Because Bigger Fatter Blog is not mean to those lovely anorexic angels who post pictures of hot thinlings to inspire (thinspire) other women work towards waifdom many come here for reverse Thinspiration. As a service to this bony beauties I, Fat Bastard, thought it would be right to provide these lovelies lilies of lightness with some reverse thinspo and at the same time I thought I would provide fat folks with some fatspiration. Fatter women take note.

One place I go to see my people, my fatlings is Walmart but then I can’t get to Walmart I can see them on the People of Walmart website.

Boobs on the back and front WOW!
Just one on these hefty hunny’s big back boobs are bigger than both of MeMe Roth’s little munchkin titties combined. Time for a silicon beef up MeMe? I hear there is an opening on the Itty Bitty Titty Committee.

What a unique shape on this gliding glutton! Perfection!

Weebles wobble but they don’t fall down! Perfection!
See what I mean?
Deeeeelightful pretty in pink porker presents pendulous panny perfection.

Waddling Walmart wench weighs in. Sexy SUPER SIZED BBW scooter sitting siren, stands, steps on scale and breaks it!
You can have your cake and eat it too! Big busty & buxom birthday babe spies snack!
Pull em down Pittsburgh! Steelers QB and Pedophile Big Ben Roethlisberger bangs big butted babes when he is not raping underage girls.

http://minista.files.wordpress.com/2009/05/fat_chick_on_motorcycle.jpgHot horny heffer harlot hogger hunny humping Harley. Plump porcine pleasuring pretty perched with something exciting between her legs flaunts fabulous fat fanny!
Skinny sexy cycle slut flaunts fine firm fanny! Chopper copper pulls them over for a better look.

Feisty feasting fat frow front seat fill up holding her breath because they are sooooo slow at the drive-in window.

Temptress tart teasingly trots tantalizing twat on treadmill!
Patriotic plump rumped pretty porker proudly pummels and vanquishes virulent villain Osama bin Laden. Menacing maniacal Muslims misprize anything pertaining to pigs so what better than having a big bellied bulky bacony babe’s pulsating piggy plumpness pulverizing this malevolent and misogynistic Muslim madman? USA! USA! USA! USA!

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