>I think we know know that Belly Boy made short work of those 8 Quadruple Bypass Burgers. I kinda knew he would. He raised the bar. I think it is only fitting that we let his fans create a new standard worthy of Belly Boy. Why should Belly Boy be forced to suffer with what to him are sliders.

Since the story of his pilgrimage to the HAG went public both Proud FA’s and my Email and voice mail have been swamped with pictures of burgers they created in honor of this historic event.

The Widow Maker

This one was presented by two fans and it is made with 100% pure bison burger. The mini burger on top is there to clog an collateral coronary arteries. Many fatlings grow extra arteries.

Cowabunga Burger

The Cowabunga Burger it made from 100% grass fed black Angus beef.

The Terminator

The Terminator is light on bread  and veggies but BIG on meat and cheese. This mega meat bad boy burger get 70% of its 23,000 calories from fat. This burger is a low carb creation is great for anyone on the Fatkins Diet. http://www.fatguyshirts.com/pics/zazzle/fatkins

The Ultra Pig Weight Burger

The Ultra Pig Weight may even make Belly Boy pass on the fries. This is not just a precision giant burger this monster contains pork BBQ and crumbled bacon mixed into the meat. Add a little Sweet Baby Ray’s BBQ Sauce to this belly buster.

The Glutton Tamer

The Glutton Tamer is throwback to the burgers mom would make. It uses a Sunbeam bread Bun 80% lean ground beef and a full block of Craft Velveeta Cheese.

Patty for a Belly Boy Slider

Fat Admirer preparing a warm up snack for Belly Boy.

Cheese Belly Sliders

Two hapless thinlings sampling a couple of Belly Sliders