>As you know Carnie had ghastly bypass. Greedy butchers did their worst to slow her eating but through great vigilance and even more fattitude Carnie managed to eat her way back to her piggy proportions. OINK! OINK! HOORAY!! OINK! OINK! HOORAY!! OINK! OINK! HOORAY!!

I need to explain what a monumental task Carnie performed. They shrunk her stomach down to about the size of an egg and they bypasses 90% of her small intestine. I don’t think that even our own Belly Boy or Teddy Bear could gain much weight back after ghastly bypass surgery. I know I couldn’t. I’m sure Teddy and Belly Boy could gain back some but I doubt if they could do what Carnie has done. Sorry guys.

It’s about the fattitude! Carnie has it! Carnie has enough fattitude for 1000 fat girls. All the eating strategies in the world cannot make up for the damage that a ghastly bypass surgery can do. Even a sumo wrestler would become a sad thinling is he had ghastly bypass. Carnie Wilson set a new standard in power eating.

Carnie Wilson is still being used as the poster girl for weight loss surgery.

These butchers are still using Carnie to endorse their butchery even though it was a massive FAILURE! If you want to visit their fucked up website click HERE.http://www.liteandhope.com/

These ASSHOLES even have a forum but right now its not up. Perhaps Proud and the boys have worked their magic.

Carnie after surgery ————-> Carnie NOW! WOW!

Carnie in 2010 getting back to her original weight.

Tragically Carnie is off on a Dr Oz intervention. She is working with trainers and all sorts of “experts”. I suspect that Carnie is dumb like a fox. She is making a big splash about this but seeing as how all the experts like that rat bastard Dr Phil, Bob Greene and that pencil necked geek Dr Oz can’t get Oprah under the obese criteria there is n NO WAY in hell that they will be able to handle the fattitude of Carnie “Carnivore” Wilson.

When Carnie got skinny for a few years people would applaud that. What’s there to a applaud? Her digestive system was disabled. People should be applauding for her weight gain. That’s what took all the effort!