastard and Proud FA give Pride Mobility and Jazzy two very enthusiastic thumbs up! http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/8/87/Symbol_thumbs_up.svg/463px-Symbol_thumbs_up.svg.png http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/8/87/Symbol_thumbs_up.svg/463px-Symbol_thumbs_up.svg.png



Another good choice for power chairs is the Hoveround. While Hoveround chairs maximum capacity is only 450 pounds their strong point is speed, agility and range. The Teknique® GT is the Ferarri of power chairs. This rocket ship has a range of twenty mile and will propel the average fatling at speeds up to a blistering 7 MPH. At these velocities you will always be the first on to the buffet table. When other chairs conk out your Teknique® GT will out-distance and outrun nearly every chair on the market.


America’s Favorite Fatling and Type 2 diabetic Wilfred Brimley is also the spokesman for another great fatling enabling company, Liberty Medical. https://i2.wp.com/c66.yellowpages.com/displaygif/ig/90/17343788-865099990.gifFor over twenty years Liberty Medical has been providing free diabetic supplies delivered directly to your home for years now. Liberty Medical knows that our slothful life styles are important to us and they enable us to stay in the compfort of our own home as they deliver all the diabetic supplies we need. Liberty makes ordering a breeze because they even do the paper work for you. NO NO NO they don’t come over and help you wipe your butt but they do fill out all the claim forms for y0u! www.LibertyMedical.com

You may even qualify for a FREE meter!

AMPLE STUFF https://i1.wp.com/www.plussizeyellowpages.com/graphics/Ample.stuff.jpg
A true pioneer in offering products for enabling us fat people continue our hedonistic lifestyles is Ample Stuff. For those of you who are new to fat acceptance Ample Stuff was founded by the founder of NAAFA and father of fat acceptance Bill Fabrey. Ample Stuff offers a cornicopia of products for fatlings. Ample Stuff offers unique and helpful products that enables us fatlings live the life of Riley. In September of 2008 Bigger Fatter Blog gave a long overdue salute to Bill Fabrey owner and CEO of Ample Stuff. http://biggerfatterblog.blogspot.com/2008/09/fat-acceptances-unsung-hero.html

Bill Fabrey was the first to introduce fatlings to the now famous ButtWand . The Butt Wand enables fatlings to grow fatter without worrying about how they were going to wipe their ever widening butts. The Butt Wand is a simple but ingenious way for even the fattest fatling to wipe.
ButtWand when you can no longer reach back there

Proud FA and I, Fat Bastard give Ample Stuff and Bill Fabrey big two thumbs up! http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/8/87/Symbol_thumbs_up.svg/463px-Symbol_thumbs_up.svg.png http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/8/87/Symbol_thumbs_up.svg/463px-Symbol_thumbs_up.svg.png

Breathe Easy Fellow Fatlings

Sweet dreams Fat Bastard.

If you don’t have sleep apnea it simply means you are not fat enough so EAT! more. C-PAP machines are wonderful. They virtually do all the breathing for you. CPAP Wholesale has everything a fatling needs for treating sleep apnea. http://www.cpapwholesale.com/
CPAP Wholesale offers a complete line of CPAP and APAP machines, masks, tubing, filters, and humidifiers from top manufacturers like Devilbiss, Invacare, Fisher&Paykel, Resprionics, ResMed and Puritan Bennett.

The MONSTER truck of power chairs!

If it’s high tech, raw power and high end performance you want look at what those whiz kids at 21st Century Scientific Inc. have been up to.

If it’s warp speed you want nothing beats the Bounder. The Bounder is not for the faint at heart. This bad boy will hit speed close to an unheard of 12 MPH. These chairs will burn rubber but are  not designed for hauling blubber. These chairs also have an incredible 40 mile range. BUT.. here is the caveat. These chairs are built for speed not payload.

Bounder offers their mighty Bariatric Bounder. This has to be the fat friendliest chair on the planet. When I read the specs on the Bariatirc Bounder and saw this beauty, my eyes welled with tears and my heart skipped a beat. The Bariatric Bounder has a forty eight inch wide seat making this amazing piece of engineering worthy of an award.

BIG BOUNDER H-Frame in red

MOOOOOOOve over and give it up for the Bariatric Bounder! This behemoth is wider than some passenger cars! This love seat on wheels can haul a family of four thinlings or one super sized fatling. This road hog will strike fear in thinlings and envy in all fatlings. This is the Hummer of power chairs. Take this baby to Wal-Mart and be the King or Queen of every aisle. Can you say aisle blocker? Check out this bad boy at http://www.wheelchairs.com/

Giantbutt.jpg Giant butt image by Pikachelsea
It will be years before this SSBBW will outgrow the venerable Bariatric Bounder and by then Bounder will no doubt keeps pace and offer a chair that will carry a large hippo. That is of course if she doesn’t meet Proud FA at the next NAAFA convention and gets and invite to the pig pen. Proud FA needs a drool cup right now. That’s a Sir Mix A Lot butt!

I know that there are major problems with our health care system but when it comes to accommodating the needs of us Fatlings the medical system get a B+ from Bigger Fatter Blog.