Whether it is our regal stature or our intimidating gate when we walk/waddle, FAT PEOPLE ! OINK!

Hot heavy hungry hunny having her way with a hamburger! 

Our growing numbers prove that we are indeed the next big thing. We fatlings are driving the social and biological evolutionary process of the human race. Our greedy gluttony and unbridled food lust is ushering in a new era for human evolution. It is our fattitude that is the driving force behind world events and the future of humanity. Our gluttonous greed is shaping society and is beginning to shape the human genome.We are like wild feral hogs as we undo the yoke of oppression and current societal norms we will be like the domesticated pig who escaped the cruel hog farmer and grew in to this menacing beast.


As we break the chains of the fat hating society will morph into something like this only fatter!

We already refer to ourselves as grizzly bears and teddy bears. In fact the greatest theorist in the fat acceptance movement is “Dr” Gerald “Teddy” Bear. You can read his cutting edge work at http://the-biggest-fattest-blog.blogspot.com/ Teddy Bear, as he is known in fat acceptance circles is the undisputed leader in the science and social science of fat. If there is ever a man who should be the first professor emeritus in fat studies it should be “Dr” Bear.
“Dr” Professor Gerald “Teddy” Bear

Then we have the esteemed and erudite Reverend Big Lard Ass. This guy makes Jesus, Buddha, L Ron Hubbard, Mohammad ect,, look like a bunch of chumps. In a recent near death experience the Reverend Big Lard Ass was taken of a tour of fatling heaven and he now knows what the afterlife has in store for those of us  who play a good fork and spoon.
Reverend Big Lard Ass (Only the truly faithful will see him in all his majesty) If you can’t see his image then you lack the fattitude and weight required.)

We fatlings are ushering in a new age; the age of obesity. Our sheer fat alone will usher in new technologies in both science and medicine. The biggest technology that our needs will drive will be anti-gravity technology. Soon power chairs will go the way of the horse and buggy and ion propulsion anti-gravity devices that will allow us to get as fat as we want while allowing us to go anywhere we want. We will be like people in a Marc Chagall painting only fatter.https://biggerfatterblog.files.wordpress.com/2010/04/marcchagallderspaziergang.jpg?w=291

The sky will be dark with our fat bodies and we will block enough sun so that global warming will no longer be a problem. Because we produce 10 times the body heat of the average thinling we will be a source of radiant heat for the planet.

Necessity being the mother of invention. As we grow in size and numbers eventually there will not be enough room on earth for us so eventually we will colonize the other planets.Think of it like Star Trek but with everyone being fat like Captain Kirk and Scotty.

Scotty and Kirk before that got fat.