>Carnie Wilson: Fattitude PLUS!

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>As you know Carnie had ghastly bypass. Greedy butchers did their worst to slow her eating but through great vigilance and even more fattitude Carnie managed to eat her way back to her piggy proportions. OINK! OINK! HOORAY!! OINK! OINK! HOORAY!! OINK! OINK! HOORAY!!

I need to explain what a monumental task Carnie performed. They shrunk her stomach down to about the size of an egg and they bypasses 90% of her small intestine. I don’t think that even our own Belly Boy or Teddy Bear could gain much weight back after ghastly bypass surgery. I know I couldn’t. I’m sure Teddy and Belly Boy could gain back some but I doubt if they could do what Carnie has done. Sorry guys.

It’s about the fattitude! Carnie has it! Carnie has enough fattitude for 1000 fat girls. All the eating strategies in the world cannot make up for the damage that a ghastly bypass surgery can do. Even a sumo wrestler would become a sad thinling is he had ghastly bypass. Carnie Wilson set a new standard in power eating.

Carnie Wilson is still being used as the poster girl for weight loss surgery.

These butchers are still using Carnie to endorse their butchery even though it was a massive FAILURE! If you want to visit their fucked up website click HERE.http://www.liteandhope.com/

These ASSHOLES even have a forum but right now its not up. Perhaps Proud and the boys have worked their magic.

Carnie after surgery ————-> Carnie NOW! WOW!

Carnie in 2010 getting back to her original weight.

Tragically Carnie is off on a Dr Oz intervention. She is working with trainers and all sorts of “experts”. I suspect that Carnie is dumb like a fox. She is making a big splash about this but seeing as how all the experts like that rat bastard Dr Phil, Bob Greene and that pencil necked geek Dr Oz can’t get Oprah under the obese criteria there is n NO WAY in hell that they will be able to handle the fattitude of Carnie “Carnivore” Wilson.

When Carnie got skinny for a few years people would applaud that. What’s there to a applaud? Her digestive system was disabled. People should be applauding for her weight gain. That’s what took all the effort!


>God on Gluttony: What the Bible Says About Fat People.

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God On Gluttony

Like always God is speaking with a forked tongue. Many fat hating Christians like the 7th Day Adventists (They are all skinny)  site the following verses from the Bible in order to support their dietary laws.

Proverbs 23:20-21 warns, “Do not join those who drink too much wine or gorge themselves on meat, for drunkards and gluttons become poor, and drowsiness clothes them in rags.”

Proverbs 28:7 declares, “He who keeps the law is a discerning son, but a companion of gluttons disgraces his father.”

Proverbs 23:2 proclaims, “Put a knife to your throat if you are given to gluttony.

Then that lovable trickster God changes his mind. GOD LOVES FAT PEOPLE! (when he’s not hating and killing them.)

First of all, it is important to understand that the Christian God really likes fat. So I suppose he likes fat people, too. (He’s probably overweight himself.) All the fat is the Lord’s. — Leviticus 3:16

Even God’s sword is fat
(and bloody). The sword of the LORD is filled with blood, it is made fat with fatness. — Isaiah 34:6

God even likes fat animals. He plans to feed people to to them to make them nice and fat
. Thus saith the Lord GOD; Speak unto every feathered fowl, and to every beast of the field … Ye shall eat the flesh of the mighty, and drink the blood of the princes of the earth … And ye shall eat fat till ye be full, and drink blood till ye be drunken, of my sacrifice which I have sacrificed for you. — Ezekiel 39:17-19

God makes the diligent fat.
(Lazy people are always skinny.) The soul of the sluggard desireth, and hath nothing: but the soul of the diligent shall be made fat. — Proverbs 13:4

If you put your trust in God, he will make you fat.
He that putteth his trust in the LORD shall be made fat. — Proverbs 28:25

God makes liberals fat, too. (I guess religious liberals should be the fattest of all.) The liberal soul shall be made fat. — Proverbs 11:25 This has to be true because when you push aside the tea bagging garbage Obama is far more conservative than Reagan but Bush’s liberal borrowing and spending must have been of set by his neo con war mongering and only made Karl Rove fat.

Being fat is is sure sign of righteousnous in the eyes of God.
The righteous shall flourish like the palm tree … they shall be fat and flourishing. — Psalm 92:12-14


Is it a insult to God to not enjoy his bounty through Christ our Lord? It would appear so.

The body IS the temple for the Holy Spirit so it would follow that butchering the body with WLS is an abomination. God is even against tattoos. It’s really easy to rub God the wrong way.

Just so you don’t offend God,  say a prayer before you eat.

Prayer one is; Good food, good meat, good Lord let’s EAT!
The other one is short sweet and to the point as well. Rubba dub dub. Thanks for the grub. YEAH GOD!


This one is for special pig outs in Catholic homes.

In the name of the Father, skip the ghost
The ones who eats fastest get the most! 

I suppose it matters what sort of mood God is in when you die as to whether he will send you to heaven or Hell. If I were a Christian I, Fat Bastard, like our Christian fatlings would choose gluttony. There are only 3 verses admonishing gluttony but there are six verses promoting it. What would Jesus do? He’d EAT….. A LOT!

Miss Pearus Beanbag

>Save the Land Whales: BAN WEIGHT LOSS SURGERY

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>About the only thing we at the new fat acceptance have in common with the angry man hating jealous fat girls of the old fat acceptance is we both oppose weight loss surgery. We oppose it on the scientific basis that it does more harm than good while the NAAFA types oppose it because it really does make a lot of people lose weight.

Uncompromising land whale enjoying a relaxing smoke and a delicious real Dr Pepper. No deadly aspertame or Splenda for this hot and hefty hunny.

Weight Loss Surgery KILLS! Link

The greedy corporate butchers will tell your that gastric bypass has a low mortality rate but the truth is 1 in 50 ghastly bypass victims die withing the first month of surgery and the surgeon/butcher who did it still gets paid! That is like bringing your Cadillac Escalade to the repair shop for an oil change and having them destroy it beyond all repair and then asking you to pay the bill. It’s BULLSHIT!

Melinda Murphy of CBS News also reports that 1 in 50 die from gastric bypass. LINK

A grieving friend of a land whale who was slayed by a surgeon’s/whaler’s harpoon/scalpel mournfully responds,  “One is 50 people who get gastric bypass surgery die within a month. That’s a fact. I know that MDs will claim 1 in 200 and that the CDC claims 1 in 100 but the real number is 1 in 50.

I was at the funeral. I saw her grieving family. I am grieving for her too.

I need to ask why this barbaric procedure is even legal. WHY? Why is it legal or medically ethical to destroy a perfectly healthy digestive system?

Why is something so deadly allowed?

Why are fat people butchered in this barbaric manner?

Weight Loss Surgery is Self-defeating and Self-perpetuating.

Think about it. Most of the people who get WLS are married women and most of them have kids. They don’t want to be fat and they presumably don’t want their kids to be fat. I can respect that but herein lies the problem. Once the fatling has been butchered she will have to eat lots of fat just to maintain say 120 pounds. Sure, true hyper-gluttons like Carnie Wilson can defeat gastric banding and gastric bypass but how many run of the mill fatlings have her fattitude? DAMN FEW! Formerly fat moms will be buying more fat food and as we know, FAT FATTENS BEST.  She needs calorie dense food to maintain even a thinling body weight but her kids who still have healthy digestive systems don’t need it. They will gain like one of Proud FA’s gainers. Because she is a fat hater she will have her kids at the WLS slaughter house to have their digestive systems mangled.

Gastric Bypass and Why it is So Deadly

Complications of abdominal surgery alone


Infection of the incisions or of the inside of the abdomen (peritonitis, abscess) may occur, due to release of bacteria from the bowel during the operation. Nosocomial infection, such as pneumonia, bladder or kidney infections, and sepsis (bloodborne infection) are also possible. Effective short-term use of antibiotics, diligent respiratory therapy, and encouragement of activity within a few hours after surgery, can reduce the risks of infections.
Commentary from BFB’s Fat Bastard: All surgery carries risk. The odd of getting an infection in a US hospital are 1 in 10. Add a surgery and that risk goes up even more. Add abdominal surgery and that risk increases even more. It gets worse. Add the fact that you are fat and you increase the risk even more. At this point the question is will you get an infection but how many.


Many blood vessels must be cut in order to divide the stomach and to move the bowel. Any of these may later begin bleeding, either into the abdomen (intra-abdominal hemorrhage), or into the bowel itself (gastrointestinal hemorrhage). Transfusions may be needed, and re-operation is sometimes necessary. Use of blood thinners, to prevent venous thromboembolic disease,  actually increase the risk of hemorrhage.

You may bleed to death!


A hernia is an abnormal opening, either within the abdomen, or through the abdominal wall muscles. An internal hernia may result from surgery, and re-arrangement of the bowel, and is mainly significant as a cause of bowel obstruction. An incisional hernia occurs when a surgical incision does not heal well; the muscles of the abdomen separate and allow protrusion of a sac-like membrane, which may contain bowel or other abdominal contents, and which can be painful and unsightly. The risk of abdominal wall hernia is markedly decreased in laparoscopic surgery.

Many good surgeons call laparoscopic surgery operating with chop sticks.

Bowel obstruction

Abdominal surgery always results in some scarring of the bowel, called adhesions. A hernia, either internal or through the abdominal wall, may also result. When bowel becomes trapped by adhesions or a hernia, it may become kinked and obstructed, sometimes many years after the original procedure. Usually an operation is necessary to correct this problem.

Venous thromboembolism

Any injury, such as a surgical operation, causes the body to increase the coagulation of the blood. Simultaneously, activity may be reduced. There is an increased probability of formation of clots in the veins of the legs, or sometimes the pelvis, particularly in the morbidly obese patient. A clot which breaks free and floats to the lungs is called a pulmonary embolus, a very dangerous occurrence. Commonly, blood thinners are administered before surgery , to reduce the probability of this type of complication.

Complications of gastric bypass


Anastomotic leakage

An anastomosis is a surgical connection between the stomach and bowel, or between two parts of the bowel. The surgeon attempts to create a water-tight connection by connecting the two organs with either staples or sutures, either of which actually makes a hole in the bowel wall. The surgeon will rely on the healing power of the body, and its ability to create a seal like a self-sealing tire, to succeed with the surgery. If that seal fails to form, for any reason, fluid from within the gastrointestinal tract can leak into the sterile abdominal cavity and give rise to infection and abscess formation. Leakage of an anastomosis can occur in about 2% of gastric bypass procedures, usually at the stomach-bowel connection. Sometimes leakage can be treated with antibiotics, and sometimes it will require immediate re-operation. It is usually safer to re-operate if an infection cannot be definitely controlled immediately.

BFB commentary from Fat Bastard


This is a fucking surgical staple! This is supposed to stop leakage!https://i2.wp.com/www.freepatentsonline.com/6638297-0-large.jpg


This is where the put the fucking staples.


Anastomotic stricture

As the anastomosis heals, it forms scar tissue, which naturally tends to shrink (“contract”) over time, making the opening smaller. This is called a “stricture”. Usually, the passage of food through an anastomosis will keep it stretched open, but if the inflammation and healing process outpaces the stretching process, scarring may make the opening so small that even liquids can no longer pass through it. The solution is a procedure called gastroendoscopy, and stretching of the connection by inflating a balloon inside it. Sometimes this manipulation may have to be performed more than once to achieve lasting correction.


Anastomotic ulcer

Ulceration of the anastomosis occurs in 16% of patients
Dumping syndrome

Normally, the pyloric valve at the lower end of the stomach regulates the release of food into the bowel. When the Gastric Bypass patient eats a sugary food, the sugar passes rapidly into the bowel, where it gives rise to a physiological reaction called dumping syndrome. The body will flood the intestines in an attempt to dilute the sugars. An affected person may feel their heart beating rapidly and forcefully, break into a cold sweat, get a feeling of butterflies in the stomach, and may have a “sky is falling” type of anxiety. He/she usually has to lie down, and could be very uncomfortable for about 30 to 45 minutes. Diarrhea may then follow.

Weight Loss Surgery Increases Suicide and Heart Disease Risk! LINK

Stefphanie Todd MD of ABC New Medical Unit reports that WLS increases suicides. 

Weight of the Evidence

In this study, researchers examined records of 16,683 bariatric surgeries among Pennsylvania residents. They found a substantial number of excess deaths attributed to both suicide and heart disease after surgery.

The death rates appear higher in men than in women, and increase with age, especially among those over 65 years of age. As post surgery time increased, so did the death rates, with heart disease topping the list.

“This study underscores that coronary heart disease is the leading cause of death in these extremely obese patients,” said Dr. Anita Courcoulas, chief of minimally invasive bariatric and general surgery at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center.

BFB commentary: The reasons for this is simple. Food is love and when you take way the think you love and the thing that loves you the most you will become depressed.

Food is a  glutton’s true love. We don’t just eat to live, we live to eat. The more we eat the happier we are. Take away a concert pianist’s hands or a or a ballet dancer’s legs and they too may kill themselves.

Proud FA and I can tell you that fat indeed fattens best but gluttons do not live by fat alone so if you have weight loss surgery you will never be able to get enough calories eating non fat foods to get enough calories to even sustain the metabolic needs of a thinling let alone the whopping needs of a big fat glutton. Butchered gluttons then mostly take in artery clogging saturated fats because they are the tastiest but they are also the deadliest. As a result of all that vein goo and not enough essential nutrients the patient is worse off health wise then he would be if he remained fat – much worse off!

Not having enough carbs makes you nuts. Because WLS leave not room for carbs that are over two times bulkier than fats butchered gluttons are only able to get the calories they need from fat. When that goes on for more than a few weeks the glutton will develop ketogenic psychosis. 

What Can You Do? 
The WLS butchers have a major web presence. YOU can sign up on their site and tell the truth about WLS. Here are a couple of site with forums and chat that promote the carnage that is WLS. http://www.obesityhelp.com/ 



Stop by these forums and leave a link to Bigger Fatter Blog and tell em Fat Bastard sent you.

>NAAFA and Fat Acceptance Failure

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>While I was eating and surfing thinling porn, I, Fat Bastard came across the following article. I discussed it with Proud FA and now I would like to discuss it with our Bigger Fatter Blog readers.

The Failure of Size Acceptance

The following is an article written about a year ago as the author made the decision to exit totally out of size acceptance. He/She still supports the ideal of respect for fat people and fighting discrimination. Present size acceptance has lost its way totally and is not working in the best interests of those it claims to serve. Many fat people facing health problems make the decision to leave size acceptance. This includes several of his/her fat friends. Many good people still are in Size Acceptance and I admit that, we just part ways on some philosophies. The article is controversial, however after much time and thought it is the author’s honest appraisal.

While some of size acceptance’s ideals are sound, which include ending discrimination against fat people and advocating for their rights, the foundations of it are crumbling. Americans are getting fatter and corpulence is becoming more reviled. The love of and emphasis of the thin figure has only increased. The Size Acceptance movement as it stands now is failing.

Proud FA: I could not agree more. 99.99999999% of fatlings know that the old Fat Acceptance movement is bullshit. Because the jealous angry fat girls deny their gluttony instead of embracing it nobody can take them seriously especially fatlings who know that they’re greedy gluttons.

Fat Bastard:  Ditto Proud FA! The legions of lard and their beliefs have not been reflected in the NAAFA propaganda and sophistries.

Today’s premier size acceptance groups are NAAFA (National Association to Advance Fat Acceptance) and ISAA (International Size Acceptance Association.) NAAFA has 4,000 members as repeatedly mentioned online. However, recent scandals and change has lowered this “official membership” substantially. Some estimate their actual membership to be around 1000 people. ISAA is much smaller and numbers in the hundreds. There is little difference in the philosophies of these groups. Many groups focus on the social angle of size and others have sprung up from the NAAFA fountainhead. When I speak of Size Acceptance from now on, these groups and their associates are the target.

Proud FA: NAAFA has been twisting in the wind for years. It’s cozy relationship with Penn Computing, Dimensions Magazine and Conrad Blickenstorfer and their hypocritical condemnation of feederism and fat sexuality made everyone fat and skinny look at NAAFA and see them for the hypocrites that they are.

Fat Bastard: True Proud but it got compounded when all the angry man hating fat feminists took over and made obesity a feminist issue. Those angry fat dykes need to stick to rug munching and shut the fuck up.

The first reason that Size Acceptance has not grown is it promotes fat rather than dealing with it as simply a physical characteristic. Sometime around 1980, NAAFA changed its name from National Association to Aid Fat Americans to National Association to Advance Fat Acceptance. This was also a philosophical change not just a linguistical one.

Fat Bastard: They (the jealous angry fat girls) totally destroyed EVERYTHING Bill Fabrey started. (Bill Fabrey founded NAAFA in the 1970’s)

Fat is great according to all the size acceptance minions and while the ideals of the equality of fat people deserving right and proper treatment are commendable, this belief flies in the face of scientific logic. Having fat people be happy is a positive thing, however having them smile their way through the pain of gasping for air climbing some stairs and in denial about a life limiting condition is not.

Proud FA: Immobility is not for everyone. Fat is great for fat admirers but it is not for everyone.

Fat Bastard: It’s great for some people to be fat like Teddy and Belly Boy but for me and BLA it has its drawbacks ie the heart attacks and the diabetes. Nobody can argue with thte fact that gluttony is good. Gluttony rules! Food rules! Again, while it is good to embrace the fat it’s better to embrace and celebrate the food and the gluttony

The big names in SA brush all health problems related to obesity right under the carpet. Anyone who surpasses the 400 lb. mark soon learns that the bikini parties with the “Padded Lilies” (an actual SA group consisting of fat, 300-400lb, synchronized swimmers), conventions and fat positive rhetoric soon rings hollow next to their scooter, sleep apnea machine and bottles of blood pressure pills. One is supposed to be healthy, happy, fat and fit. Marilyn Wann in her book Fatso points out how at 250 lbs she can climb mountains and dance for hours without exhaustion. Sadly this negates the experiences of heavier people who find even walking across a parking lot a exhausting challenge. Fat people can indeed be in better shape via exercise and decent food, but reality checks really are necessary.

Proud FA: It’s about or it should be about aiding, enabling and accommodating fatlings. If medical science could create a yeast vaccine many a fat admirer would be turning cartwheels.

Fat Bastard: Not only that but we need some real science and technology. My dream is anti-gravity technology so that we fatlings could float. We would also look much fluffier.

SA publications all show fat women frolicking in swimming pools and doing aerobics. While this is good for the smaller fat person who has exceptionally good health, physical realities come crashing through for most who suffer obesity in its most severe and moderate forms. Those who find their stamina crumbling usually are ironically told to exercise more but not to lose any weight. When the first health crises arise, many leave SA for the world of university hospital diet clinics and weight loss surgery. SA is just the flipside to the world of detested weight loss schemes.

Fat Bastard: The current warped philosophy of NAAFA feeds into the crooked medical industrial party line. These deluded fatlings then end up having weight loss surgery/butchery. True fat acceptance accepts the downside of gluttony. We fatling, as “Dr” Gerald “Teddy” Bear so adroitly put it, are the Evil Kenevils of gluttony. You never heard Evil complain about the fact he broke every bone in his body twice. No way! Evil bragged about it.

Denying the fact that obesity is a disease or even disabling, size acceptance puts its head in the sand and closes the door on people who are not fat, fit and healthy. Tracy, a super-sized woman with PCOS an endocrine disorder and Ex-NAAFA member points out:

“I have in the past, held the concept of “size acceptance dear to my `heart, but at this stage, and with my health in the crisis that it is, I cannot, with a clear conscious, advocate or agree with any movement that does not address the reality of the negative health consequences of massive obesity.”

Proud FA: I was guilty of judging you Fat Bastard for losing some weight and moderating your gluttony but I would rather have even a live skinny Fat Bastard than a dead super morbidly obese one. How fat one wants to be is a personal choice that we need to respect. After being with Thinnette I understand why you like those skinny ana chicks.

Fat Bastard: Proud, you bring tears to my eyes. Cut it out!

No size acceptance organization supports a cure for obesity. After all, it’s all about “acceptance” and not “aiding”. The people speaking for the fat are as bad as those who wish to bilk them of their wallets for worthless liquid diets. Imagine a kidney disease foundation advocating for all kidney patients to accept their condition. Fat people are told essentially.”This is your lot in life, accept it.” This leaves the average fat person out in the cold in general between fad diet charlatans and size acceptance advocates who tell them there only other option is to make the best of it!

Fat Bastard: We do support a cure but we do not think that cure should be mandatory. The only cure to date is CG Brady’s fattitude reduction therapy and his incremental diet and lifestyle change protocol.

Logic itself is played with to relay the message. A NAAFA leader writes to a response online:
“It is my position and that of many in the movement that we need to focus on what we can do to make fat people healthy—not make fat people thin. Right now I believe that working toward making fat people healthy is a winnable battle-I do not believe making fat people thin is.

Proud FA: Those crazy NAAFA bitches are always talking shit!

This shows that acceptance and promotion of fat has become the prevailing goal of size acceptance. Obesity is to be seen as something like tallness, a normal part of a person’s makeup. I wonder how a 600lb person who can barely walk is supposed to take this information.

Out of fear and justified loathing of a diet industry that has caused more harm than good to fat people, SA has taken nothing more than a reactionary position, shoving its head into the sand. Repeating mantras of “Fat people are healthy!”, even amid wheelchair and oxygen bound fat people, very few are buying into the lie.

Fat Bastard: Some of us are not as sickly as others. Teddy for instance is a real stud at 5’6 and 400 pounds. Belly Boy cheerfully accepts his infirmity because the pleasure of food is worth it to him. You gotta admire that. While thinlings eat to live fatlings live to eat but why eat yourself to death in just a few years when you can live long like Teddy and enjoy your fat and gluttony? For many fatlings a power chair beats walking but there are others who want to show off that fat and throw their weight around.

The problem is the cost of demanding equal rights for fat people should not have as its price out and out lies and denial. Most Americans know of at least one friend or relative that has suffered not only social ramifications which are bad enough on their own, but also dire physical costs. After all, the public is privy to the sufferings of housebound fat people via the talk show. Many fat people outside of this world see SA as a group of extremists who have given up!

Science is discovering more facts on fat people’s behalf, that many diseases “can cause” fat rather than the other way around, including PCOS, Cushings, Syndrome X and fat people have been correct about not eating like pigs. They have written research on the futility of dieting and the complex causes of obesity however, SA has walled themselves off from the scientific community!

Proud FA: Let’s be honest here. Fat women are not the sharpest cheddar.

NAAFA does not support obesity research and says of it that the assumptions of obesity researchers is indeed wrongly based.and shows its own biases by writing within their official stances.

“These assumptions run contrary to the experience of most fat people which is that permanent weight loss is impossible to achieve, that dieting makes them fatter, that many of them are healthy and that valuing thinness over fatness is a cultural biases” Just the fact that some obesity researchers are invested in weight loss matters has led to this child-like refusal to even be open to dialogue.

Fat Bastard: Those jealous fat girls are really fucking stupid.

NAAFA has nothing to offer those who become sick, or disabled from being overweight. Such negative PR is swept under the table. NAAFA would not want most Americans to know that thousands live disabled due to severe obesity. Endocrine sufferers (those who become fat due to health conditions such as those with PCOS, thyroid and glandular disorders) are often left to fend for themselves. NAAFA cannot threaten their position by ever admitting that fat can be related to a disease process.
Proud FA: When I was porking fat NAAFA women it used to bother me how they passed over guys like Fat Bastard who they thought were too fat to throw the dick. While that may be true in many cases they could at least offer them a blow job. Fat girls to give the best head.

Fat Bastard: It never bothered me all that much because like the Chef says, “I ain’t got no wood for them SSBBW’s God bless em.” Two sweaty bodies doing the nasty gets too funky for this fat boy. While the motto No Muff Too Tough may hold true for you fat admirers fat boys like me with a more sophisticated smeller and palate prefer the delicate scent of a thinling chick.

SA, has a dark side that is unknown to the public. Some leaders are indeed involved with the selling of plus size erotica. Go to any SA site and you will find many fat women selling videos and nude photos of themselves to the proverbial “FA”, fat admirer, defined as a man who is attracted to fat women.

Many of the policies of the so-called fat advocacy organizations center around pleasing the FA. In some regards, the integrity of SA has been circumvented by those with other interests. The FAs have taken over! FAs who are attracted to fat, do not want a person to lose it. In fact there is even far out segment of so called “feeders” involved in SA who seek to make their significant others fatter. This has led to an emphasis on the prevailing organizations as social clubs and single meat markets rather than leaders of true help.

Proud FA: I have to disagree. The final nail in the NAAFA coffin was it public condemnation of FA and feeders. We were the only thing keeping the movement afloat. We were competition for militant fat feminist dykes who were looking for bi curious fat girls. That is what cause NAAFA’s knee jerk reaction. Fat porn was empowering fat girls. Fat porn is now huge. When NAAFA conventions were feederism fests and orgies NAAFA had a LOT more members.

Size Acceptance as it now stands is a failure. A new Fat Rights organization that supports the integrity and well being of its members is needed. This could be a movement of millions rather than of a few thousand. A real difference then could be made in the lives of 74% of Americans the percentages that are considered overweight.

Fat Bastard: Everyone should not only eat like a pig but like a herd of pigs. The author is full of shit when he says that people are fat because of diseases but he is spot on when he says the NAAFA style SA movement has a failure. Gluttony is the cause of obesity and a true glutton wears his fat like a badge of honor. It goes without saying that one should not apologize for one’s size but more than that, one should not apologize for one’s gluttony.

This is the kind of woman the jealous fat girls want to be and fat boys like me want to see…… and bone!

Can’t you all just get along?

>Driving With Fattitude: How to Drive While Fat

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>Be fat! Drive fat!

 Safety first!

There are things that can keep you safe while driving while fat. Fasten that seat belt! Yeah yeah yeah I know that it can take a lot of effort but the cops target us fatlings because they know we are often too lazy to buckle up. Even though it is a lot of effort to reach around and grab that seat belt and shoulder harness, getting a ticket and paying a fine is even worse.

Seat belt extenders

If you are fat enough to require a seat belt extender chances are you are on disability. The cost could be covered by your disability insurance. Having a seat belt extender not only says you’re fat, it says you’re damn fat! Wear it proudly!

You’re big so drive big! Ride in style!


Nothing says fattitude more than a Cadillac Escalade. This greedy gas guzzling road hog demands respect and so do you. Let your ride be an extension of your fattitude. A big car will keep you safe!

Fat Driving Etiquette

Because your gas guzzler in an extension of your fattitude, think of it as your royal chariot. Drive like royalty! Use that handicap parking space. It’s your birth right. YOU ARE FAT!

It’s OK to double park. You probably won’t get a ticket and if you have a leanling with you simple drop them off a circle the block until the fetch what you need.

Let the Prius driving leanlings drive defensively. You are driving a tank. Let them think, “Drive defensively, watch out for the other guy” while you think, “Drive offensively, make the other guy watch out for you!”

Eat While Driving.


Today’s cars are fairly well equipped for eating in but there could be some improvement. I, Fat Bastard, frequent Sonic Drive Inns because you don’t have to lean to get your food at the take out window. Instead a sexy thinling on roller skates delivers your food right to our car. How cool is that.

Some fatlings like to remain parked when they pig out not me. I like to cruise and chow down. Proud FA has installed a food claw in my Yukon. The claw is on a swing arm and it sits in front of me and I am able to eat many foods hands free. Proud has applied for a patent.

During the cooler months keep a stash of goodies in your car. I like peanuts and chips. They keep well.

Don’t let mobility issues keep you from being a road warrior!


There is a good chance that you can talk your fat friendly doctor into getting you one of these bad boys. Think of the van as the mother ship and think of your scooter as a star fighter and think of yourself as a Jedi warrior while in the scooter and Jabba the Hut when in the van.

Hot hefty hunny heading for her road hog!

>Food IS Love!

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>As many of our readers know I, Fat Bastard, have panned McDonalds for offering too many “healthy” menu items but today McDonalds the granddaddy of fast food has more than redeemed itself in the eye all of us greedy gluttons. While it is true that McDonalds should not have caved into the food Nazis, their latest McRib commercial sends the righteous and powerful message – FOOD REALLY IS LOfVE!

Love is patient and kind. So is food!

Love does not judge and neither does food.

Food will not break your heart.

True love is unconditional and food is unconditional love.

Food will not ignore you.

Food will not reject you.

Food asks for nothing in return. 


Food is your best friend!


Stop pedophiles BOYCOTT AMAZON!

>Getting Fat on the Cheap: Proud FA’s Guide for the Frugal Glutton

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>Getting Fat on the Cheap: Finding $weet Deals on Food
By Proud FA


None of the fat haters and food cops like MeMe Roth appreciate how expensive it can be to get super morbidly obese. Considering the fact that most of the super morbidly obese are too fat to work one can only admire the dedication and ingenuity of the super morbidly obese. When you consider the fact that many of these people are bed bound yet they still are able to obtain food in the fifteen thousand to twenty thousand range you have to be awed. That’s beyond impressive. It’s downright admirable.

I, Proud FA, the Dean of Feederism have been educating obese folks for years to the simple fact that fat fattens best but guzzling melted butter or lard is not very appetizing and a large part of the joys of morbid obesity is eating all that tasty food.

When if comes to pleasurable gaining and the hedonistic lifestyle fast food is always a best bet and it can be a best buy!

The only thing that beats fast food is home delivery. The burger joints should offer FREE delivery to us fatlings!

Follow the fat/fast food pyramid! If it’s fried, EAT IT!

Getting morbidly obese costs money!

As a public service to our fattest readers Fat Bastard asked me to find our fatlings some food deals. Let’s start with a fatlings all time favorite, fast food. Fast food rules. It tastes great, it’s quick, it’s economical and it’s very fattening! How can you beat that? In the case of the average run of the mill fatling fast food is affordable but when you’re talking about hyper gluttons like Belly Boy and obesity expert and gaining innovator “Dr” Gerald “Teddy” Bear even “junk” and fast food can be a budget buster. With savings up to 90% fast food coupons are the answer.

KFC offers a veritable plethora of fattening food and they offer printable coupons. Click Here!

Check out Wendy’s 99 cent everyday value meals. Click Here!

Save a whopping 90% on local eats HERE!

Recommended reading


How to Get Fat

“Into gluttony? Well, then this is the book for you. Eat sugar. Eat carbs. EAT FAT! Say “yes” to fast food… All of those things plus a steady stream of late night binges will have you on the fast track to fatsville.”

Super Mega List of Restaurant Coupons at Mommy $AVES BIG!
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99 Restaurants ( Must Sign Up )
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Arbys Restaurant Coupons ( November-7 )
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A&W Coupons ( December-31 )
Printable coupons for A&W Restaurants, $1 off combo.

Baskin Robbins ( November-30 )
Printable coupons for Baskin Robbins, $1 off, free ice cream. (A Bigger Fatter Blog Favorite)

Bennigans ( Must Sign Up )
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Bob Evans Restarant ( Must Sign Up )
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Brueggers ( Must Sign Up )
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Buca Di Beppo ( December-31 )
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Cold Stone Creamery ( December-28 )
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Dairy Queen Coupons ( Must Sign Up )
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Denny’s ( November-11 )
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Dippin Dots ( November-30 )
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Fazolis ( Must Sign Up )
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Hard Rock Cafe Coupons ( November-15 )
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Krispy Kreme Coupons ( December-31 ) (stopped using trans fat and flavor has suffered)
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Little Caesars Coupons ( November-30 )
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Local Printable Restaurant Coupons ( Hot ! Nov-08 )
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P.F. Chang’s ( Must Sign Up )
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Fast Food Coupon is a real winner!  Click here!

The website 1fastfoodcoupon.com is dedicated to bringing the best of coupons available. By having KFC coupons, McDonalds coupons, and all sorts of other printable coupons, this website manages to provide some of the best service when it comes to collecting coupons. Whenever people are considering fast food, they should stop by here first. After all, fast food is delicious, but it’s easier to feel less guilt about its dangerous deliciousness when that is coupled with the great savings that can come from online coupons or other printable coupons.


How do coupons websites work? Well, they don’t automatically link back to every restaurant, necessarily. Sometimes they will connect to the specials page for the restaurant, which allows you to go directly to the offers that Taco Bell or Burger King or McDonalds are putting out on their own. When a coupons website like 1fastfoodcoupon.com does something like that, it is because they believe in convenience. Because coupons websites often have other offers that they can benefit you with doesn’t mean that they overlook the little things. By having access to all the restaurant-sponsored discounts websites, a coupons site makes everything conveniently clickable.

But as noted, coupons websites don’t just link directly to specials pages on restaurant websites. They also make it their business to stay up to date on the best of the coupons available. Sometimes this means that a dud coupon or two will slip through the cracks. But 1fastfoodcoupon.com, for example, does the best it can to weed out the deadwood. Coupons for fast food are their specialty, so they try to stay abreast of the best. Rather than wandering off into the weeds as you search down coupons on your own, then, perhaps the best thing to do is to stick with our coupons website and realize that we don’t create the coupons; we find them and bring them to you. Or you to them.

So coupons websites like 1fastfoodcoupon.com really do show that so much is going online these days. Marketing tools, like coupons, are one such instance where things have gone online. And with websites like this one, it’s clear that it’s a strong trend because of its convenience and efficiency. The correctness of the coupons is almost always a success—and if it didn’t work this time, it can work next time. So you can get your discounts online while you do everything else you do online, and then you can go out and use what you’ve found. 

Gallery of successful gainers 
Pretty in pink! 
Cruisin for burgers! 
Fries build thighs! She may be a mere pup now but a steady diet of greasy fries will plump those thighs! 

Open wide sweet fat girl! Burgers build bellies!
See what I mean?!

Wannabe gainer dreaming of becoming a prized pear!
Burgers build bellies! 
Hey baby, would you like a burger with that shake!
Stop pedophiles BOYCOTT AMAZON!

>The SUPER Heavyweights! Reverse Thinspo!

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>Japan is the Fat Friendliest Country on Earth

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>I think I’m turning Japanese. I think I’m turning Japanese. I really think so. The Japanese have always had great reverence for fatlings and the following video shows just how great fat boys in Japan have it. The Japanese are the greatest people on earth!


Japanese women are generally skinny and really sexy and they love fat boys like me, Fat Bastard.


We fat boys spend a lot of time in doctor’s offices and hospitals and too often we are looked after by fat angry hairy nurses who only like skinny guys. Nurses in Japan are all skinny and HOT! 

Angry American nurse on right.

I’d beat the shit out of Godzilla if they’d let me live in Japan. I, Fat Bastard love Japan. What a country! What a great culture! 

Stop pedophiles BOYCOTT AMAZON! 

>Thanksgiving Gluttony!

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Ladies and gentleman: START YOUR EATING! 


Now that you are all warmed up on all that extra Halloween candy it’s time to kick your gluttony into high gear. EAT!

Grow that pumpkin!

Fat folks make so much food at Thanksgiving, it’s almost divine. Do we really need so many different dishes—three vegetables, four pies, rolls, potatoes, stuffing, turkey, ham, alcohol etc.? The answer is a big fat resounding YES!  Zealots like MeMe Roth may prefer a more manageable meal, with fewer dishes—more like an enhanced “normal” meal. Which do you prefer? Would you rather eat more spartanly or go for the full monty of food glorious FOOD?
Eat early! Eat often!
Start your gormandizing on Thanksgiving Eve or sooner. Snacks and chips are dips are always a good option and don’t skip breakfast! Thanksgiving pre eating is like the famous Grazenhiemer Technique. Just keep eating and drinking. Beer is great with all the football games but consider some Bailey’s Irish  Creme especially if you are watching the Fighting Irish of Notre Dame. You may want to even have a mock tailgate party.
Get a really big fucking turkey!
Proud FA checking last year’s Birdzilla
Even if you can’t devour the bird in one sitting  it does not mean you should not get a mega gobbler to gobble. If you are a true glutton you will be hungry an hour after the main meal and desert. You’ll want some turkey sandwiches with mayo or gravy or both and some extra pie. If you can’t handle some Bailey’s Irish Creme try some Irish Coffee.
Fat O’Bastard’s Irish Coffee


  • 1 (5 fluid ounce) jigger Irish cream liqueur
  • 1 (5 fluid ounce) jigger Irish whiskey
  • 2 cups hot brewed coffee
  • 6 tablespoons whipped cream
  • 1 dash ground nutmeg


  1. In a big goddamn coffee mug, combine Irish cream and Irish whiskey. Fill mug with coffee. Top with a dab of whipped cream and a dash of nutmeg


Pecan, pumpkin, chocolate, mince meat or cheese pie are all good choices and don’t skimp on the whipped cream.
Loosen that belt rookie, there’s a lot more pie to pack away!
EAT! This is your host Fat Bastard wishing all a Happy Thanksgiving!
WARNING from Liberty Medical and Wilford Brimley! 
This Thanksgiving you are going to be kicking your power eating into overdrive so check your damn blood sugar and check it often! There’s no reason not to.

Keep watching Bigger Fatter Blog for our Xmas holiday seasons GREEDings articles and recipes and gift ideas for your favorite fatling.


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