>Some Gluttony and Obesity Cheers: Fat Positive Affirmations

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Happy heavy hungry hunnies, pretty porkers and feeding fatties flaunting flab

Positive affirmations go a long way in healing one’s inhibitions. If you find your fattitude on the wane try these fattitude building cheers! Feast your eyes on these flabulous flabby females full of feisty fattitude.

Cheer number one.

Sexy and seductive Harriet Hamthigh
Waddle to the left. Waddle to the right. Eat all day and eat all night.

Cheer number two.

Ms Kelly Belly Bliss

2 4 6 8 We do not regurgitate.

Cheer number three.

A refrigerator with leg: OK I admit it not all fat girls have curves but who doesn’t love a refrigerator?

EAT! EAT! EAT more fucking meat!

Cheer number four.

C’mon stick boy hoist that hot ham thighed hunny!
Good food good meat good lord let’s eat!

Cheer number five

Fat and fit!

EAT it up, and up, and up, and up, and up
EAT it up (clap, clap)
EAT it up (clap, clap)

Cheer number six

BBW cheerleader show the opposition what they are in store for!

I am fat. Give me space. If you don’t I’ll squash your face.

Cheer number seven.

If the cheerleaders are this big the team must be enormous!

Big fat arms big fat butt FOOD SLUT FOOD SLUT SLUT RAH RAH RAH!

Cheer number eight

Prudish skinny cheerleaders shiver while fatling struts her stuff.

Rubba dub dub gimme some grub and a Quiznos twelve inch sub!
Ben & Jerrys Burger King EAT EAT EAT chicken wing!

Cheer number 9

Plump piglettes pose with pom poms after eating bon bons

OOOMPA  OOOMPA fat girl tons and tons of fun when you are finished eating we have just begun.

Cheer number 10

Chubby Cheese heads heading for num num nuptuals

Wacka Wacka cheese & crackers sis boom bah! Feed me some ice cream RAH! RAH! RAH!


Our Fattitude says bring us food. We are fat and we are crude.OINK!OINK! CLAP CLAP CHEEEEEEESE!!!! YEA! CHEESE!!

>Gallery of Gorgeous Gainer Girl Gluttons

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Big beautiful buxom babe in blue with ice cream bar and extra body part.

It’s every feeder’s fantasy to see fat, fabulous and flabulous flabby females but that is not always possible. When a trip to Walmart or your local all you can eat buffet is not possible, all the fat admirer or feeder, needs to do is stop by Bigger Fatter Blog your haven for all things heavy and get a gander at all this gormandizing gorgeous and greedy girl gluttons.

Feisty feasting two fisted food slut frantically feeding her face!

Battling big bellied buffet bimbos beef as other cafeteria cuties EAT! Let’s hope these feuding fat femme fatales forget their friction and fancy a friendly feast instead.

Bawdy bed bound beauty basks regally as thinling servant feeds her.

Hot heavenly hogger hunkers down and displays huge hair and hiney.
Cuter on a scooter and pretty in pink, rotund hottie rolls through restaurant. Watch out for rolling thunder!

Davenport diva displays delicious derriere

Sultry sow siren with sexy stare

Gorgeous gaunt gal governs her gluttony.

Plump & pretty proker piggishly polishing off profusely packed plate of porcine provisions.

Voracious vixen pigging out on pasta.

Sizable sexy sweetie siren proudly poses her pendulous pretty pannus.

Chubby cherub chows in chair

Gobble gobble gobble, gorgeous turkey legged tart enjoys bench buffet! GO GO GO gainer girl!

Sleepy slut seated near sink and waiting for left overs or did her feeder feed her too much!


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