>While Bigger Fatter Blog does not endorse shoplifting or most other criminal activities in this case the amount of fattitude more than makes up for the crime these fat girls committed. Whenever I come across exceptional acts of fattitude Bigger Fatter Blog is compelled to report these inspirational acts to our millions of readers.  I only hope that they have a fat friendly judge at sentencing.

I think it is kismet that the police spokesman’s last name is Ham. OINK! One can only hope that the judge’s last name is Bacon.  Ah yes, Bacon and Ham on a fat roll.

The video speaks for itself. About all I can say is that these two women are an inspiration.


Bigger Fatter Blog readers: Let’s give these divas a good OINK! OINK! OINK! OINK!

On a related story here are a few more example of diva fattitude.


Fat girls often have great looking nails!

Hair with fattitude!