Really really fat girls are often ignored by the old fat acceptance but we welcome these big beautiful buxom babes. As a public service to our readers BFB presents a pictorial essay of pretty plumpers.

NOTE! Some of the images may appear as black. If you wish to view them simply right click them and then click view to see the hot fatlings. Sorry for any inconvenience.

Fabulous flabby femmes!

Beautiful big bellied babes flaunt fabulous flab!

 Bathing beauty with big butt and thunder thighs!

Another ample assed angel displays delightful derriere!
Feisty fat foodie licking fingers!

Mega mammary mama munching!

Sexy soul sista with big belly and big boobs

Double divas with dimpled derrieres! Mega mamas model massive moons! 

https://biggerfatterblog.files.wordpress.com/2010/09/mcfat-arm.jpg?w=300Mega Mama with Massive McArm
Poolside pretty poses poses for pix!


Sexy sow sirens sing!


  Pretty plump porker poses


Big bellied beauty!

Big babes in bathing suits belly buck ball!

Ham legged hottie!

Lovely large ladies look for large lezzy action!

Seated sexy sows!

Hefty hot hungry heffer with huge ham arm!

MOOOOOve over for this cow girl!


Gorgeous girl gourmandizers gobbling goodies!


Possibly a perfect pear pretty!

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