>Big Liberty: Another Stupid Fat Girl Who is Destroying the Fat Acceptance Movement

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>As the dean of feederism and a really smart guy with common sense I know and so does 99% of the world know that the more you eat the fatter you get but the silly delusional yeast beasts in the Old Fat Acceptance Movement want to deny that reality. This delusion and lie that they perpetrate does a huge disservice to fatlings worldwide. Fat people are gluttons and many of the live in shame and create clever lies to explain away their size and deny their appetite. Sickos like Big Liberty and hormonally challenged fat girls at the ever shrinking Big Fat Blog still pathetically apologize for their size and their enormous appetites by making outrageous claims that don’t even pass the giggle test.

America is getting fatter and fatter and fatter year after year. Portion sizes are increasing and increasing. Yet lying fat girls in the old FA movement deny this reality and they would like you to believe that America is getting fat because since the late 70’s the laws of thermodynamics no longer apply to humans. As the dean of feederism I know what it take to fatten and maintain fat. It require a hell of a lot of calories. Look at Fat Bastard, since he has been off his feed his weight is plummeting like a stone because he is eating a hell of a lot less. Then look at Teddy Bear who eats like a true glutton and it has taken him over a year to gain a mere 50 pounds. Gaining ain’t easy when you become super obese. You have to eat constantly. Hyper gluttons really have to work at it.

Here are the facts and I have verified them with Dr CG Brady and several of his colleagues and Lawrence Livermore and Cornell. It requires about 1600 calories per day for a moderately active man to maintain 100 pounds. There is no other way around it. The is not one single solitary case on record where a human being has ever been able to maintain a high body weight on a small amount of calories. In fact, with rare exceptions, (prader willi) syndrome the most the Basal Metabolic Rate can very is about one half of one percent. This is true because of something called the conservation of mass. CG Brady will expand more upon that in the comments section but for now let it suffice to say that all humans “idle” at about the same speed.

There has never been a calometric study that has backed up the claims of fatling who deny their gluttony. When Fat Bastard and I were dues paying NAAFA members we searched high and low to establish a metabolic and/or genetic explanation for obesity. There is none. Unless and until there is a calometric study showing even one person’s body that is defying the law of physics we are sticking by what 100% of the scientists are saying.

We even examined research regarding Jewish holocaust survivors and weight gain and we found that holocaust survivors were on average maintained a lower weight that other Jews throughout their lives. So much for the yo yo diet theory. We did find that female survivors of the holocaust did have a greater incidence of osteoporosis. Frail woman are more likely to develop osteoporosis.

Do you see any fat people here you ignorant slut?


OK Pig Liberty how many fat people do you see here?

Or here?

Or here?

Big Liberty is a BIG LIAR. She knows obesity is NOT genetic yet she tells that lie on her pathetic blog. If Obesity were genetic; 30 years ago we would have had as many fat people then as we do now. Unfortunately, Big Liberty is as delusional as the the other girls in the dying fat old acceptance movement. In case you didn’t read that Pig Liberty here is is again. If Obesity were genetic; 30 years ago we would have had as many fat people then as we do now.

Big Liberty has compared the plight of fatlings to the victims of slavery and the holocaust. As leaders in the New Fat Acceptance we find that kind of talk beyond offensive and down right revolting. Comparing the plight of fatlings to slaves and holocaust victims makes me want to vomit. How dare Pig Liberty and her flunkies do something so thoughtless and evil.


Big Liberty would have you believe that this lovely SSBBW eats less than her feeder and she will misrepresent academic studies to perpetrate her lies. Her arms alone are require more calories to be that big than her feeder. I must say this feeder did a great job plumping up this pretty plumper.

It seems that there was a fatling over at Big Fat Blog and she was one of these people who ate like a glutton and as a result became fat and sick. She has found her way to Bigger Fatter Blog and she is in touch with both me, Fat Bastard an CG Brady. Without betraying any confidences I can tell you that this lovely SSBBW was engaged to a BHM of Fat Bastard proportions. Due to health problem caused by the BHM’s obesity he went on a weight loss program of his own design and became quite lean and fit. Carol, the SSBBW was unwilling to take the steps lose weight and as a result they called off their engagement and both of them our devastated and have reached what Carol calls an impasse. It breaks my heart and Fat Bastard’s heart to hear the sad tales of star crossed lovers. That is why we brought out friend and sometimes nemesis CG Brady in to counsel these folks.

As our readers know, obesity and gluttony is not for everyone. Fat Bastard has to moderate his gluttony whereas gluttons like Teddy Bear can indulge their food lust with little fear of dying. Carol and her beau are more like Fat Bastard. To make matters worse they want kids but as we know fatlings almost always have high risk pregnancies and Carol is no exception.

Carol has suffered the trauma of a break up and many health issues. She went to Big Fat Blog for help and guidance and ended up being abused by the hateful man haters there. She thinks they were jealous of her because he ex beau is a real catch. She tells me that the biggest bully there is Big Liberty who is married to a man old enough to be her grandpa. How sick is that. I have had the pleasure of speaking with Carol’s ex beau and he too is an admirer of women with ample bodies but like me he is willing to throw that all away for a healthy wife and family. As some of our readers may know I am in a serious relationship with a size 2 beauty and I am no longer porking fat girls. Unlike most fat girls, Carol is a real lady and a class act. Fat Bastard and I have convinced Carol that she is not meant to be fat and she is going onto CG Brady’s incremental weight loss plan. She is also in counseling to see if she and her beau can reconcile.

If she had listened to the advice given at Big Fat Blog she would be dead before her time. Fat Bastard was so angered that he fired off an Email to Paul McAleer only to find out Paul is though with Big Fat Blog. I am guessing that Paul could no longer in good conscience be associated wih something he lost control of several years ago. We have our operatives there strictly to monitor them. Fat Bastard thinks that the lawyer he is using to sue the doctors and hospital that maimed him may be able to get an injunction to shutdown Big Fat Blog much in the same way the pro ana sites are being shutdown. Free speech does not cover what they do over there.

About BigLiberty

  • BigLiberty is a 27 year-old modern polymath living in MA, USA. She sings classical soprano, composes classically-inspired goth rock, writes poetry, reads philosophy, and studies economics. She has her BA in physics and MA in mathematics.

Please go to her pathetic blog and read her pathetic rant about how eating more calories than one burns is not why most people are fat. As you can see this ignoramus claims to have a degree in physics and math but neither on her site nor on Big Fat Blog did she present any numbers to back her lies when out latest refuge Carol aka Carolina Maiden a substitute elementary school teacher wiped the floor with her and made her look like a total lying asshole. The free speech hating NAZIS at Big Fat Blog banned her.

During the destruction of the NAAFA forum Fat Bastard and I stayed in touch on the QT with most of the trolls because at that point we were about to mutiny anyway. NAAFA was s sinking ship even back then. Fat Bastard asked a few of them to sink Big Fat Blog but they pretty much have already done it. We both have operatives there monitoring them and indeed they are dead but for the twitching. They sowed the seeds of discontent and paranoia years ago and BFB has never recovered. All that’s left their now is the fringe of the lunatic fringe.

On a brighter note, the staff at Wikipedia has recognized this blogs owner Mike “Fat Bastard Gerard” and fat studies developer, research scientist, artist, gainer, obesity theorist and creator of The Biggest Fattest Blog the erudite “Dr” Gerald “Teddy” Bear as the de facto leaders in the New Fat Acceptance: From Google

Fat acceptance movement – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

In 2008 a new and inclusive movement took root. Commonly referred to as the “new fat acceptance movement” blogs like Mike Gerard’s
en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fat_acceptance_movement –

In 2008 a new and inclusive movement took root. Commonly referred to as the “new fat acceptance movement” blogs like Mike Gerard’s http://biggerfatterblog.blogspot.com/ and Dr Gerald “Teddy” Bear’s http://the-biggest-fattest-blog.blogspot.com/ seek to usher in what they call the next wave in fat acceptance. Unlike the current movement that tries to explain away the cause obesity as being the result of a genetic disorder or mysterious metabolic glitch, the new fat acceptance accepts the immutable scientific reality of why people get fat and stay fat. The new fat acceptance promotes and celebrates obesity, feederism and gluttony.

Dr Charles Harrington remarked, “I’m sure the man hating horrid hags of the old dying movement are getting their panties in a bunch about it but tough shit. There are some new and sane voices in the movement and this marks the end of fat acceptance as we know it.”

Italian social critic Professor Emeritus Aldo Moretti opined, Le ragazze obese si comportano come puttane. Sono prostitute per i prodotti alimentari. I loro gusti indelicato sono i gusti dei barbari. I genitali delle donne obese hanno un odore di vecchio pesce marcio. Lo accetterebbe? Solo un pazzo avrebbe accettato l’odore disgustoso di una donna.

The best translation I can come up with for Senior Moretti’s comments are that fat women act like whores for food and they have the palettes of barbarians. He also thinks that their crotches smell like rotting fish and any man who would accept that is a fool.

As you know Italian peninsula is surrounded by water on three sides and Sicily is an island. Italians know about fish and other foods. They like their women fresh and I think that is why they are always pinching their butts to see if they are fresh.

I would consider Sr Moretti an expert in this area.

CG Brady commented, “This is a step in the right direction. People need to know that fat acceptance is also accepting the consequences of a gluttonous and slothful lifestyle.

French fashion designer Jean Payette remarked, Non seulement les femmes sont l’Amérique du laid, mais ils sont aussi trop stupide

Loosely translated he is saying that American women are both stupid and ugly.


MOOOOOOVE over girls and let the men take over! It’s time the hen house got its rooster.

>Michael Jackson’s Cause of Death

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Dear BFB readers,

I know that many of you are shocked and angered at the death of MJ and I understand your rage but I cannot allow comments calling for the death of the doctor or doctors who killed MJ.

Like all of you I want to see justice done. Proud FA and I are sick about this as we too were MJ fans.

There is a lot of blame to go around in the death of this fragile man. Dr Murray is innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. He will probably weasel out of it just like the butchers and leaches who killed Ana Nicole Smith. The Jackson family has called for a second autopsy. In the meantime blog hard about reckless actions of Dr Conrad Murray.

Your host, Fat Bastard

Anorexia’s Role in the Death of Michael Jackson

It is well known that people of low body weights have a lower tolerance for drugs. Any first year medical student knows that but it would seem that Jackson’s physician Dr Conrad Murray was absent from class on the day that was taught. Joe Jackson patriarch of the Jackson family has called for a second autopsy and now Dr Murray has lawyered up after an examination by the Los Angeles County coroner’s office failed to determine what killed the 50-year-old pop music icon. Dr Murray’s lawyer/mouthpiece maintains that Murray is cooperating with he police…. and pork is the other white meat. Give me a break! Just like in the case of Anna Nicole Smith, sleazy doctors, hangers on and a deadly dose of Demerol most likely caused this tragic death and ended the come back of the beloved King of Pop.

Facts about Demerol (Meperidine hydrochloride):

1. Has received MAO inhibitors within the past 14 days.

2. Is allergic to narcotic analgesics or to any of the ingredients of the medication.

Side effects of Demerol:

The major hazards of meperidine, as with other narcotic analgesics, are respiratory depression, circulatory depression; respiratory arrest, shock, and cardiac arrest have occurred.

Demerol is usually only used for a short time. Repeated or high doses may cause drug levels to build up in the body and cause serious side effects such as seizures and shaking. Caution is advised if this medication is used for conditions which require long-term or high-dosage treatment (e.g., sickle cell anemia, burns, cancer).

Dr Murray has to be either a moron or a murderer. The autopsy will show that a huge dose of the prescription drug Demerol was what stopped the heart of MJ and broke the hearts of his million and million of fans. Speculation has started already about Jackson’s use of pain medications. He may have been addicted to pain killers. Addiction to pain killers does not kill people unless they take an over dose. There are many chronic pain patients who lead very healthy lives who are addicted/dependent on drugs like Vicodin and its natural cousin morphine. Most chronic pain patients are addicted to pain medications. Jackson was probably in chronic pain and now the media whores and vultures in the media like that foaming at the mouth pit bull Nancy Grace want to paint the recently deceased Mr Jackson as some sort of pill popping junkie. Did these shit bums every consider the toll all the years of dancing have taken on the 50 yearold’s frail and battered body? Of course not. They haven’t because that would require some thought, integrity and compassion and they are vile scumbags.

Media whore Nancy DisGrace

Certainly there were drugs involved but that does not make up for the fact that Michael Jackson the King of Pop was severely anorexic. OK Fat Bastard but how does this apply to the new fat acceptance? Fellow fatlings and fat admirers, here’s how I got there. Even as a kid MJ was rail thin.

Jacko as an anorexic teen.

Notice his stick-like legs

Even in the 90’s Jacko was far below an 18.5 BMI (Body Mass Index) 18.5 is the lowest healthy BMI. At the time of his trial for pee pee touching the King of Pop weighed under 100 pounds. So what Fat Bastard, how does this apply to fat acceptance? Here is how it applies. Michael Jackson had been dangerously underweight for nearly all of his career but where was the press? The press make great sport of thin female celebrities who are thin and perhaps borderline underweight but they were strangely silent when it came to the most famous MAN on earth. This pretense of concern to skinny female celebrities is revolting and the epitome hypocrisy. Here is one of the thin actresses the jealous fat girls in press love to pick on and call anorexic.https://i2.wp.com/i.dailymail.co.uk/i/pix/2006/12/poshPA101206_228x614.jpg
The lovely Victoria Beckham

UPDATE: According the the coroner’s report Michael Jackson weighed 108 pounds when he died. Jackson stood five feet ten inches tall. That means his BMI Body Mass Index was 15.5. Compared to Michael Jackson, the actresses that the jealous fat girls portray as anorexic are porkers.

It is now suspected that the drug Diprivan was found in Jackson’s home. Diprivan is a power anesthetic that is not approved for home use. Your local pharmacy does not carry this drug and your doctor could not prescribe it to you. Diprovin has to be administered intravenously. It is used to knock people out for surgery.

From the FDA website: Diprivan Injectable Emulsion is an intravenous sedative-hypnotic agent for use in the induction and maintenance of anesthesia or sedation. Intravenous injection of a therapeutic dose of propofol produces hypnosis rapidly with minimal excitation, usually within 40 seconds from the start of an injection (the time for one arm-brain circulation). As with other rapidly acting intravenous anesthetic agents, the half-time of the blood-brain equilibration is approximately 1 to 3 minutes, and this accounts for the rapid induction of anesthesia.

Bigger Fatter Blog is not just fat acceptance, obesity and gluttony promotion. We are also the leading voice in the NEW size acceptance movement. We at BFB are not mean to skinny folks. While my best friend Proud FA only porks fat girls and the only women that I can bone are skinny ones so there is no way I, Fat Bastard, and Proud FA are going to get on the bash skinny women band wagon. We barely bash http://www.actionagainstobesity.com/NationalActionAgainstObesity/NAAO.html founder MeMe Roth. Victoria Beckham is not even underweight. Michael Jackson WAS dangerously underweight and no one said anything. Here’s some news for you jealous fat girls; manorexia is a real thing. That’s right, men suffer from anorexia too. In your hateful zeal to attack thin actresses you completely forgot about MJ and all the emotional reasons he for why may have starved himself to death. His blood is on your jealous skinny woman hating man hating hands. Before you silly fat hens go saying that a drug overdose was what really killed Michael Jackson consider this. If Michael Jackson had been at a clinically normal weight he most likely could have handled the shot of Demerol his reckless personal physician Dr Murray gave him. Hell I could have taken ten times the dose they gave MJ and not felt a thing. Poor emaciated Michael, like all skinny people had such a low and slow metabolism his frail and battered body could not handle the dosage of medication he was given.

The lovely Jessica Stroup and Shenae Grimes

Jealous fat girls of the man hating press using PhotoShopped (see the proof) images are trying to say that Jessica Stroup and Shenae Grimes of 90210 are “dangerously thin” and have an eating disorder. YOU STUPID IGNORANT JEALOUS BITCHES, compared to Michael Jackson who really was dangerously thin Jessica and Shenae are fat! How dare you jealous vain bitches waste paper writing such trash just because you won’t accept and embrace your own obesity and gluttony and pay homage to the belly God the way true fat accpetors do. In case you haven’t heard GLUTTONY and OBESITY are GOOD! I hope MeMe Roth steals your husbands.

Rest in Peace Michael Jackson and thank you for your wonderful music. You brightened an often bleak world. You will be missed. In the meantime Proud FA, the many readers of Bigger Fatter Blog and I would like to express our deepest sympathy to the Jackson family. Good bye Michael. The world mourns your passing. https://i0.wp.com/www.csmonitor.com/2009/0626/csmimg/AGLOVE_P1.jpg


Altered Jessica Stroup image Unaltered Brooke Hogan image

Normal human bodies are about eight heads high. Brooke Hogan in this picture measures about eight heads high despite the fact that she has the Hulkster’s big head. Jessica Stroup in this altered image is only 5 and one half heads high. This is proof that jealous fat girls in the media alter images of normal sized actresses to make them look anorexic. Measure them for yourself.

To prove we at BFB did not alter these images here is a link to the website of the man hating NAAFA inspired yeast beast who altered them.


  • The body width = 2 1/3 heads
  • The body height = 8 heads
  • Distance between nipples on chest = 1 head
  • Width of calf muscles together at lower arc = 1 head
  • Bottom of the knees = 2 heads from ground level

For an amplified version of the chart below click this link.

You jealous fat girls are sooooo transparent!

>Fat People Have High Self Esteem No Thanks to Fat Acceptance




Sistas doin it for themselves!

A picture speaks a thousand words. Fat acceptance would like you to believe that fat people suffer from low self esteem. Nothing could be further from the truth. A study of 100 pre and post weight loss surgery patients found that the only improvement psychologically for WLS patients was less worry about health issues. In reality that is false hope because statistically WLS actually decreases lifespan and it kills one in 100 patients/victims. I have always known that fat is not a psychological disease whereas anorexia and bulimia are most certainly a brain based psychological disrders. No evidence exists that fat people’s emotional and psychological states are any different than the general population. The crazies in the fat acceptance crowd like Kelley Bliss with their “We’re all victims of fat hatred” and fat haters like MeMe Roth have confused body image with self image. If fat bodied people really suffer low self esteem, they would not accept being fat and they would maintain a healthy weight. We are not a bunch of weak-willed gluttons. We choose and embrace our size as well as our gormandizing ways.

The following article by Psychologist Roberta Themes PhD further amplifies the position of Bigger Fatter Blog.

The Myth Of Low Self Esteem In Overweight People

By Roberta Temes, PhD

Did you know that the idea of a fat person having low self esteem is a myth? Humans come in various shapes and sizes. Every psychological test given to overweight people indicates that if you are fat you are as mentally healthy, or unhealthy, as anyone in the general population. There is nothing about overeating that is associated with poor emotional health. In fact, it is possible that obese people are emotionally stronger than slim people because many slim folks who were interviewed said they’d stay at home if they were obese.. they would not have the psychological fortitude to be seen in public if they were heavy.

There was a time, right here in the USA, when only the most successful folks were heavy and everyone else tried to emulate them. Large bodies were proof of robust health and substantial wealth. But, in America in the 21st century fat is out, thin is in.

Obesity is not a psychological disorder. Obesity is not an eating disorder. Fat people have a genetic predisposition to gain weight and if they wish to conform to today’s ideal of slimness and if they want to maintain good health, they must counteract their inborn biological impulses. This is possible. Difficult, but possible. Particularly possible if you have a diet buddy or buddies.

Our genes may give us the capacity and tendency to eat much and gain much, but it is our environment, our habits, that permit the tendency to flourish. Thankfully, we can change our environment and thus fool Mother Nature. You can be a slim person, after all. You can counteract your inborn biologic capacity.

Dr. Jules Hirsch, the famous obesity researcher at Rockefeller University, says that obesity should be treated as a chronic disease for which there is no cure but for which there are management techniques. And those techniques do work. But, it’s up to you to apply them every day.

You override your genetic destiny when you eat when you are not hungry or when you eat only low-calorie foods when you are hungry. It’s the gene that opens your mouth that is responsible for overeating.

How do you want to manage your weight? You can do it, you know. You can go for surgery and staple your stomach. You can go to a diet doctor and get lots of pills. You can stop eating solids and go on a liquid diet. You can get group support via the Internet. You can lessen urges by acupressure, acupuncture, or aversion therapy. You can count calories or fat grams. You can use hypnosis. And the list goes on and on. There is no shortage of diet programs.

In my practice everyone who wants to lose weight does lose because we add hypnosis to the mix. Hypnotic suggestions make it easier to stick to whatever program you decide to follow. And it is crucial to follow a program. Talk to others and find out about a program that may be new to you. Remember, any diet program will work if you follow it.

Mark011-1.jpg Mark in his element! picture by mzichlin

These people are really fucking happy and we don’t need them portrayed as tragic victims by the fat haters and the fat acceptance loony birds.

Fat chicks know how to party and they are not afraid to flaunt it!!