>The Belly God vs Bible God

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>https://i2.wp.com/www.artinthepicture.com/artists/Peter_Paul_Rubens/bacchus.jpeg https://i1.wp.com/famouswonders.com/wp-content/gallery/christ-the-redeemer/jesus-in-rio.jpg
Benevolent Belly God vs Brutal Bible God

Compared to every other god, the god of Abraham is the most evil. Even many thinlings hate Jehovah/Allah aka Allahovah. The following video shows in his own words what a vile and evil god Allahovah is.

Eve and Adam got kicked out of heaven simply for eating a measly apple but Belly God would have served all the apple pie ala mode you could eat and gourmet coffee. That wasn’t the worst of it. That Bastardly Bible God kicked Adam and Eve out of heaven and he has made us suffer disease and starvation ever since.

Thanks God!

Denying everyone paradise because somebody ate one apple was nothing Belly God would do. Bible God tosses Adam and Eve out and then when the population increased somebody rubbed Bible God the wrong way and he killed nearly every living thing on Earth. What a dickhead!

BUT he didn’t stop there! Because Noah’s son Ham saw Noah drunk and naked he curses Ham’s kids for 20 generations and that is what Bible God’s sicko followers used to justify slavery and the subsequent brutalization and continued genocide against those people. What a bunch of evil bastards! Here are 1198 examples of Bible God’s cruelty!

Fatlings and thinlings unite! Allahovah wants us divided. Fat Bastard, the Belly God and NAFAM have no problem with people wanting to moderate their food lust. Fatlings need thinlings just like soup needs a sandwich but what we don’t need is an evil and cruel god who hurts everyone.

Unlike Allahovah, the Belly God smiles down upon us from the most gluttonous to the most abstemious. Belly God is does no judge.

Eat a lot if you are a fatling like Fat Basard and if you are a leanling like Proud FA or a thinling like Thinnette fuck a lot or do a lot of both. Eat! Fuck! Eat! Fuck! Eat! Fuck! Eat! Fuck! Eat! Fuck! Eat! Fuck! Eat! Fuck! Eat! Fuck! Eat! Fuck! Eat! Fuck! Eat! Fuck! Eat! Fuck! Eat! Fuck! Eat! Fuck! Eat! Fuck! Eat! Fuck! Eat! Fuck! Eat! Fuck! Eat! Fuck! Eat! Fuck! Eat! Fuck! Eat! Fuck! Eat! Fuck! Eat! Fuck! Eat! Fuck! Eat! Fuck! Eat! Fuck! Eat! Fuck! Eat! Fuck! Eat! Fuck! Eat! Fuck! Eat! Fuck! Eat! Fuck!

ATT: FELLOW FATLING AND GLUTTONS! Professor Dr Gerald “Teddy” Bear has a YouTube channel challenging crazy Christian fundagelicals and other Bible thumping morons. Here is a link to his outstanding channel. http://www.youtube.com/user/BigFatMan1951

https://i1.wp.com/www.stunninghotbabes.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/11/l_505_400_392C7408-264C-4838-B296-E37CB69FA867.jpeg FUCK!
The Belly God will provide! 

>Childhood Obesity: The Downside

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Today I witnessed a very tender moment. I was at the Walmart in the frozen treats aisle when I spied a very large and lovely SSBBW in one of Walmart’s complimentary fatty mobiles. She had her kids with her along with a convoy of mostly filled shopping carts like a fat lioness teaching her cubs to hunt. There is nothing odd in that except that all 3 kids were thinglings. Usually when you see a fat mother you see fat kids but this was not the case. As the Dean of Feederism I could not help but ponder this paradox and then I was reminded of Fat Bastard’s June 22nd 2009 article regarding the coming extinction of thinlings and the dire effect it will have on the multitude of fatlings. those legions of lard who rely on thinlings for survival. This resourceful sow was keeping her little piglets lean so that they can serve her gluttonous needs. That is some forward thinking. Fat girls are sly and wise.

These kids were well trained as they scrambled like monkeys to fetch food for her fat majesty.

Hefty hot hungry hunny harassed for happily having a Hardees hamburger ferociously flips off fiendish fat phobics.

Dual Aisle Blockers! BHM and SSBBW save energy in their Walmart scooters as they spice it up the Mexican food aisle. There is no doubt they are fixin to have a little pup to assist them in the glorious and greedy gluttony and rectal hygiene.

Yeah, I know it. Fat kids are damn cute but fatlings need some skinny kids as servants. Maybe in the future monkeys can be trained to fetch food for fatties but until that day comes fatlings are going to have to rely on humans and who better than their own kids to feed them food and assist with their toileting needs?

Here are your cupcakes Mommy!

>How do Obese People Wipe Their Butts? How to reach back there.

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How Us Fatlings “Reach Back There” by Fat Bastard 

Stranded on the toilet bowl! What do you do when you’re stranded and you don’t have a roll?

It is no secret that many of us fatlings have trouble reaching our butts when we need to wipe but thankfully that will not put most gluttons off their feed. If hygienic toileting is important to you then read on and you will find some valuable tips and tricks for making your trips to the brownie bowel more of a joy and less of a chore.

A good report is only as good as its research so I went to the leading authority on all things poop, The Poop Report. Just like Bigger Fatter Blog is the leading source for all things fat, the folks at The Poop Report are the leading authorities on all things poop. Let’s start with the most obvious question. “How do obese people wipe?” Most people know how Criss Angel walks on water but only fatling know how fat butts get wiped but even most fatlings do not know all the methods of obese rectal hygiene.

Some fatlings (jealous fat girls of the old fat acceptance) bristle at the very idea of discussing the challenges we fatling face when it’s time to do the paper work. Dropping a bowl filler can be satisfying but no job is finished until the paperwork is done.

A curious thinling asked the follow question on The Poop Report.

“Dear Poop Report,

How do obese people wipe? I am not trying to be rude…just curious. Also, do they make toilets for people over 300 pounds?” 

I, Fat Bastard will answer the second question first. YES!

Many manufactures are making super sized toilets to accommodate the larger butts, heavier weights and the greater fecal volume of fatlings. The Cadillac of super sized toilets is the Great John. This bad boy is so big that it will double as a kiddie pool.

Here is how a jealous fat girl in denial responded to the thinling’s question:

Dee (not verified) —
Fuck you asshole!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am 550 pounds and I resent your question. Where do you live? I will come over and sit on your face and shit, and then you can lick my ass clean!!!

A poop expert replied:  


Judging from that fat girl’s tone of voice, it sounds to me like she has a lot of trouble wiping. Hence the irritability.

Let’s start with a novel and creative way many fatlings use for wiping their butts in a pubic restroom. Once again the Poop Report provides  a wonderful almost zoological report on one clever fatling who uses a men’s room stall like a rubbing post much like a bear uses a tree to leave his scent.

Here is a excerpt from a Poop Report undercover investigation of the fatling who used the stall and a rubbing post.

In talking to the janitors that cleaned the bathrooms at night, I learned that their nickname for Pat was “The Shitter”. You see, Pat was apparently too large to wipe his own ass. Instead he used the stall wall as a rubbing post for his turd-encrusted ass. The poor janitors had to spray down the wall and scrub with disinfectant.
I never looked at Pat the same way again. I would look at him and try to imagine how his arm could reach around his girth for a good wipe. I believe that it was a physical impossibility for him to wipe.
Let’s now move to an oldie but goody, the low tech but tried and true butt wand. Butt wands come in a large variety of styles, shapes sized and colors. 

Called the Ample Sponge, these intrepid and robust bad boys are some of the earliest commercially available butt wands. This style butt wand was invented by NAAFA’s founder and owner of Ample Stuff the great Bill Fabrey. Bill had the correct vision for fat acceptance which was based on the accommodation of gluttony and obesity and not denial of its challenges.

Another contender in the growing but competitive butt wand market is the Bottom Buddy. Unlike the ample sponge, the Bottom Buddy uses standard toilet paper that can be easily inserted into the tulip shaped head.

Bottom Buddies come in all sizes. It’s too bad the late Billy Mays is not around to pitch these handy helpers in his famous infomercials. I can hear him now, “It’s not clean until it’s Bottom Buddy clean!”


A variation of the kid’s toy the Super Soaker, the battery powered portable bidet is a favorite of NAAFA fat girls and other fat girls from coast to coast. When you see a fat girl and you think her super sized purse is only for food and the food she takes from the all you can eat buffets, think again. The modern fat girl has given up the Zip Lock bag, sponge and bottle brush long ago and traded it in for the stylish and high tech portable bidet.

Toilet paper, salad tongs and a turkey baster are always a winning combination and can work anywhere. If you run out of battery power or there is a black out, a squirt or two with a turkey baster and a few wipes with T.P. (for your bung hole) wrapped around a set of salad tongs and  you will good to go.

Due to mobility issues the crapper can be a foreboding place for many a fatling. That’s why many fatlings skip the toilet all together and head straight for the shower. Some will drop trough in the shower, scoop it up with a pooper scooper, toss it in the toilet and use the potable shower head to hose the poop out their nooks and crannies.

When it comes to the super super super obese the mystery is solved as to how they can wipe their massive butts that are for all intents and purposes a meaty massive flab tunnel in a perpetual state of collapse.

Shit eating dogs can be trained to lick clean the butts of uber fatlings. Some people are of the mistaken belief that if you own a shit eating dog you’d only have to feed it once but this is myth. I’ve actually made an interesting observation that may help solve this tricky dilemma. Did you notice that many super super super morbidly people own small, well-trained light brown dogs? Think about it my friend, think about it…..

That just about covers it. If any of our fatlings have other suggestions or comments please feel free to let us know your thoughts.


This has been a public service of  NAFAM and Bigger Fatter Blog, the leader in fat acceptance.

Too fat? Arms too short? You tell me!

>Upcoming Bigger Fatter Blog Articles

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>None of the other fat acceptance/fat pride/size acceptance/fat liberation/pro gluttony/pro obesity blog are covering the important issue. Luckily I Fat Bastard have competent staff of researchers like Proud FA, Thinnette, and Rotunda Hindenberg as well and expert consultants and contributors like Dr Gerald “Teddy” Bear, the most Reverend Big Lard Ass and the Chef so Bigger Fatter Blog has the people to cover all things fat related.

Here are some of our upcoming stories:

US Military: Fat Phobic?


In this article we will discuss normalizing fitness standards and the issuing of technology to accommodate obese soldiers such as tracked and armored power chairs, fat friendly cockpits in our air craft, pizza delivery to the battlefield and more duties involving the sitting and flying or driving remote equipment from the safe and comfort of the mess hall.

Dangerous Diets

As our readers know Bigger Fatter Blog and the New American Fat Acceptance Movement (NAFAM) are not anti-diet. We know that many fatlings try to lose weight and we don’t have a problem with that. We do have a problem with the weight loss industry and its rip off diet scams. We will provide credible consumer information on many of the popular commercial diets such as the deadly Atkins and South Beach Diets and their clones, the safe and yummy Pritikin diet and of course the greatest threat to the obesity bloom, CG Brady’s Weight Loss Solution.

Fat Friendly Cars

We will discuss why bigger and more gluttonous cars and SUVs are good. We will confront the tree huggers and explain the many advantages to driving a gas guzzler.

The Best Comics are FAT

Here we will be discussing the funniest fatlings from WC Fields to the late great Sam Kinison. We will delve into why Jackie Gleason was so damn funny whether once bulbous and bawdy Lisa Lampanelli has lost her sting along with her fabulous fat.

Bras for Fat Boys vs Boobectomy: The Beauty of the Man Boobs

We discussed this before in our article titled Brits Hate Tits (click here to read the article) but this article will focus on the aesthetics of the moob (man boob) and the male bra as a fashion statement. We will again offer some tips on male breast cancers, male breast enlargement and how fat boys can lactate.

Porking Fat Girls VS Boning Skinny Women 

In this story Proud FA will debate the various pluses and minuses of porking versus boning. I of course will take the pro boning side and Proud FA will make the pro porking argument. Proud FA will proclaim that fat girls are sluttier and give better head and I, Fat Bastard, will discuss how skinny women are more hygienic, do most of the work and how they can get into more sexual positions. I, Fat Bastard, will win this debate.

Please feel free to leave a suggestion in the comment section of Bigger Fatter Blog.

>A Quick Thanks to Bar Stool Sports

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Hotling for our fat boy readers who don’t get laid much.

NYC’s Bar Stool Sports Magazine Quotes Bigger Fatter Blog.

Obligatory Food Picture.

As our readers know Bigger Fatter Blog is becoming the go to source for all things fat and fat acceptance related. Bigger Fatter Blog has supplanted NAAFA as the chief size acceptance media source. Bar Stool Sports along with ABC News, CNN, the BBC, CBS and Fox News has quoted Bigger Fatter Blog is a very flattering way in a article titled Fat Acceptance Brings Gainers Out of the Sexual Closet.

From the Bar Stool Sports news story: “The days of justifying our fatness by lying and saying we have a mysterious genetic or metabolic disorder are over,” says the Bigger Fatter Blog. “We now freely admit to and embrace what the fat haters would call gluttony. We are fat because we eat huge amounts of food and we like it.” 

I give this Bigger Fatter Blogger a lot and I mean a lot of credit.  “We are fat because we eat huge amounts of food and we like it.”  Amen brother.  Can’t argue with that.   It’s the opposite of this guy that gives fat people a bad rap.  The ones that say they can’t help it.  The ones that make a stink at the airport that they can’t fit in the seat and need a free flight.  The ones that want everyone to accommodate them.  The ones that make themselves look really hot when you’re 20 drinks deep at 4 AM on a Saturday.   It’s people like that that make the Super Sized Big Handsome Men on Feeder Fantasy Blog shunned by society when all they’re trying to do is eat fuck and eat. 


Thank you Bar Stool Sports your for fair and balanced reporting. If I, Fat Bastard were to play a sport it would be a bar stool sport just like Norm Peterson from Cheers.

https://i2.wp.com/www.cheers-becker.de/c_norm_03.JPG Norm Peterson bar stool athlete and hero to fat asses everywhere.

Bar Stool Sports gets it. The old NAAFA style fat acceptance does not speak for fat people and in fact the psychotic rhetoric and the schizophrenic messages it sends to and about fat people do far more harm than good. People don’t like liars especially liars whose lies don’t even pass the giggle test. The New Fat Acceptance is not ashamed to say and proudly proclaims that ALL FAT PEOPLE ARE GLUTTONS!

Young Fat Bastard. Wasn’t I a cute kid?

>My Fat Spouse: Back With a Vengeance!

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>Screw You Matilda Tuesday and My Fat Spouse Forum

For a time Matilda Tuesday’s Fat Spouse Forum was off the net. We did a TOS shutdown on those wretched fat haters but now they are back and back with a vengeance. Our NAFAM operatives have been monitoring the activity there for some time now and sadly the site membership and page views have grown in leaps and bounds. The site has had nearly 4 million page views according to Google Analytics.

My Fat Spouse is a place dedicated to thinlings who are unhappy because they are married to a gluttonous fatling. It is like MeMe Roth’s Wedding Gown Challenge on steroids. Thinling after thinling post there only to complain about how repulsed they are by their fat spouse and the meanest ones are the women! The husbands are slightly more tactful.

Here is a sample of what a leanling husband wrote:

I’m in a NO sex marriage and it’s not the fault of both of us. She was trim and in great shape when we first married. She gained 165 pounds in the first year of our marriage, often eating two and three servings at every meal. I totally lost interest in sex with her then, never again initiating. As shallow as it sounds, I find obesity a total turn-off. Since then, she has packed on another 145 pounds with no end in site. I don’t discuss her wight with her; it’s her choice, but I have NO interest in having sex with her ever again. I have been completely loyal otherwise, treating her with respect and providing financially, but that’s it. I’d rather be doomed to this life of celibacy than having to see her in the nude, or worse, have to pretend to be aroused by her.

And this guy is complaining?! As the Dean of Feederism I can tell you that the wife’s gain was no easy task. This man’s sexy sow packed on 305 pounds and she didn’t even have a feeder! She did it all herself! That kind of gluttony deserves a trophy. This fool has himself a trophy fat girl sow of a wife and he’s pissing and moaning about it. SHEEESH! I am a the all knowing Dean of Feederism and I have never gotten my sows to gain like that.

This whiny whiny husband should simply get too fat to pork fat girls just like Fat Bastard and join his wife in her unbridled food lust. If she needs a porking there are plenty of fat admirers who would love to pork a sow of her magnitude. Fat boys like Fat Bastard and Teddy Bear lose most of their libido so eating becomes their form of gratification.

The leanling wives there are far far worse than the husbands.
https://i2.wp.com/www.tabloidprodigy.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/05/obese.jpg“I have worked for months to over come this reaction, and I cannot. I look, and cannot quell the repulsion that rises from somewhere primal within me. I am a woman, and my Obese Significant Other is a man. What is repulsed by sight is confirmed through touch. Indeed, magnified through touch. His shape, with full hips, buttocks, and thighs, large belly and ample man boobs, is more comparable to a female than a male. I have no lesbian leanings. This repugnant tactile sensation causes me to recoil. I look at his form, as he lay under the sheets, and what I see is a fat woman, not a man. When I hug him, its conjures childhood memories of my cuddling with my grandmother.”

https://i1.wp.com/www.xylia.org/susanstinson.jpgTypical Fat Feminist or Emasculated Fat Boy? Does it even matter?

Obviously this fat boy married the wrong woman. He should have married a fat man hating feminist so that when he morphed into an androgynous emasculated girlie man like our own Dr Gerald “Teddy” Bear she’d have the perfect man for a fat feminist and that perfect man is a woman. This guy should never have married a leanling with high self-esteem when there are angry NAAFA dykes out their that like their men more feminine that they are.

Luckily for fat guys like Fat Bastard many skinny woman have low self-esteem and low standards. So what if he can’t satisfy this lean hotling? Then lean men who are unhappy with (don’t appreciate) their fat sow wives can give her the boning she needs. I have delivered the sausage to many leanling MILFs who were married to gluttons.


Look at this leaning preparing himself for a good old fashioned squashing. This hot SSBBW will make this runt of a husband feel like Hiroshima after the atomic bomb hit but he will come back for more and more and more. Then if he’s lucky she will allow him to eat out her yeasty maw. Take that MY FAT SPOUSE FORUM!

This pretty pink piglet gives a thumbs down to Miss Matilda Tuesday and My Fat Spouse!

Can you imagine a more tender moment?

Give Ms Matilda Tuesday a piece of your mind HERE after you have had some pie.

>Obesity and Gluttony IS Good for Your Health.

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>While it is true that hyper gluttony and super obesity is not for everyone,

(I wish those crazy “womyn like that dog faced gremlin Kate Harding” in the old wrong fat acceptance movement could figure that one out.) but for the majority of fatlings it is actually good for their health. Anti-obesity crusaders like the uber hot MeMe Roth may point to things like obesity and sleep apnea and complain that these conditions are unhealthy. Left untreated they are unhealthy but when treated they are actually good for you.

Let’s take diabesity aka type 2 diabetes for example. Even thinlings have fluctuations in their blood glucose levels but if those fatlings who are fortunate enough to have diabesity check their blood sugar levels and check them often as fellow fatling

Wilford Brimley cautions that we can actually have more stable blood sugar than healthy thinlings. Instead of relying on a temperamental pancreas all the resourceful fatling does is check and inject insulin. Using your free meter and lancets the diabetic can adjust his blood sugar to accommodate his preferred level of gluttony. Let’s see a lowly pancreas do that! Hyper gluttons like Doctor Gerald “Teddy” Bear can tweak their insulin levels to make any feeding frenzy a most enjoyable experience. I addition to stress free gormandizing, eating more gives the body more essential nutrients.

Obesity related heart disease is another myth perpetrated by the anti obesity mob. As fatlings our hearts work much harder than the average thinling because our hearts need to pump oxygen rich blood to all of our extra tissues.

Gluttons are less likely to suffer from depression says British study. Fat people really are jolly! Look at Santa Claus that jolly old elf!

Gluttony is Good for You by Zoe Williams

Cliches only turn into cliches because they’re true. Otherwise, they just become a weird thing that someone in a bank once said to you. So I’m assuming that this will cheer you up, because I’m assuming that, at precisely this time of year, you’re probably quite fat. Or maybe just fat for you. No, no, don’t go and change – you’ll be fine going out looking like that …
Scientists in Bristol have discovered that fat people are more cheerful than their thin peers. I thought this was just a revivification of the ancient (well … maybe 25-year-old) wisdom that says you shouldn’t go on a totally fat-free diet because your brain needs its fat surround to keep from crashing against your skull. That makes you depressed, apparently. But you don’t have to be obese to maintain this fatty covering; you just have to not be anorexic. Read the rest of the story here

While the elite athlete and object of my fat boy lust like MeMe Roth may spend 30 minutes working her heart on a treadmill the heart of a fatling works that hard or harder 24/7.  Every moment is a work out for us.

Many of us have C-PAP machines. For those of you who don’t know, A C-PAP machine helps us fatlings breath when we are sleeping so that we don’t die in our sleep from sleep apnea which most of us have and we get a more restful sleep because our lungs don’t have to works so hard.

The fat haters like to bring up mobility issues. Thinlings and fat haters have the mobility issues. I, Fat Bastard would like to challenge MeMe Roth to a race. She can run and beat the hell out of her joints while I will cruise is my Jazzy Power chair. I will leave MeMe in the dust but I, Fat Bastard would be happy to let her ride sitting on my lap (your chariot awaits my lady) and maybe then she will have a better appreciation of how much better it is to be fat and gluttons than lean and spartan-like.

Eat my dust MeMe while I ride in comfort and eat Cheetos and dip.!


>Fat Singers are the BEST Singers

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>Who’s better than Ann Wilson from the legendary Canadian rock band Heart? Susan Boyle? Maybe and Susan Boyle is also fat. Who can forget Ann’s name sake Carney Wilson of Wilson Phillips? Then we have the immortal Mama Cass and the Queen of Soul Aretha Frankin. What thinling can sing better than any of them? Barbara Streisand you say? Babs to is now fat and she really is like butter. Another great under rated singer was the late great Nell Carter. Nell was an SSBBW and boy could that fat girl sing! We mustn’t forget Jordin Sparks the latest target for MeMe Roth’s venom. While still only a pup, Jordin has the potential to surpass greats like Mama Cass, and the plump Patti LaBelle and dare I say the Queen of Soul herself, Aretha Franklin. Keep eating Jordin and grow your waist and butt along with your career.
Ann Wilson is more that twice as big as her hot thinling sister Nancy and she sings twice as good. Can you think of another female rocker better that Ann Wilson? Of course you can’t!

You can have your Dixie Chicks, Lorretta Lynn, Shania Twain ect.. ect.. ect.. but when in comes to country music no one come close to Wynona Judd. With a name like Wynona she has to be fat.

Gorgeous girl glutton Wynona flashing the sign of the fork.

So impressed with Wynona, Primus bass play Les Claypool penned the following lyric.

Wynona’s got herself a big brown beaver
And she shows it off to all her friends.
One day, you know, that beaver tried to leave her,
So she caged him up with cyclone fence.
Along came Lou with the old baboon
And said Recognize that smell?
Smells like seven layers,
That beaver eats Taco Bell.

Now Rex he was a Texan out of New Orleans
And he traveled with the carnival shows.
He ran bumper cars, sucked cheap cigars
And he candied up his nose.
He got wind of the big brown beaver
So he though he’d take himself a peek,
But the beaver was quick and he grabbed him by the kiwis
Now he ain’t pissed for a week.
(And a half!)

Now Wynona took her big brown beaver,
And she stuck him up in the air.
Said I sure do love this big brown beaver
And I wish I did have a pair.
Now the beaver once slept for seven days
And it gave us all an awful fright.
So I tickled his chin and I gave him a pinch
And the bastard tried to bite me.
Wynona loved her big brown beaver
And she stroked him all the time.
She pricked her finger one day and it occurred to her
She might have a porcupine

Jordin Sparks may be a mere pup now but Aretha was even smaller when she first hit the charts and with today’s glutton fare so available and with the enabling and normalization of gluttony and obesity Jordin stands a very good chance of weighing as much as Aretha and Wynona combined! EAT! EAT! EAT! EAT! You can do it! The good news is, Jordin Sparks is FAT!

OK I have to admit it. There are exceptions to the rule. Barbara Streisand did look better thin and she sang great even when she was a hot thinling.

 Like butter, Babs beginning her blimp phase but still just a pup.

Babs breaking into full blimp mode.

Beautiful Babs Before Blimping

Bigger is better! Not only is Aretha the Queen of Soul but she is also the queen of soul food and singing better than ever!

Aretha, as pretty as you were then you are even better now!

What tribute to fat girl singers would be complete without mentioning Mama Cass. Not only did Mama Cass have the greatest voice in folk rock she died while eating a sandwich.

Look at that impressive tonal neck blubber!

I can see it now. Her handlers are going to slim her down instead of plumping her up. I fear that is what is in store for Susan Boyle. If Susan Boyle loses the weight she will lose her voice. It’s true!
A young undiscovered Susan Boyle. If she had come to the US she would have added the thick tonal blubber that now sets her voice apart from the pack.

Look at her now! Look at the food on her upper lip!! Look at that tone enhancing neck blubber!!!

As always on Bigger Fatter Blog it’s ladies first but let’s not forget the men.


There may be some debate as to who the greatest opera singer of all time was, Luciano Pavaratti or Enrico Caruso.  I gotta go with Pavaratti. As fat as he was more than a few women in Italy and the rest of the world flicked their switches when ever Pavaratti took the stage and unleashed the awesome power of his legendary tenor voice. Even though he was a fat pasta eating lummox he got more ass than most rock stars.

Per i nostri lettori italiani: Pavaratti scopata donne più belle di Mick Jagger. Non era un nano e lui non è andato sul palco e muovere il culo magro come un omosessuale.

Michael Jackson may be the king of pop but the best voice in pop belongs to the meat master general himself, the immortal man of meat, Meatloaf! With all due respect to Michael Jackson, all the crotch grabbing in the world will never match the power of the meat!  

Mighty Mighty Meatloaf majestically meting out the musical meat!

Even his name is great! Ruben (sandwich the stud) Studdard wowed even the hyper critical Simon Cowel to win American Idol and defeat that classless sweet boy Clay (my ass is) Aiken. The last pussy Aiken saw was when he slithered out of his mama. Our man Ruben is getting more ass than a toilet seat and speaking of getting ass no two men are responsible for setting the mood for seduction than Barry White and his Love Unlimited Orchestra and the late great Luther Vandross.

The deep soulful tones of Barry’s voice along with the romantic musical arrangements of his Love Unlimited Orchestra put millions of ladies in the mood to make sweet love with men like me, Fat Bastard. Rev BLA and our latest contributor and gourmet The Chef.

The only thinling soul singers who can hold a candle to Luther is Smokey Robinson and Wilson Picket and maybe Al Green and maybe Marvin Gaye.

When it come to singing the blues the clear winner is BB King. Muddy Waters, Blind Lemon Jefferson, Bobby Blue Bland, Slim Harpo, Robert Cray,and even Robert Johnson are all a close second to BB King.

Hunka hunka burning love! The king of rock rocked! There is no arguing that the skinny Elvis was great but he would have been a mere flash in the pan and overshadowed by Jerry Lee Lewis, Chubby Checker and Fats Domino had Elvis Aaron Presley remained a thinling. The fatter the King got, the more women swooned.

Elvis died on the toilet from an fecal impacted bowel. His drug use and power eating caused the King to die in a manner worthy of a fatling. He will be remembered as much for his majestic fatling death and for his bigger than life life.

There is no telling how big the King could have and would have become if he had a hot thinling nurse around to give him an enema to release that hunka hunka steaming poop.

The best Elvis impersonators portray an Elvis as if he were alive today….. OR is this really the King  pretending to be an Elvis impersonator? Hmm….???

You probably don’t even recognize this runt. This is the once great John Popper of the legendary Blues Traveler. When John Popper and Blues Traveler were topping the charts with smash hits like Run Around and the Heart Brings you back John was a big fat sweating lummox but since his weight loss John and the band are no longer selling our arenas. His singing is not as good and neither is his harmonica playing. Like most fat boys John developed his educated harmonica playing tongue eat pussy but now that he’s skinny he’s probably throwing the dick into his groupies and dropping even more weight.

John Popper and Blues Traveler in their heyday

Let’s recap. Who’s HOT and who’s NOT? Ann Wilson and Heart = Hot!  Meatloaf after his weight loss = NOT! Aretha Frankin = Still HOT! Ruben Studdard = HOT pastrami on dark rye! BB King = No sign of cooling! Wynona = Sizzling like country ham! Barry White = The body heat generated by career IS the real reason the polar ice caps are melting.  Luther Vandross = The Spanish fly of music with a French tickler. John Popper NOT!


There you have it folks; some of the great fat singers. Please feel free make other suggestions but I think I’ve covered it pretty well and as always think you for reading Bigger Fatter Blog the leader in fat acceptance. EAT!