>Why Bigger Fatter Blog is the Top Fat Acceptance Blog.

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In my last article I discussed the many reasons for why NAAFA and the old fat acceptance has failed to catch on with mainstream fatlings in its dismal 40+ years. NAAFA had a great start when Bill Fabrey first started NAAFA and back then NAAFA meant National Association AIDING Fat Americans. We at bigger fatter blog believe that Bill’s original vision was the correct vision. Making life better for fatlings is really the only goal we should have.


Bigger Fatter Blog has expanding on Bill’s vision and instead of being a political organization with a political message our message is one of fat. Aiding fat Americans means accommodating, promoting and enabling obesity and gluttony. We are modeling this movement after other successful movements such as the NAACP and the JDL. Just as Blacks are not apologists for being Blacks and Jews aer not apologists for being Jews we fatlings are not apologists for being fat and gluttonous. That is why Bigger Fatter Blog is getting more page hits than all other FA sites combined.


Big people deserve a big tent. Unlike the man hating angry narrow gate NAAFA style fat acceptance that philosophically  excludes 90% of fatlings; we at Bigger Fattter Blog let in everyone. We are not anti diet, anti feederism or anti male. That alone lets in millions that NAAFA would exclude. We are anti weight loss surgery. Other than that, we are not anti anything.

Drawing by Teddy Bear of the Biggest Fattest Blog

Gluttony is good. No one, not even MeMe Roth  come up with an argument for why gluttony is not good. We want fat people to know that their gluttony is a good thing. Food kicks ass! Food is love.

One of the greatest pioneers in the new obesity/gluttony promotion movement is “Dr” Gerald “Teddy” Bear of  The Biggest Fattest Blog. LINK Teddy better than anyone illustrates the joys of gluttony and obesity and is in many ways a goodwill ambassador for the new fat acceptance.

We stress the positive. Unlike the NAAFA girls there are men running this show. We aren’t always on the rag bitching about something all the time. We are positive fat acceptance and people like it. It really is that simple.


>Fat People RULE!

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Whether it is our regal stature or our intimidating gate when we walk/waddle, FAT PEOPLE ! OINK!

Hot heavy hungry hunny having her way with a hamburger! 

Our growing numbers prove that we are indeed the next big thing. We fatlings are driving the social and biological evolutionary process of the human race. Our greedy gluttony and unbridled food lust is ushering in a new era for human evolution. It is our fattitude that is the driving force behind world events and the future of humanity. Our gluttonous greed is shaping society and is beginning to shape the human genome.We are like wild feral hogs as we undo the yoke of oppression and current societal norms we will be like the domesticated pig who escaped the cruel hog farmer and grew in to this menacing beast.


As we break the chains of the fat hating society will morph into something like this only fatter!

We already refer to ourselves as grizzly bears and teddy bears. In fact the greatest theorist in the fat acceptance movement is “Dr” Gerald “Teddy” Bear. You can read his cutting edge work at http://the-biggest-fattest-blog.blogspot.com/ Teddy Bear, as he is known in fat acceptance circles is the undisputed leader in the science and social science of fat. If there is ever a man who should be the first professor emeritus in fat studies it should be “Dr” Bear.
“Dr” Professor Gerald “Teddy” Bear

Then we have the esteemed and erudite Reverend Big Lard Ass. This guy makes Jesus, Buddha, L Ron Hubbard, Mohammad ect,, look like a bunch of chumps. In a recent near death experience the Reverend Big Lard Ass was taken of a tour of fatling heaven and he now knows what the afterlife has in store for those of us  who play a good fork and spoon.
Reverend Big Lard Ass (Only the truly faithful will see him in all his majesty) If you can’t see his image then you lack the fattitude and weight required.)

We fatlings are ushering in a new age; the age of obesity. Our sheer fat alone will usher in new technologies in both science and medicine. The biggest technology that our needs will drive will be anti-gravity technology. Soon power chairs will go the way of the horse and buggy and ion propulsion anti-gravity devices that will allow us to get as fat as we want while allowing us to go anywhere we want. We will be like people in a Marc Chagall painting only fatter.https://biggerfatterblog.files.wordpress.com/2010/04/marcchagallderspaziergang.jpg?w=291

The sky will be dark with our fat bodies and we will block enough sun so that global warming will no longer be a problem. Because we produce 10 times the body heat of the average thinling we will be a source of radiant heat for the planet.

Necessity being the mother of invention. As we grow in size and numbers eventually there will not be enough room on earth for us so eventually we will colonize the other planets.Think of it like Star Trek but with everyone being fat like Captain Kirk and Scotty.

Scotty and Kirk before that got fat.


>Thin Phobia, Thin Hatred and Jealous Fat Girls

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>Another Black Eye For Fat Acceptance

There is not much difference between fat hatred and thin hatred except that thin women don’t whine as much about thin hatred and take it on the chin. Fat girls constantly whine about fat hatred often when it doesn’t exist. A fat girl play the fat card more often than Jessie Jackson and Al Sharpton play he race card. Today the race card is much easier to trump than the fat card. Thin girls simply suffer in silence due to their low self-esteem. They never play the waif card. There is also a double standard. These days it is politically correct to trash skinny and for women. The latest trend is the blatant PhotoShop manipulation of pretty young actresses to make them look anorexic. Jealous fat girls are pathetic but I still pork them anyway. In this article Bigger Fatter Blog is going to expose the war on thin women. You may ask why is a fat acceptance blog fighting for the rights and dignity of fat women. The answer is fairly simple. Fat Bastard and I want to restore some much needed integrity to the entire fat acceptance movement.

Militant fat acceptance womyn without a clue!

It’s this kind of boorish low class Kate Harding style shit I am talking about! Fat Bastard is a victim of the man hating. They love me because I will pork them but they hate Fat Bastard because he can only bone skinny chicks. He’s too fat to pork another fatling. How shallow is that?!

Here are some samples of how jealous fa girls are creating the anorexia scare using photo manipulation. These hateful “womyn” are so jealous and desperate that the stooped to these sophomoric and dishonest means. This is one more example how the Kate Hardings and the Joy Nashes have sullied this once fine an noble civil rights movement. It is appalling!

In the Michael Jackson article we exposed the double standard the media has regarding thin women and thin men and how they are soo quick to call a lean woman an anorexic yet for years they ignored the dangerously underweight King of Pop. Fat Bastard’s keen eye caught a photoshopped version of a Jessica Stroup photo juxtaposed with a tubby Brooke Hogan.

Altered Jessica Stroup image Unaltered Brooke Hogan image


Click the link below to see more jealous fat girl photo fakes.

[ana4-true.jpg] [ana4-fake.jpg]
REAL————————–> FAKED by a fat girl

[ana7-true.jpg] [ana7-fake.jpg]
REAL————————–> FAKED by a fat girl

[ana8-true.jpg] [ana8-fake.jpg]
REAL————————–> FAKED by a fat girl

[ana9-true.jpg] [ana9-fake.jpg]
REAL————————–> FAKED by a fat girl

[ana14-true.jpg] [ana14-fake.jpg]
REAL————————–> FAKED by a fat girl

[ana17-true.jpg] [ana17-fake.jpg]
REAL————————–> FAKED by a fat girl

[ana18-true.jpg] [ana18-fake.jpg]
REAL————————–> FAKED by a fat girl

Because he thin-phobic media hates thin women they have asked me to remove the images of the faked anorexic models but here is the site from which they were found.
See for yourself.

You may be asking why the I, Proud FA, the Dean of Feederism is defending skinny women. I am not defending skinny women. Like people of all sizes they should not need a defender or apologist. I am defending fat acceptance and size acceptance form misguided zealots form within the movement. Fat Bastard asked me to write this article because coming from me, the Dean of Feedersim and porker of fat women it would have more integrity that if Fat Bastard wrote because as we all know Fat Bastard only bones skinny women because it is not mechanically possible for him to pork porkers. A fellow blogger has discovered even more faked photos.
You can view them here. http://www.2medusa.com/2008/09/photoshopping-gone-mad-skinny-on-fake.html

Fat girls have ruined he fat acceptance movement. Fat Bastard and I are trying to restore some of the integrity NAAFA founder Bill Fabrey, the father of fat acceptance, brought to the movement. In the meantime shame on all you hateful and jealous fat girls who have not really embraced your fat and gluttony.

As a fat admirer I don’t find any of these thin women porkable. Fat Bastard would love to bone anyone of them. I think that even in the real photos they are too thin for my tastes. Fat Bastard is has different tastes but that is not the point. These malicious photos are being used by jealous fat girls in the tired old hateful maladroit fat acceptance movement to shame thin and waifish women as if they need to feel any worse about themselves. Thin and waifish already have extremely low self-esteem as it is. It is just painfully cruel that the strident and confident womyn in the FA movement have be so low class as to pick on these pathetic skinny females who cannot and do not defend themselves. We here at Bigger Fatter Blog protect and defend people of all sizes. We do not judge people who want to be frugal with their calories.

You jealous fat girls won’t fuck fat guys like Fat Bastard so all we have to say to you and your ilk is FUCK YOU!

>Potpouri: NAAFA is a Cult and Obesity and Gluttony is NOT for Everyone



The Cult of NAAFA

To fully understand NAAFA is to understand a dichotomy in logic. Most NAAFA members we’ve been in contact with claim to eat very little..sensible diets..even vegitarian diets. All NAAFA members I’ve spoken to claim to excercise regularly.
But these pictures, of NAAFA members at a Fat Acceptance convention, paint a very different picture.
To obtain body size of this nature, simple biology tells us you must ingest far many calories than you expend.

NAAFA wants you to believe that morbid obesity is healthy, normal and desirable. While obesity and gluttony may be desirable and while it is rapidly becoming the new normal only a total fucking idiot or evil scumbag would deny that obesity often has dire health consequences. This sort of intellectual dishonesty is why we started the Bigger Fatter Blog. Fat people are not morons. NAAFA gives the fat and gluttony haters plenty of grist for the mill with their lunacy. Bigger Fatter Blog simply and effectively disarms the fat haters by admitting the obvious truth. Fat people are gluttons. NAAFA and other FA orgs think that there is something wrong with sloth and gluttony. We are here to tell people that gluttony and sloth are acceptable behaviors just as being morbidly obese is and should be an acceptable condition. Everything has its risks. We accept those risks because we think the benefits are worth that risk. If you don’t think it is worth the risk we won’t judge you like the sicko NAAFA sluts will.

NAAFA promotes a “fat and happy” idealology. I have no doubt that some of these people are indeed having fun and enjoying themselves at a fat acceptance convention. Hell, when Proud FA and I show up with our Godiva chocolates, and selection of fine wine and cheeses they are ecstatic because they know they are going to be in for a good feed and a sexy sausage session with Proud FA.

Believing that one can be truly happy while mordibly obese, with all the health and mobility problems it entails, on a day to day basis is a different story altogether. True fat acceptance accepts the risks of being morbidly obese. Gluttony and obesity is not for the faint of heart. The denial in which cults like NAAFA indulge only weakens the movement because it just is so damn ridiculous and absurd. It also denies the very real risks of the gluttonous life style. True obesity promoters and fat accepters bravely and happily accept these risks.

NAAFA is frequently referred to as a death cult, for very good reason. To be a member of NAAFA, you must unwittingly accept the potential health consequences of obesity by drinking their Kool Aid. As widely documented studies prove, obesity can lead to a host of debilitating health problems—including early death—most of which are reversable through weight loss.

From NAAFA’s site:

“Because being fat can be both a physically and emotionally isolating experience, NAAFA has helped to create and sustain a fat subculture. ” The problem with that statement is Fat people are much more emotionally and socially healthier than size typical people

This cult would rather you pretend to be part of an elitist group, entitiled to special privileges, rather than confront the obvious truth: Obesity can be an unwanted social stigma. Morbid obesity is dangerous and demeaning to some people who are not meant to be fat. It is not a desirable condition for everyone.

Note: Use of the images on this site constitutes “fair use” under United States copyright law Title 17 , chapter 1 , Sec. 107.

One thing that is striking about NAAFA is the absence of fat men. NAAFA was once a proud advocate for fat people but once that was achieved they became rebels with out a clue and they got into strange politics and began aligning themselves with a fringe element of people calling themselves fat feminists. NAAFA has become the ole girls club as has most fat acceptance organizations.

>Fat Hate Bingo From British KFC




Fat Hatred rears its ugly head across the pond. Once again a pretty plumper is pilloried and picked on for enjoying a good meal. The following story clearly illustrates that fat hatred is now worldwide. As a result of this travesty Bigger Fatter Blog has contacted Amnesty International and we have called for action against this sort of persecution of fat bodied folks. Natalie Jackson is a big girl with a big appetite who makes no apologies. The trauma this punished, persecuted and purloined plump pretty has endured may harm her for life. Even though we fat bodied folks have very high self esteem this this sort of cruel humiliation is beyond the pale not to mention is is bad business. Miss Jackson spent over 100 dollars a week at KFC and if all other fat bodied customers were were to go elsewhere for lunch KFC would feel our power.

If Colonel Sanders were alive today you can bet the owners of this KFC restaurant would be losing their franchise. We at BFB encourage all our readers to write to KFC

Online Customer Comment Forms
U.S. Feedback (Continental United States)
International/Hawaii/Canada Feedback (outside the Continental United States)

or call them at Customer Dissatisfaction Numbers U.S. – 1-800-225-5532 Canada – 1-866-664-5696 and tell them them the fat community will be boycotting KFC.

Fast food fan Natalie Jackson was hit with a $264 fine at KFC — for staying too long gorging on a monster-sized “family bucket.”

The British trainee nurse and a pal ordered 14 chicken pieces, six bags of fries and large cokes after driving to their local branch.

They spent an hour and a half eating the 6,456-calorie feast. A few days later, KFC regular Jackson got the fine in the mail for breaking the restaurant parking lot’s 75-minute limit.

“It’s disgusting. I spend a lot of money in there. Now I’m never going back,” the 24-year-old fumed Wednesday.

Jackson — who eats at KFC three times a week — complained to the restaurant that she was unaware of signs warning of the time limit in Huddersfield, West Yorks.

The mega bucket cost her $22.

Jackson said that she doesn’t plan on paying the fine.

“It didn’t feel like I was in there all that long. We were hungry.”

A KFC spokesman said: “The 75-minute time limit is designed to accommodate our customers who generally eat for about 30 minutes.”

The trainee nurse and a pal plumped for FOURTEEN chicken pieces, SIX bags of fries and large COKES after driving to their local branch.

They spent an hour and a half scoffing the 6,456-calorie feast. Days later regular customer Natalie got the fine in the post for breaking the restaurant car park’s 75-minute limit.

Feast ... family bucket

Feast … family bucket

The 24-year-old fumed yesterday: “It’s disgusting. I spend a lot of money in there. Now I’m never going back.”

Hungry Hefty bill ... diner Natalie with her KFC parking fine Hefty and Humiliated diner Natalie with her KFC parking fine…

Natalie — who eats at KFC three times a week — complained to restaurant bosses that she was unaware of signs warning of the time limit in Huddersfield, West Yorks.

The mega bucket, which busts the Health Department’s recommended 1,940-a-day calorie count for women, cost her £13.16p.

Natalie vowed there was fat chance of her paying the £150 — insisting: “It didn’t feel like I was in there all that long. We were hungry.”

Last night KFC said restaurant parking was contracted to private firm Civil Enforcement Ltd — but promised to review Natalie’s case.

A spokesman said: “A parking restriction was introduced to prevent non-KFC customers using the car park.

“The 75-minute time limit is designed to accommodate our customers who generally eat for about 30 minutes.”


>Bigger Fatter Blog Endorses Feederism


NAAFA’s two faced view on the subject if just one more example of how wrong they are. Go to Dimensions forum and you will find many refugees from NAAFA’s now defunct online forum. NAAFA took criticism from inside the FA movement and from the FA movement’s critics. NAAFA in it usual dishonesty and constant infighting has remained two faced on the issue to this day. Oh what a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive applies especially to NAAFA. NAAFA’s many spokesdroids with their fat by nature mantra put the entire movement on a very slippery slope. Fat by nature is bullshit and NAAFA’s big chiefs know it. The reality is fat by choice proud by nature. We gluttons are a prideful bunch and it is the mission of BFB to increase our size and the size of our fat pride. We don’t have to explain our obesity to anyone but if we do we should not take the NAAFA or Kate Harding approach by doing it with lies.

I am not a full fledged feeder but my blog partner Proud FA is. I consider him Feederism’s philosopher king.His many feedees consider him their savior. I know for a fact that his feed sessions have rescued many BBW’s from the abyss of deep dark depression and brought them forth into the sacred light of gluttony. His legendary feed sessions at the NAAFA conventions would make a Roman orgy look like a hunger strike. His piggies don’t puke. Proud FA first plies them with booze and or weed and lot’s of it. BBW’s can hold their liquor unlike the fat feminists who hold the licker by the ears. After they let down their inhibitions the fun would begin. I would sit by while these once shrinking violets would cover Proud FA’s skinny body in marshmallow, caramel syrup, M&Ms, fudge syrup and sprinkles and devour him like hogs at trough. I would post some stills form these sessions but it gets pretty graphic and Proud FA and I still need to remain anonymous as we are both still active NAAFA members and moles. We do not want to blow our covers at this time. We are working behind the scenes to reform NAAFA from within and restore it to what its founder Bill Fabrey had intended. I digress.

One feed session can be a life altering event for the feedee. In one fell swoop it often eliminates the guilt some people have about enjoying food. When feedees realize that gluttony is normal behavior it becomes a life changing experience for them. For many such as myself it is a religious experience. Food is our God. PRAISE GLORIOUS FOOD! Acceptance is a life changing experience. Accepting a fat body is easy. Fat bodied women women love to flaunt it. If you don’t believe me look around you or GOOGLE a BBW or SSBBW image search. BOING! The tough part in fat acceptance is accepting and feeling good about the gluttony. Two thirds of Americans has all accepted their fat bodies. The next step is to make them super duper fat and eat like there is no tomorrow. Life is short EAT EAT EAT EAT EAT EAT EAT EAT EAT sleep and EAT some more.


Open your mouth sweet fat girl

Can you imagine a more tender moment than this?

You gotta Love this Belly

You gotta Love this Belly
One of Proud FA’s hotel hotties

Clearly feederism is a vital pillar in the FA movement.

A final thought and warning. Feeding has its risks. The greatest risk is diabetic coma. Most gainers are diabetics. Please check the comment section because Proud FA AKA the Feeder King will explain the finer points of feeding. For now let is suffice to say. FEED WITH FATS AND OILS. SWEETS CAN BE DEADLY IN LARGE QUANTITIES!

Don’t try this at home. Inexperienced gainer dead from diabetic coma.

Proud FA recommends that all new gainers work with an experienced feeder. It is the hope of BFB that sometime in the future feeders will have to be certified by a government agency to avoid these needless deaths. We are hoping that foods that are not Feedee safe contain warning labels.

Proud FA’s Feeding 101

Before starting any serious feed session think safety first. Tube feeding is a no no. Only the most advanced feeders and feedees should attempt tube feeding. While tube may be a great way to pump in the calories into a gainer, the artful feeder uses great tasting food, praise and guile to get the gainer to eat to her full capacity.

Feed with fat! Butter, cooking oil, bacon, peanut butter, lard, cracklins, heavy cream and soft cheeses are by far the best choices. Think of it as an extreme version the induction phase of the Atkins diet. Periodically introduce some carbs to stop ketosis. Peanut butter is wonder gainer food. Peanut butter and bacon sandwiches washed down with heavy cream is a great way to feed.

Use a bib if your feedee is clothed. Ample Stuff makes a wonder prduct they call Big Bib. Feeding can get messy.




Rub and pat her belly and tell her how hot she looks. Praise her eating.

>Fat Acceptance’s Unsung Hero


>Back in the days when NAAFA meant National Association Aiding Fat Americans its founder and the father of fat acceptance Bill Fabrey never lost sight of that vision. Today Bill Fabrey is aiding fat bodied folks by providing them with ingenious products designed especially for the special needs of fat bodied folks. Bill is the proprietor of the wildly successful company Ample Stuff. Bill is not afraid to tackle the problems fat bodied folks face that the hens currently running fat acceptance don’t want to talk about. I am speaking of the hygiene and toileting challenges fat bodied folks face. I will admit, as a feeder I can tell you with great authority that sometimes BBW’s and SSBBW’s can have a rank odor especially in places they are unable to reach. Many fat bodied folks are not aware that Ample Stuff exists to fill their special needs.


These thirsty butt wands sop it up where you need it most!

Ample sponges are a godsend for fat bodied folks that have a problem reaching “back there”. I can only imagine the back sprains the fat bodied folks get from twisting and contorting to reach “back there”. These Ample sponges are also great for cleansing in between the fat folds as well as wiping those hard to reach super sized butts. Ample sponges are just one example of the wonderful products Ample Stuff offers. They also sell portable bidets, scales that go up to a whopping 1000 pounds, seatbelt extenders, a 96″ measuring tape, (a must for every feeder and gainer) and a plethora of other thoughtful offerings for the super fat bodied folks.

1000-Lb Wide-Platform Digital Scale

1000-Lb Wide-Platform Digital Scale

Bill’s Ample Stuff has been serving the needs of the super fat bodied for over two decades. Bill is truly one of FA’s unsung heroes. Bill Fabrey is to fat acceptance what Thomas Jefferson was to democracy. If it were not for Ample Stuff the lives of fat bodied folks would be unpleasant at times. If it were not for Bill Fabrey there would most likely be no fat acceptance movement.

There are many other heroes but the greatest and the most neglected is Bill Fabrey. I will be writing more about him and as I explain why he started NAAFA but let it suffice to say that Bill’s motivation for starting NAAFA is the greatest love story of all time. Bill Fabrey, we at Bigger Fatter Blog we salute you.

Great John’s Johns Bring Worry Free Pooping To All Fatlings
No more toileting trouble. It would take a herd of elephants to clog up this bad boy!https://i2.wp.com/web.knoxnews.com/silence/archives/elephant.jpg

Being a serious feeder I have worked part time in a restaurant as a manager. If you are a feeder and you want to meet gainers restaurants are a best bet. It where to food is! Sometimes as a manager you are forced to take care of unpleasant problems. One of those problems is stopped up toilets. Fat folks, God bless em tend to break and plug toilets. It’s only natural. They are heavier and they produce more poop cause they eat more food. They require more toilet tissue and as a result they damage and clog standard undersized toilets.

How many times has this happened to you? Plunger it you skinny skank!

The size of the average person’s butt has increased dramatically over the last 30 years.
https://i1.wp.com/galleywinter.com/main/modules/coppermine/albums/userpics/11119/big%20butt.jpg https://i0.wp.com/www.dyingtobeanathin.com/fatties2.jpg
These amply asssed SSBBW’s are living proof the Atkins diet really works.

Most toilets made today are manufactured from designs dating back to the early 1960´s. In the past, the pleadings of big and tall people went unanswered. For this reason fat friendly GJTC engineers, medical doctors and artists took to the task of creating a NEW GENERATION of products satisfying the needs of today’s customers. Our goal was to create the most comfortable and safe toilet for Large-Size people in the market. The other challenge was to make a toilet that
could also be used by any size person. The final result was the creation of a “SIZE FRIENDLY TOILET” .

Vitreous china

� Low water Consumption (1.6 gpf / 6Lpf )

Extra-Elongated rim bowl for additional space in the front (6in. more
than a standard elongated bowl) Now fat folks can wipe while seated.

� Extra-Wide ergonomic seat included. Large seat area for comfort

� 150 % more sitting area than a standard elongated seat

� Seat provides �Anti-slide movement fins� for safety

� 12in. rough-in (Simple installation)

� Secure 4 anchorage points

� Extra-Wide base with reinforced structure for added safety

� 17-1/2(44.4 cm) bowl height including seat, ADA compliant

� 100% factory flush tested

� Ceramic tested to 2000 pound loads

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