>There are some real pieces of shit in the world but I think Casey Anthony takes the cake. This little slut has no accused her own father George Anthony of molesting her so that she can weasel out of getting convicted of killing her little daughter Caylee Anthony. It didn’t work for Susan Smith who really was repeatedly raped by her by Republican Christian stepfather. This bitch Casey Anthony will get convicted and face execution. Florida has lethal injection but I, Fat Bastard thing that is too merciful for that evil cunt.  Nancy Grace calls her Tot Mom but I, Fat Bastard call her Twat Mom.

Here are some ways I, Fat Bastard would kill that murdering slut.

I would take a long fucking time.

I think I would put her in an arena and Proud FA and I along with Belly Boy would use use low power Daisy Red Ryder BB Guns and ping her to death for days and days.

I’d water board the slut until she dies from fear.

I’d beat her to death with a bullwhip.

I would put her in a large cage and sic a gaggle of angry geese and a couple of pugs on her.

I’d slowly put her though a Tomahawk chipper shredder feet first.

I’d drag her behind a Dodge Power Wagon.

I’d hang her like a piniata and have some Mexicans beat her.

I’d throw her in a room with millions of angry hornets.

I’d make her lick the Fromunda out of all of Belly Boy’s fat folds.

I’d get an angry fat guy like Hoss Cartwright to pummel her.

This one is almost to cruel even for Casey Anthony. I’d make her stare at Nancy Grace until she vomits herself to death!

How would you kill this heartless bitch?