Americans are the fattest, greediest and most gluttonous people on earth. Look at the cute little fat tyke on the right and look how American greed and gluttony has served him. God smiles down on greed and gluttony and he abhors humility. Look at the abundance he has showered on the US.

Fattitude! Without fattitude we could never have greedy gluttony and we would be just like those poor saps in Africa.  Corporate greed and gluttony is what made America great and we little piglets at the trough must battle the big boars for our share of the kibble just like the greedy little pigs we are. OINK!

The constant battle between the few big pigs and all the little pigs is what makes America the most greedy and gluttonous country on earth.

Greedy gluttony means much more than food lust. In this song we can substitute the words “it’s food that I love” in place of  “it’s money that I love”.  We are all greedy pigs it’s just that some are more aggressive than others.

Luckily we still have enough humble but powerful thinlings to keep the biggest piggies from hoggin all the goodies.

pigs-eating.jpg image by ElaineSupkis

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