Plump pretty proudly displays BBW belly

Only a small percentage of Americans prefer being lean to the pleasures of food and we at Bigger Fatter Blog think that’s a good thing and so should you. Unlike other fat acceptance organizations we not only promote obesity we promote gluttony and not just regular gluttony but guilt free hyper gluttony.

Another thing that sets us apart from hateful organization like NAAFA is that we are not anti-diet. That may sound counter to our mission but it really isn’t. We are confident enough in the power of food and gluttony not to have to resort to admonishing people who are not comfortable with their weight and gluttony. We don’t put down dieters or skinny people the way NAAFA does. We are smart and because we are smart we know that we require the services of thinlings. While they are second class citizens we still respect them.

75% of Americans are fat or obese. That fact alone speaks volumes. Americans are overwhelmingly choosing food and gluttony over health, fitness and leaness. Our mission is to let people know that gluttony is GOOD but it is also OK not to choose the gluttonous lifestyle.


Bigger Fatter Blog’s fat science and statistical division has shown that the current ratio of American gluttony and obesity is reaching the tipping point.Until technology improves we must maintain a super obesity level under 50% and an overall fat and obesity level under 80%. We determined this using the Eatonhiemer formula and verified it with then Hindenberger equations. The following pie chart demonstrates the numbers in a visual way.

The Dutch apple slice indicates the minimum % of thinlings required for a functional society.