Today I witnessed a very tender moment. I was at the Walmart in the frozen treats aisle when I spied a very large and lovely SSBBW in one of Walmart’s complimentary fatty mobiles. She had her kids with her along with a convoy of mostly filled shopping carts like a fat lioness teaching her cubs to hunt. There is nothing odd in that except that all 3 kids were thinglings. Usually when you see a fat mother you see fat kids but this was not the case. As the Dean of Feederism I could not help but ponder this paradox and then I was reminded of Fat Bastard’s June 22nd 2009 article regarding the coming extinction of thinlings and the dire effect it will have on the multitude of fatlings. those legions of lard who rely on thinlings for survival. This resourceful sow was keeping her little piglets lean so that they can serve her gluttonous needs. That is some forward thinking. Fat girls are sly and wise.

These kids were well trained as they scrambled like monkeys to fetch food for her fat majesty.

Hefty hot hungry hunny harassed for happily having a Hardees hamburger ferociously flips off fiendish fat phobics.

Dual Aisle Blockers! BHM and SSBBW save energy in their Walmart scooters as they spice it up the Mexican food aisle. There is no doubt they are fixin to have a little pup to assist them in the glorious and greedy gluttony and rectal hygiene.

Yeah, I know it. Fat kids are damn cute but fatlings need some skinny kids as servants. Maybe in the future monkeys can be trained to fetch food for fatties but until that day comes fatlings are going to have to rely on humans and who better than their own kids to feed them food and assist with their toileting needs?

Here are your cupcakes Mommy!