>Getting Fat on the Cheap: Finding $weet Deals on Food
By Proud FA


None of the fat haters and food cops like MeMe Roth appreciate how expensive it can be to get super morbidly obese. Considering the fact that most of the super morbidly obese are too fat to work one can only admire the dedication and ingenuity of the super morbidly obese. When you consider the fact that many of these people are bed bound yet they still are able to obtain food in the fifteen thousand to twenty thousand range you have to be awed. That’s beyond impressive. It’s downright admirable.

I, Proud FA, the Dean of Feederism have been educating obese folks for years to the simple fact that fat fattens best but guzzling melted butter or lard is not very appetizing and a large part of the joys of morbid obesity is eating all that tasty food.

When if comes to pleasurable gaining and the hedonistic lifestyle fast food is always a best bet and it can be a best buy!

The only thing that beats fast food is home delivery. The burger joints should offer FREE delivery to us fatlings!

Follow the fat/fast food pyramid! If it’s fried, EAT IT!

Getting morbidly obese costs money!

As a public service to our fattest readers Fat Bastard asked me to find our fatlings some food deals. Let’s start with a fatlings all time favorite, fast food. Fast food rules. It tastes great, it’s quick, it’s economical and it’s very fattening! How can you beat that? In the case of the average run of the mill fatling fast food is affordable but when you’re talking about hyper gluttons like Belly Boy and obesity expert and gaining innovator “Dr” Gerald “Teddy” Bear even “junk” and fast food can be a budget buster. With savings up to 90% fast food coupons are the answer.

KFC offers a veritable plethora of fattening food and they offer printable coupons. Click Here!

Check out Wendy’s 99 cent everyday value meals. Click Here!

Save a whopping 90% on local eats HERE!

Recommended reading


How to Get Fat

“Into gluttony? Well, then this is the book for you. Eat sugar. Eat carbs. EAT FAT! Say “yes” to fast food… All of those things plus a steady stream of late night binges will have you on the fast track to fatsville.”

Super Mega List of Restaurant Coupons at Mommy $AVES BIG!
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99 Restaurants ( Must Sign Up )
Printable coupons for ninety nine restaurants.

Arbys Restaurant Coupons ( November-7 )
Printable coupons for Arby’s Restaurants, free regular roast beef sandwich. (A Bigger Fatter Blog Favorite)

A&W Coupons ( December-31 )
Printable coupons for A&W Restaurants, $1 off combo.

Baskin Robbins ( November-30 )
Printable coupons for Baskin Robbins, $1 off, free ice cream. (A Bigger Fatter Blog Favorite)

Bennigans ( Must Sign Up )
Printable coupons for Bennigans grill restaurants.

Bob Evans Restarant ( Must Sign Up )
Printable coupons for Bob Evans restaurants. (A Bigger Fatter Blog Favorite)

Boston Market ( November-09 )
Printable coupons for Boston Market restaurants, $1, $2, $3 or $4 off.
(A Bigger Fatter Blog Favorite)

Brueggers ( Must Sign Up )
Print coupons for brueggers.

Buca Di Beppo ( December-31 )
Printable coupons for buca di beppo italian restaurants, $10 off.

Carls Jr Burgers ( December-3 )
Printable coupons for Carls JR restaurants, free small beverage.

Cheeseburger In Paradise ( Must Sign Up )
Printable coupons for Cheeseburger In Paradise Grill and Bar, free appetizer. (A Bigger Fatter Blog Favorite)

Chick Fil A ( Must Sign Up )
Printable coupons for Chick Fil A.

Chili’s Grill and Bar ( Must Sign Up )
Printable coupons for Chili’s Grill and Bar, free appetizer. (A Bigger Fatter Blog Favorite)

Chuck e Cheese Coupons ( November-30 )
Various Printable coupons, pizzas, soft drinks and free tokens. (Too many screaming kids!)

Cold Stone Creamery ( December-28 )
Printable coupons for Cold Stone ice cream and cakes. (A Bigger Fatter Blog Favorite)

Dairy Queen Coupons ( Must Sign Up )
(A Bigger Fatter Blog Favorite)
Printable coupons for Dairy Queen stores.

Denny’s ( November-11 )
Printable coupons for Dennys restaurants, BOGO smoothie, free quesadilla, BOGO entree. (A Bigger Fatter Blog Favorite)

Dippin Dots ( November-30 )
Coupons for dippin dots ice cream, BOGO medium cup.

Dunkin Donuts ( Must Sign Up ) (A Bigger Fatter Blog Favorite)
Printable coupons for Dunkin Donuts.

Eat’n Park ( Must Sign up ) (A Bigger Fatter Blog Favorite)
Printable coupons for Eat’n park restaurants.

Einstein Bros Bagels ( Must Sign Up )
Printable coupons for Einstein Bros Bagels restaurants.

El Pollo Loco ( November-11 )
Printable coupons for el pollo loco restaurants, $1, $3, free cake.

Fannie May ( Must Sign Up )
Printable coupons for fannie may.

Fazolis ( Must Sign Up )
Printable coupons for Fazolis restaurants.

Friendly’s ( Must Sign Up ) (A Bigger Fatter Blog Favorite)
Printable coupons for Friendly’s restaurants.

Fuddruckers Restaurant ( Must Sign Up )
Printable coupon for Fuddruckers Restaurant.

Hard Rock Cafe Coupons ( November-15 )
Printable coupons for Hard Rock Cafe coupons.

Hardees Restaurant Coupons ( November-20 ) (A Bigger Fatter Blog Favorite and Award Winner)
Printable coupons for Hardees restaurants & special promotions.

IHOP ( Must Sign Up ) (A Bigger Fatter Blog Favorite)
Coupons for ihop restaurants.

Jack In The Box ( November-8 )
Printable coupons for Jack in the Box restaurants, $1 off.

Jamba Juice ( Must Sign Up )
Printable coupons for Jamba Juice location.

Johnny Rockets ( Must Sign Up )
Printable coupons for Johnny Rockets restaurants.

KFC Coupons ( November-23 ) (A Bigger Fatter Blog Favorite)
Printable coupons KFC restaurant.

Krispy Kreme Coupons ( December-31 ) (stopped using trans fat and flavor has suffered)
Printable coupons for Krispy Kreme doughnuts, 1 dozen doughnuts free.

Little Caesars Coupons ( November-30 )
$1.99 Crazy combo for printable coupon at Little Caesars.

Local Printable Restaurant Coupons ( Hot ! Nov-08 )
This restaurant coupon site is probably the best online. They have fast food restaurants, classy restaurants and more. Eat & Drink, wine & Dine at your local restaurants for literally a fraction of the price.

Longhorn Steakhouse ( Must Sign Up )
Printable coupons for Longhorn Steakhouse restaurants, free appetizer. (A Bigger Fatter Blog Favorite)

Long John Silvers ( December-25 )
Printable Coupons for long john silvers restaurants, $1, $2, $4, free black cherry lemonade.

Maggianos ( November-15 )
Printable coupons for Maggianos restaurants, free soda.

Max & Ermas ( Limited Time Offer )
Printable coupons for Max and Ermas restaurants, Tuesdays – Kids eat free!

McCormick & Schmicks ( Must Sign Up )
Printable coupons for McCormick and Schmicks seafood restaurants.

Mcdonalds Coupons ( Limited Time )
Printable coupons for Mcdonalds.

Mimis Cafe Coupons ( November-12 )
Printable coupons for Mimis Cafe, 20% off, BOGO breakfast, free kids meal.

Nathans Hot Dog Coupons ( Ongoing )
Printable coupons for Nathans Hot Dog restaurants, $0.05 hot dog.

Old Country Buffet ( Must Sign Up )
Printable coupons for Old Country Buffet, a free buffet meal.

Olive Garden ( Must Sign Up ) (Skimpy portions)
printable Coupons for Olive Garden italian restaurants.

Orange Julius ( Must Sign Up )
printable Coupons for Orange Julius restaurants, $1 smoothies.

Panda Express ( Must Sign Up )
Printable Coupons for Panda Express chinese restaurants.

Panera Bread ( Must Sign Up ) (High quality but not enough fat)
Printable coupons for Panera Bread.

Peets Coffee ( Limited Time Offer )
Printable coupons for Peets coffee shops, $2 off.

P.F. Chang’s ( Must Sign Up )
Printable coupons for P.F. Chang’s chinese food restaurants.

Planet Hollywood ( December-31 ) (A Bigger Fatter Blog Favorite)
Printable coupons for Planet Hollywood, $5 off $20, $10 off $10, $10 off $20.

Pollo Tropical ( Must Sign Up )
Printable coupons for pollo tropical restaurants..

Ponderosa Steakhouse Coupons ( Ongoing ) (A Bigger Fatter Blog Favorite)
Several Great Coupons valid at any local Ponderosa Steakhouse restaurant near you.

Popeyes Chicken Coupon ( Ongoing )
Print Popeyes coupons in your area, try their restaurant coupon finder.

Quiznos Coupons ( November-09 )
Printable coupons Quiznos restaurants, various coupons.

Red Lobster Coupons ( November-15 )
Printable restaurant coupons available for canadians and usa residents.

Red Robin ( Must Sign Up ) (A Bigger Fatter Blog Favorite)
Printable Coupons for Red Robin restaurants.

Red Mango ( Ongoing )
coupons for red mango

Restaurant Coupons For Arizona ( Ongoing )
Several Great local printable restaurant coupons for arizona residents.

Romanos Macaroni Grill ( Must Sign Up ) (A Bigger Fatter Blog Favorite! Very high quality!)
Coupons for romanos macaroni grill ( italian restaurant )

Rubio’s Fresh Mexican Grill ( November-14 ) (A Bigger Fatter Blog Favorite)
Coupons for rubios restaurants, $1 off.

Ruby’s Diner ( Ongoing ) (A Bigger Fatter Blog Favorite)
Printable coupons for Ruby Diner restaurants.

Ruby Tuesday ( November-08 ) (A Bigger Fatter Blog Favorite)
Printable coupons for Ruby Tuesday restaurants.

San Francisco Restaurant ( Ongoing )
Local coupons for San Francisco, pizza , fast food and lean cuisine.

Schlotzskys Deli Coupons ( November-18 ) Too many healthy choices
Printable coupons for Schlotzsky Deli fast food restaurants.

Smokey Bones Coupons ( November-24 )
Printable coupons for Smokey Bones restaurants.

Sonic Drive-in ( November-09 ) (A Bigger Fatter Blog Favorite)
Printable coupons for Sonic Drive-in restaurants.

Souper Salad ( November-8 )
Printable coupons for souper salad restaurants.

Souplantation & Sweet Tomatoes ( November-11 )
Coupons for souplantation restaurants.

Starbucks Coupons ( Ongoing ) Starbucks SUCKS!
Printable coupons for Starbucks coffee.

Subway Coupons ( Ongoing ) Anti Glutton! AVOID!
Printable Coupons for Subway restaurants, includes sandwiches and subs.

Taco Bell ( November-25 ) (A Bigger Fatter Blog Favorite)
Printable coupons for Taco Bell restaurants, free frutista freeze.

Taco Johns ( November-28 ) (A Bigger Fatter Blog Favorite)
Printable coupons for Taco John’s restaurants, free potato ole.

Printable coupons for TCBY yogurt ice cream.

TGI Friday’s ( November-7 ) (A Bigger Fatter Blog Favorite)
Printable coupons for TGI Friday’s restaurants, BOGO salad or sandwich.

The Cheesecake Factory ( Must Sign Up ) (A Bigger Fatter Blog Favorite and Award WINNER!)
Printable coupons for The Cheesecake Factory.

Waffle House ( November-7 ) (A Bigger Fatter Blog Favorite)
Printable coupons for Waffle House restaurants, free small slice of pie.

Wendys ( December-31 ) (A Bigger Fatter Blog Favorite)
6 printable coupons for Wendy’s restaurants.

White Castle Coupons ( November-30 ) (A Bigger Fatter Blog Favorite)
Printable coupons for White Castle restaurants in your area.

Wienerschnitzel ( November-27 )
Printable coupons for Wienerschnitzel fast food restaurants, free drink.

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Gallery of successful gainers 
Pretty in pink! 
Cruisin for burgers! 
Fries build thighs! She may be a mere pup now but a steady diet of greasy fries will plump those thighs! 

Open wide sweet fat girl! Burgers build bellies!
See what I mean?!

Wannabe gainer dreaming of becoming a prized pear!
Burgers build bellies! 
Hey baby, would you like a burger with that shake!
Stop pedophiles BOYCOTT AMAZON!