>Warning About Diet Aid Alli

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>As the million and millions of BFB readers know we take a neutral stance on dieting. If you want to diet we will not encourage nor will we discourage you. As a public service to our readers, many of whom are fatlings we issue the following warning.


Alli will make you shit your pants!

The diet industry has been a major FAIL for dieters but it has been highly profitable. There are too many worthless and dangerous diet products to mention. Let’s say some lummox like be or Rev Big Lard Ass, Teddy Bear or dare I say Belly Boy were to take alli and one of us cut loose with an involuntary shit storm it could make the oil spill look like a very minor even.

There are not diet products that work. If there were most people today would be thinlings. Gluttony is the cause of obesity. The only person with a cure for gluttony is CG Brady.

Coming soon to Bigger Fatter Blog a review of ABC’s new show Huge staring gorgeous girl glutton Nikki Blonsky

Gorgeous Glutton Nikki Blonsky

>The Boom Shakka Lakka Burger and the Belly Boy Burger

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>In addition to to Reverend Big Lard Ass being the spiritual leader of the NEW fat acceptance movement he is also a gourmet burger chef and creator of the  Boom Shakka Lakka  Burger and the Belly Boy Burger™

One of Chef Reverend Big Lardass’s assistants testing the Belly Boy Burger

The Boom Shakka Lakka Burger™

For smaller appetites the Belly Boy Junior®

The actual ingredients and cooking method of the Belly Boy Burger, The Belly Boy Jr and the Boom Shakka Lakka Burger are top secret. 

Under development are the these two master pieces of flavor depicted in the photos and the Mega Meat Meatdog but no official  photo is available.

Unlimited Belly Fries® 

Shakka Lakka Shake®

This is the Kobayashi and it is the runt of the litter compared to the Mega Meat Meatdog.

The Mega Meat Meatdog will be twice as thick as this skinny runt.

This will be Belly Boy’s legacy. I want to write more but I need to EAT!

>Goodness Gracious Great Glorious Gluttony: A Guide to dining out!

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>There are three criteria the experienced glutton looks for in food. The first is quantity, second is flavor and third is price. I will be discussing some of the more popular restaurants. To judge the gluttonosity of a restaurants one needs to set an industry standard or find a restaurant that is the Cadillac of glutton fare. That restaurant can only be the Heart Attack Grill. With offerings like Flat Liner Fries and the Quadruple Bypass Burger the Heart Attack Grill sets the standard by which all other glutton friendly restaurants are judged. Not only do they serve humongous amounts of food but philanthropic owner Jon Basso allows gluttons weighing over 350 pounds to eat for free! Jon Basso is a fat friendly angel and the Heart Attack Grill is a shrine and a Mecca  for gluttons Worldwide. A trip to the Heart Attack is not like a trip to your average hamburger joint, it’s a scared pilgrimage.


If you love giant burgers and you can’t make it to the Heart Attack the next best place is Hardees. Political correctness of anti-gluttony advocates will not allow Hardees to market their menu selections the way the Heart Attack Grill does but Hardees offers without a doubt the best and biggest burgers in the entire fast food industry.