Paula Deen vs Ina Garten: Who’s Hotter?
By Proud FA

This may be hotly debated. I, Proud FA am writing this article because Fat Bastard is photoshopping MeMe Roth’s face on nudes and beating off he’s getting all hot over Rachel Ray. Fat guys love skinny chicks.

Looks good. Cooks good. Rachel Ray puts lead in Fat Bastard’s pencil and food on his plate!

While there aren’t as many fat female TV chefs as there are males, the two top chefs male or female have to be Paula Deen the Butter Queen and the Barefoot Contessa, Ina Garten.

Paula Deen: Hot older Dixie MILF!

Ina Garten: Demure DC Diva

As our Bigger Fatter Blog readers know I have porked many many fat women over the years so I will be giving my expert opinion on which one of these two is the hottest. The obvious choice is the Butter Queen Paula Deen because she seems so uninhibited and bawdy. Well most fat chicks are bawdy and a bit uncouth and often that translates into good sex BUT that is not always the case. Sometime it that fat little wallflower who will wear you out.

This may surprise you but Ina Garten won Hot Slut of the Week on dlisted. Here is what dlisted had to say about Ina:
Claim to Fame: Ina can do it fucking all. She’s a military wife who worked at the White House, but got sick of that shit, so she bought and ran a store called Barefoot Contessa in New York. After the store closed, she started writing cookbooks which led to her show on the Food Network.

Where is she now? Probably sticking pins in her Sandra Lee voodoo doll.
Why is she Hot Slut of the Week? Because Ina Garten does it all with grace and elegance. She’s a self-taught cook, hostess and former house flipper! I have no clue why, but I’m fucking obsessed with house flipping. That’s what Ina needs to do next: a house flipping show. I’d watch it until my eyeballs crusted over.

Ina is soft spoken, refined and domesticated and that is rare in a fat girl. I find that very sexy! Ina would probably act coy like a skinny chick. She also dotes on her husband Jeffery. That too is sexy. I bet Ina is really into food in bed as part of the hot sex. Ina has a great fat girl butt.

Eat G. R. I. T. S! Girls Raised In The South

It’s quite obvious. Paula Deen is a big bodied bodacious sexy Southern belle. She comes off like she is a “dirty girl” whereas Ina seems like a “good girl”. First impressions can be deceiving. One thing that put a kink in my dink was when I was watching Paula Deen along with Fat Bastard when she drank a bowl of melted butter! I high fived Fat Bastard and and shouted, SHE KNOWS! FAT FATTENS BEST!
I nearly came in my pants! What a food slut! HOW UNCOUTH and SLUTTISH! I would love to feed this mature fat MILF! There is nothing like a dis inhibited mature food slut. She basically told the American Heart Association to go fuck themselves and she did it in such  direct and slutty way!

OK BFB readers, the jury is still out and you are the jury. Let us know what you think.

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