>What’s Your Fattitude Score? Take the Fattitude Test.

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>To be a true fatling you need a high FQ (Fattitude Quotient). With help from CG Brady and a few of my gluttonous friends I, Fat Bastard designed a fattitude test or FQ test. Unlike IQ which pretty much remains static your fattitude quotient or FQ can rise and fall throughout your life.

Weight loss guru CG Brady proclaims, “Lose the fattitude lose the fat.” Who wants that? Other than having weight loss surgery or being in a Nazi death camp the only way to lose weight is to lose the fattitude. We at Bigger Fatter Blog we  to — KNOW YOUR FATTITUDE! At the end of this test we will show you ways to increase your fattitude. Having an accurate measurement of your fattitude is more important than having an accurate measurement of your fat. In the case of the gainer a sober inventory of your essential fattitudes is crucial in making the gains you desire and in the case of the loser aka dieter indentifying and reducing your fattitudes is crucial for weight loss.

The Fattitude Test

This test has a series of statemnts that will measure your fattitude quotient. Simply respond to the staetments and tally your score. The higher your score the more fattitude you have. On a scale of 1 – 5 rate how true these statements are regarding your fattitudes. 0 = Totally False, 1 = Mostly False, 2 = Slightly True. 3 = Mostly True, 4 = Totally True, 5 = True with whipped cream and a cherry on top.

Answer as honestly as you can.

1. Food is love.

2. I’d rather sit than move.

3. If there were only one channel I could receive on my TV it would be the food network.

4. Flavor means much more to me than nutrition.

5. Food is better than sex.

6. I prize tasty food above good healthy.

7. I prize food above my family.

8. Society should accomodate the special needs of fat people.

9. It is impossible to be too fat.

10. I steal food.

11. I will circle a parking lot in order to save a few steps.

12. I will use a fatty scooter at Walmart even though I don’t really need one.

13. I am or am becoming to fat to wipe my butt but I don’t care.

14. I don’t feel guilty about getting free medical care because of my obesity.

15. Fat people are now the new Niggers.

Tally your score!

What your score means.

0 – 10 =  Little to  no fattitude. Move to Sparta and worship MeMe Roth.

10 – 20 = A shadow of fattitude. You will eat tasty food as long as it is healthy.  You still pick health and social responsibility over food but you will have a slice of birthday cake.

20 – 30 = A a loud whisper of fattitude. You did pig out once on Thanksgiving but went straight to the gym on Friday but went for pizza after that. Most of your eating is mindful but you will feast now and again.

30 – 40 =  Moderate fattitude. You often have seconds and desert. You say that you rarely eat fast food but that is not true. You still cook often but you avoid rabbit food.

40 – 50 =  Major fattitude. You go to fast food restaurants and while you eat salads you add lots of cheese and dressing. You have few meals at the dinner table and rarely use a knife fork or spoon.

50 – 60 = Uber  fattitude. You have pig outs with friends regularly and you waddle. You C-PAP machine is your best buddy.

60 – 70 = Mega fattitude. You have often polished off an entire bag of Famous Amos chocolate chip cookies. Food is your God. You really know how to throw your weight around and you do it well. Everytime you take a dump it’s a tripple flusher.

70 – 75 = Ultimate fattitude. You know that vegetables are what food eats. You proudly strut or wheel your fat self around. You are large and in charge. You make Kate Harding look like a fat hater and the patients at the Brookhaven Obesity Clinic look like runts. You have reached the Belly Boy class of obesity and fattitude and you deserve a hearty BOOM SHAKKA LAKKA and a couple of pies.

How to Increase Your Fattitude

The Famous Belly Boy Burger

1. EAT! It sounds a bit simplistic but the more you eat the more you will want to eat.

2. Watch shows about food. Food shows are like porn for fat people. Seeing food and people eating while making yummy sounds increases your desire for food just as watching porn increases your desire for sex.

3. Hang out with fat people and eat with them. This is fun and you will discover new foods and new fat freinds. While it is good to eat alone it’s better to eat with other fatlings. Fattitude is contagious.

4. Use a power chair whether you need it or not. Not only will riding in a power chair or scooter save calories it will increase your sloth. Remember, live smart not hard.

5. Know that you are entitled and get all the freebies that you can. Learning how to milk the system even before you become too fat to work will give you the skills you will need to navigate the social service maze.

Follow these five steps and before you know it you will have supersized your fattitude.

Leave your score in the comments section.

>Why Fat Acceptance Has Failed

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>For anyone who thinks that the FA movement has been a success I have a bridge in Brooklyn that may interest you. What percentage of the fat and obese US population is a member of the FA movement. Is it one percent? NOPE! Is it .5%? Nope it’s lower than that. How about .1%? WRONG! Maybe it’s .01%? Not even close? According to the data there are less than 10,000 members of the FA movement in he US. There are three “major” groups, NAAFA, ISAA and Bigger Fatter Blog aka New American Fat Acceptance Movement or NAFAM.

NAAFA has been around for over forty years and still nobody takes them seriously. They have been the go to source for the mainstream media to contact when they are presenting a story about obesity or size discrimination but even that is changing because today Fat Bastard and Bigger Fatter Blog is rapidly becoming the go to source on all things fat and it has all happened as a result of the humble blog spot blog. There is a saying in advertising; “It’s not the media, it’s the message” In a few short years Fat Bastard, Bigger Fatter Blog and its contributors like Rev BLA, Teddy Bear, Belly Boy, The Chef, Rotunda Hindenberg and other too many to mention have sent that message worldwide but more about that later.

Why after over forty years has NAAFA failed to reach the growing legions of lard?

As the waistlines and gluttony of Americans continue to grow with no end is site the size of the fat acceptance movement continues to shrink. Remember when I said it’s not the media but rather the message? Fatlings are not buying the NAAFA brand because they know it is bullshit and more than that it is an insult to the intelligence fatlings everywhere.

The biggest flaw in the NAAFA message is the denial of the laws of physics. More specifically it is their denial of the gluttony/obesity connection. I think if one of their heroes suck Paul Campos, Kelly Bliss or Linda Bacon told them that there earth was flat they’d believe. In fact there are more flat Earthers that there are people who take NAAFA seriously. Perhaps that is because the flat Earthers have more credibility.

NAAFA style Fat Acceptance is an all girls club.

That would be fine but there are more overweight men than women. Men are bigger gluttons and there are more of them but men are woefully under represented in today’s out dated and silly FA movement. Maybe NAAFA should change its name to NAAFAG. or National Association of Angry Fat American Girls because that’s what they are. The NAAFIAN lie a lot and one lie they have told is that Fat Bastard is a misogynist because he has been critical of the fat feminist invasion of the FA movement. Like all straight men Fat Bastard loves lesbians. In fact girl on girl action is his favorite form of porn albeit they are usually skinny chicks.

Fat Bastard loves women. His stance against WLS is very pro woman because most WLS victims are fat girls.

NAAFA’s anti diet stance

Susan Power: Lesbian, Feminist, Nutritionist, Weight Loss Guru and no Fat Bastard you can’t convert her even with your “educated” tongue.

To NAAFA dieting is a mortal sin and people like Richard Simmons, Jenny Craig, MeMe Roth and Susan Powter are evil incarnate. Susan Powter must really throw them for a loop because Susan Powter is a rug munching man hating feminist just like them with the only difference being is Susan Powter is not a glutton.

Fat people do go on weight loss diets and lose weight. Fat Bastard himself has lost weight and maintained that weight loss for over a year with no effort. NAAFA and site like Big Fat Blog will not allow any diet talk…. AND they call MeMe Roth a Nazi? Not allowing diet talk is like having a church that won’t let in sinners. What do they fear? If their arguments were sound you’d think that they would relish the opportunity to exploit these teaching moments.

The exclusion of feederism and the hypocrisy

For a long time the leading feederism site Dimensions Magazine and NAAFA were joined at the hip as well as the genitals. This was probably the golden age of fat acceptance but NAAFA, bowing to the even angrier man hating rug munching fat feminists pressured NAAFA to condemn feederism and fat female heterosexuality. The feederism movement is growing in leaps and bound with very busy sites popping up all over the world. The same cannot be said about the fat acceptance movement which remains in a steep nosedive.

Feederism and fat acceptance belong together. Feederism is a pillar of real fat acceptance. The celebration of gluttony is another pillar. If you want to read rational and intelligent discussions of fat acceptance you can find them here on Bigger Fatter Blog or on Dimensions Magazine. If you go to sites like Big Fat Blog or Fierce Freethinking Fatties all you will read is the same tired malingering, stale arguments and dishonesty that has been the hallmark of NAAFA and its dwindling loony membership.

Real Women Have Curves?

Talk about misogyny! Sheeeesh! Not only is that statement chauvinistic and demeaning to all women it’s not even true because if it were true Kelly Bliss would not be a real woman. She’d be a refrigerator with legs and a fat balding head.

Curves or a refrigerator with legs and a head showing male pattern baldness? You tell me?

MeMe Roth on the other hand has some dangerous curves.

I often wonder is MeMe Roth were a man instead of a gorgeous woman if the angry fat girls would be so hateful, vile and catty when talking about her. Dr Oz also talks about the gluttony/obesity connection, childhood obesity and gluttony and the heath consequences to those who choose a gluttonous lifestyle. Fat girls probably get all hot over a skinny guy like Dr Oz. Fat girls see a woman like MeMe Roth and they see red. They never attack MeMe’s message and if they gave it some thought they would have some valid arguments but instead they attack MeMe personally. That sort of demagoguery is bad to fat people and bad for the FA movement.

Deep down these fat girls know that MeMe Roth is woman men want to see and the woman that most fat girls including them want to be, so they hate her. She reminds them over everything they can never be such as educated, desirable and classy.

>Fierce Freethinking Fatties Attack

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>As the old fat acceptance grows uglier and uglier dies, ossifies and collapses they take a cheap shot at Bigger Fatter Blog and the new and enlightened fat acceptance movement.

One of our spies has let us know about the latest dastardly assault on Bigger Fatter Blog so Proud FA and I responded. Normally we let these sort of cheap shots slide but we felt that this was a good teaching moment and we also were compelled to defend the honor of this blog and fatling everywhere.

Here is a link to their article smearing me, CG, Bigger Fatter Blog and all fat people who do not deny the gluttony/obesity connection. http://fiercefatties.com/2011/01/24/gitm-5-magnanimous-bastard/#comment-5186

Stop by and give these fake fatties a good dose of fattitude and oink hard at them.

Proud FA fired the first salvo and boy did it hit its mark.

February 5, 2011 6:03 pm
You just don’t get it. Gluttony is good. This  will never achieve true fat acceptance until fat people stop denying the gluttony connection. That’s right. Calories in vs calories out. It really is that simple. The constant pathological denial of that by the fat acceptance movement is the reason 99.99999999999% of the fatlings in the US are NOT members of the fat acceptance movement. They know that they are gluttons and nobody is supporting their gluttonous behavior.
Bigger Fatter Blog exists to let every waddling sweating tub of guts know that embracing one’s food lust and celebrating it is the true essence of fat acceptance. If you are not accepting the behaviors ie food lust, hedonism, sloth, and greedy gluttony which are the cornerstones of obesity and morbid obesity one cannot truly say that they are a fat acceptor.
It’s easy to accept fat. Fat is a tissue. Being fat is a misnomer. Fat is a noun really. Having a fat body is the truer definition. If you are fat-bodied or a fatling you are the one who caused what you are now. You can either accept your fat body and it’s fat or you can change the behaviors that make you fat bodied if you don’t like all the perks that come with being fat bodied such as, free diabetic supplies, free power chairs, free sleep apnea supplies, free treatment for all the co-morbid conditions that come with the results of gluttony, they you are not a “fat acceptor.”
One of the most telling things about the mental retardation that is the FA movement is the fact that your pathological denial of reality is that you are too brain washed to know if Bigger Fatter Blog is a parody or the real deal. This isn’t surprising in this day and age where honesty and common sense has been replaced with lies and political correctness.
It would appear that a blind brain damaged engineer shined a very bright light on the hypocrisy that is the fat acceptance movement and the medical and weight loss industry. What is even more telling is that Bigger Fatter Blog gets more page views than any other fat acceptance site.
Let’s look at the facts. The fat acceptors of the old FA movement will say that the only people who go to Bigger Fatter Blog are fat haters but the fact is only about 28% of Americans are lean bodied. The fact is 99% of fatlings reject the fat acceptance movement. I will say that again, 99% of fatlings reject the fat acceptance movement!
You’d think that after 40+ years fat acceptance would have caught on but the TRUTH is it has lost membership as the obesity numbers grow. Bigger Fatter Blog is the only fat acceptance movement that is gaining membership and it is gaining membership rapidly. The old NAAFA style FA movement that denies the gluttony/obesity connection is a parody on itself. Bigger Fatter Blog has opened the dining room door to all the fatlings who know that gluttony is the cause of obesity and the cooks are working overtime. Yes indeed, gluttony is GOOD!
Bigger Fatter Blog does not lampoon fatlings at all. It lampoons liars. Fat Bastard is a genius. His Bigger Fatter Blog has done more to help fatlings than anything else. Truth tends to do that. NAAFA with its hypocrisy and dishonesty has done nothing but hurt fatlings. Real gluttonous fatling waddle to BFB because they know they can get the truth there.


I Fat Bastard fired of the next salvo and I blew them out of the water. It was like a flabbalanche on steroids.

February 5, 2011 6:48 pm
@ Proud FA,
I could not have said it better myself. It is disheartening to see the FA movement ossify and die under the weight of its own hypocrisy and then resort to lies about me. They have done some LOW things but telling people that I am CG is really bad. If they are not censoring free and reasonable speech they are attacking the messengers who bring that speech. What a bunch of scumbags.
The reason I defended MeMe Roth is because of the vulgar hate speech directed at her. When those jealous fat girls kept calling her a NAZI it gave fat people everywhere another black eye. The only fatlings who hate 
MeMe Roth are jealous fat girls who can’t stand the fact that she’s hot but more than that they can’t stand the fact that she beats them soundly in every debate.
MeMeMeMe it will go something like this:
Fat Bastard: MeMe you hot tamale, I Fat Bastard speak for all gluttonous fatlings and I would like to know what you have against gluttony other than the negative effects on health and perceived negative economic impact?
MeMe: Fat Bastard, you big hunk of sexy man meat, nothing! After the show will you take me for a ride on your power chair and allow me to have my way with you? I love men that have bigger tits than me.
Fat Bastard: No problem MeMe but if we go to dinner, you’re buying.
MeMe: It would be my treat to watch you eat. I’m getting wet just thinking about it.
Fox News cuts to a commercial as fat boy Neil Cavuto blushes.
Thanks for posting a link to Bigger Fatter Blog. I will return the favor so that my readers can leave Bigger Fatter Blog the home of fierce free stinking fatties and come here are read the sophistries of fiercely unthinking fatties.
Another reason why the jealous fat girls if the old and dying FA movement hate me is because I have defended MeMe Roth on several occasions form their venomous and catty assaults. Sure, I have fat boy lust for MeMe but that is not the reason why I have defended her. By defending her I am defending the honor and integrity of gluttons everywhere. Sure I would like to have MeMe as my significant other BUT and it’s a BIG BUTT; MeMe is happily married to a really decent guy and why should they be happy. MeMe is the kind of  woman that men want to see and that angry fat girls want to be. I can only hope that her hubby gets all blubbery and has a heart attack or something. Fat chance of that happening. Hell, I’d even eat healthy if I had a hot woman like her. Women like her are almost better than junk food.
The angry jealous fat girls hate women like MeMe but in their hypocrisy the won’t bang fat guys like me but their shallowness gets even worse. They are so blinded with hate for skinny women that they are unable to see why I, Fat Bastard can respect MeMe as a person even though I disagree with her views. It’s sort of like James Carville and Mary Matlin. The angry jealous fat girls are so full of maniacal rage that just the sight of MeMe, a hot thinling makes them foam at the mouth like Nancy Grace but when they hear about a fat boy like me finding her attractive and showing her some respect they fly into a blind rage and become unable to think. It is as though they were at a free all you can eat buffet – it becomes and deadly feeding frenzy and they go after MeMe like a pack of 300 pound Pitbulls. I may be a fat gluttonous waddling tub of goo but I am still a gentleman and I will defend a lady.
MEME ROTH – Men want to see her. Women want to be her!
True fat acceptance is size acceptance but we all have our preferences. I Fat Bastard like skinny women who are really bright while for a long time my best friend and blog partner Proud FA only porked fat girls who were not always the sharpest cheddar but to each their own.
 Because of this scurrilous attack by the jealous and rabid fat girls at Fierce Freethinking Fatties I will post some more pictures of hot looking skinny women like MeMe just to piss them off and remind them of what they are never going to be.
Fat girls hate Calista

 Hate her cause she’s skinny. That’s the motto of the old fat acceptance movement.

Sorry jealous fat girls they are both real women. Get over the fact that most men prefer the one on the left.

It is sacrilege for anyone in the FA movement to say things like, obesity will shorten your lifespan of that real men prefer lean women like MeMe Roth. That’s why the hate MeMe.

The egoistic jealous fat girls of the old fat acceptance movement love to say that “real” women have curves. that is about as  fattist, hateful and chauvinistic as it gets. Here is an example of what they think has curves.

Refrigerators don’t have curves!


>Thanksgiving Gluttony!

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Ladies and gentleman: START YOUR EATING! 


Now that you are all warmed up on all that extra Halloween candy it’s time to kick your gluttony into high gear. EAT!

Grow that pumpkin!

Fat folks make so much food at Thanksgiving, it’s almost divine. Do we really need so many different dishes—three vegetables, four pies, rolls, potatoes, stuffing, turkey, ham, alcohol etc.? The answer is a big fat resounding YES!  Zealots like MeMe Roth may prefer a more manageable meal, with fewer dishes—more like an enhanced “normal” meal. Which do you prefer? Would you rather eat more spartanly or go for the full monty of food glorious FOOD?
Eat early! Eat often!
Start your gormandizing on Thanksgiving Eve or sooner. Snacks and chips are dips are always a good option and don’t skip breakfast! Thanksgiving pre eating is like the famous Grazenhiemer Technique. Just keep eating and drinking. Beer is great with all the football games but consider some Bailey’s Irish  Creme especially if you are watching the Fighting Irish of Notre Dame. You may want to even have a mock tailgate party.
Get a really big fucking turkey!
Proud FA checking last year’s Birdzilla
Even if you can’t devour the bird in one sitting  it does not mean you should not get a mega gobbler to gobble. If you are a true glutton you will be hungry an hour after the main meal and desert. You’ll want some turkey sandwiches with mayo or gravy or both and some extra pie. If you can’t handle some Bailey’s Irish Creme try some Irish Coffee.
Fat O’Bastard’s Irish Coffee


  • 1 (5 fluid ounce) jigger Irish cream liqueur
  • 1 (5 fluid ounce) jigger Irish whiskey
  • 2 cups hot brewed coffee
  • 6 tablespoons whipped cream
  • 1 dash ground nutmeg


  1. In a big goddamn coffee mug, combine Irish cream and Irish whiskey. Fill mug with coffee. Top with a dab of whipped cream and a dash of nutmeg


Pecan, pumpkin, chocolate, mince meat or cheese pie are all good choices and don’t skimp on the whipped cream.
Loosen that belt rookie, there’s a lot more pie to pack away!
EAT! This is your host Fat Bastard wishing all a Happy Thanksgiving!
WARNING from Liberty Medical and Wilford Brimley! 
This Thanksgiving you are going to be kicking your power eating into overdrive so check your damn blood sugar and check it often! There’s no reason not to.

Keep watching Bigger Fatter Blog for our Xmas holiday seasons GREEDings articles and recipes and gift ideas for your favorite fatling.


Stop pedophiles BOYCOTT AMAZON!

>Friendly’s Restaurants Takes in Childhood Obesity

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As your go to source for all things fat, Bigger Fatter Blog salutes Friendly Restaurants for their latest kid friendly, fat friendly, glutton friendly creation the Mac & Cheese Quesadilla. As usual the fat phobic alarmists and Chicken Littles like MeMe Roth and her army jack booted thugs at National Action Against Obesity and her fat phobic blog are whining about a tasty meal Friendly’s Restaurants has created for our piglets and future gluttons. Taking a page from the Heart Attack Grill’s cookbook, Friendly’s is giving to kids what the Heart Attack Grill is giving to adults.

I have always said that fat kids are cute and Friendly’s agrees and they are do their part to plump up our pre-teen piglets. Leave it to MeMe Roth and her fanatical fat phobics in the food Gestapo to rale against a fat and glutton friendly eatery like Friendly’s. Here are what the food kops have written. I, Fat Bastard, will insert my comments in in red.

Friendly’s knows how to get attention: Find a ridiculously unhealthy meal, and then make it even more artery-clogging. (Try incredibly yummy and stick to the ribs meal)
The chain has come up with a way to put even more cheese in a quesadilla, releasing a Mac & Cheese Quesadilla. And it’s even on the kids’ menu.  (..And what’s wrong with that?) The menu recommends you add bacon (Bacon is good because it comes from the noble pig.) or a “Friendly Frank” (Who’d want an Unfriendly Frank?) to complete your meal — but not before you pick your drink, which can be cotton-candy flavored, (Kids love cotton candy!) and an ice-cream dessert. Combine the quesadilla with the unhealthiest drink and dessert, and the meal sets your kid back 2,270 calories, 45 grams of saturated fat, 3,320 mg of sodium and 23 grams of carbohydrates, according to The Consumerist. (…so fucking what?!)
This isn’t the first time Friendly’s has released fattening fare. (Good for Friendly’s for giving customers what they want)! Back in June, they announced the Grilled Cheese BurgerMelt, which actually has grilled cheese sandwiches for buns, on the adult menu. The only way to top that was to offer something equally unhealthy, but for the children. Let’s hope this quesadilla comes with a required jog around the restaurant. (Kids might barf up all that food if they start running around.)

https://i1.wp.com/www.1888leapfrog.com/ricebran/fat%20kid%20on%20couch.jpgWell fed kids are sedate. Pre diabetes is a cure for ADHD and ADD. Sugary treats calm kids down.

Friendly’s fat kid friendly menu.

Cute little glutton. Food is love mom.

Yeah yeah yeah I can here it now from the crazy jealous man-hating fat girls in the old fat acceptance who always have their yeasty panties in a bunch about something, “why are they using a skinny BOY instead of a fat girl like Little Lotta?” That typical knee jerk reaction misses the point of Friendly’s marketing genius. Why show a fat kid who is in less needs of fattening up? Seeing this skinny tyke will induce fat mothers to feed their kids even more fattening food and besides Little Lotta had a plus size modeling assignment for Orville Reddenbacher’s Popcorn.


Little Lotta was then and is now a great role model and roll model for girls. The Fatosphere could stand a few more SSBBW blogs that celebrate gluttony and morbid obesity instead of whining about everything. I don’t even think there are any SSBBW blogspot blogs or any gainer blogs.


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 Because Bigger Fatter Blog is not mean to those lovely anorexic angels who post pictures of hot thinlings to inspire (thinspire) other women work towards waifdom many come here for reverse Thinspiration. As a service to this bony beauties I, Fat Bastard, thought it would be right to provide these lovelies lilies of lightness with some reverse thinspo and at the same time I thought I would provide fat folks with some fatspiration. Fatter women take note.

One place I go to see my people, my fatlings is Walmart but then I can’t get to Walmart I can see them on the People of Walmart website.

Boobs on the back and front WOW!
Just one on these hefty hunny’s big back boobs are bigger than both of MeMe Roth’s little munchkin titties combined. Time for a silicon beef up MeMe? I hear there is an opening on the Itty Bitty Titty Committee.

What a unique shape on this gliding glutton! Perfection!

Weebles wobble but they don’t fall down! Perfection!
See what I mean?
Deeeeelightful pretty in pink porker presents pendulous panny perfection.

Waddling Walmart wench weighs in. Sexy SUPER SIZED BBW scooter sitting siren, stands, steps on scale and breaks it!
You can have your cake and eat it too! Big busty & buxom birthday babe spies snack!
Pull em down Pittsburgh! Steelers QB and Pedophile Big Ben Roethlisberger bangs big butted babes when he is not raping underage girls.

http://minista.files.wordpress.com/2009/05/fat_chick_on_motorcycle.jpgHot horny heffer harlot hogger hunny humping Harley. Plump porcine pleasuring pretty perched with something exciting between her legs flaunts fabulous fat fanny!
Skinny sexy cycle slut flaunts fine firm fanny! Chopper copper pulls them over for a better look.

Feisty feasting fat frow front seat fill up holding her breath because they are sooooo slow at the drive-in window.

Temptress tart teasingly trots tantalizing twat on treadmill!
Patriotic plump rumped pretty porker proudly pummels and vanquishes virulent villain Osama bin Laden. Menacing maniacal Muslims misprize anything pertaining to pigs so what better than having a big bellied bulky bacony babe’s pulsating piggy plumpness pulverizing this malevolent and misogynistic Muslim madman? USA! USA! USA! USA!

Click here for a poem glorifying gluttony.

>My Fat Spouse: Back With a Vengeance!

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>Screw You Matilda Tuesday and My Fat Spouse Forum

For a time Matilda Tuesday’s Fat Spouse Forum was off the net. We did a TOS shutdown on those wretched fat haters but now they are back and back with a vengeance. Our NAFAM operatives have been monitoring the activity there for some time now and sadly the site membership and page views have grown in leaps and bounds. The site has had nearly 4 million page views according to Google Analytics.

My Fat Spouse is a place dedicated to thinlings who are unhappy because they are married to a gluttonous fatling. It is like MeMe Roth’s Wedding Gown Challenge on steroids. Thinling after thinling post there only to complain about how repulsed they are by their fat spouse and the meanest ones are the women! The husbands are slightly more tactful.

Here is a sample of what a leanling husband wrote:

I’m in a NO sex marriage and it’s not the fault of both of us. She was trim and in great shape when we first married. She gained 165 pounds in the first year of our marriage, often eating two and three servings at every meal. I totally lost interest in sex with her then, never again initiating. As shallow as it sounds, I find obesity a total turn-off. Since then, she has packed on another 145 pounds with no end in site. I don’t discuss her wight with her; it’s her choice, but I have NO interest in having sex with her ever again. I have been completely loyal otherwise, treating her with respect and providing financially, but that’s it. I’d rather be doomed to this life of celibacy than having to see her in the nude, or worse, have to pretend to be aroused by her.

And this guy is complaining?! As the Dean of Feederism I can tell you that the wife’s gain was no easy task. This man’s sexy sow packed on 305 pounds and she didn’t even have a feeder! She did it all herself! That kind of gluttony deserves a trophy. This fool has himself a trophy fat girl sow of a wife and he’s pissing and moaning about it. SHEEESH! I am a the all knowing Dean of Feederism and I have never gotten my sows to gain like that.

This whiny whiny husband should simply get too fat to pork fat girls just like Fat Bastard and join his wife in her unbridled food lust. If she needs a porking there are plenty of fat admirers who would love to pork a sow of her magnitude. Fat boys like Fat Bastard and Teddy Bear lose most of their libido so eating becomes their form of gratification.

The leanling wives there are far far worse than the husbands.
https://i2.wp.com/www.tabloidprodigy.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/05/obese.jpg“I have worked for months to over come this reaction, and I cannot. I look, and cannot quell the repulsion that rises from somewhere primal within me. I am a woman, and my Obese Significant Other is a man. What is repulsed by sight is confirmed through touch. Indeed, magnified through touch. His shape, with full hips, buttocks, and thighs, large belly and ample man boobs, is more comparable to a female than a male. I have no lesbian leanings. This repugnant tactile sensation causes me to recoil. I look at his form, as he lay under the sheets, and what I see is a fat woman, not a man. When I hug him, its conjures childhood memories of my cuddling with my grandmother.”

https://i1.wp.com/www.xylia.org/susanstinson.jpgTypical Fat Feminist or Emasculated Fat Boy? Does it even matter?

Obviously this fat boy married the wrong woman. He should have married a fat man hating feminist so that when he morphed into an androgynous emasculated girlie man like our own Dr Gerald “Teddy” Bear she’d have the perfect man for a fat feminist and that perfect man is a woman. This guy should never have married a leanling with high self-esteem when there are angry NAAFA dykes out their that like their men more feminine that they are.

Luckily for fat guys like Fat Bastard many skinny woman have low self-esteem and low standards. So what if he can’t satisfy this lean hotling? Then lean men who are unhappy with (don’t appreciate) their fat sow wives can give her the boning she needs. I have delivered the sausage to many leanling MILFs who were married to gluttons.


Look at this leaning preparing himself for a good old fashioned squashing. This hot SSBBW will make this runt of a husband feel like Hiroshima after the atomic bomb hit but he will come back for more and more and more. Then if he’s lucky she will allow him to eat out her yeasty maw. Take that MY FAT SPOUSE FORUM!

This pretty pink piglet gives a thumbs down to Miss Matilda Tuesday and My Fat Spouse!

Can you imagine a more tender moment?

Give Ms Matilda Tuesday a piece of your mind HERE after you have had some pie.

>Goodness Gracious Great Glorious Gluttony: A Guide to dining out!

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>There are three criteria the experienced glutton looks for in food. The first is quantity, second is flavor and third is price. I will be discussing some of the more popular restaurants. To judge the gluttonosity of a restaurants one needs to set an industry standard or find a restaurant that is the Cadillac of glutton fare. That restaurant can only be the Heart Attack Grill. With offerings like Flat Liner Fries and the Quadruple Bypass Burger the Heart Attack Grill sets the standard by which all other glutton friendly restaurants are judged. Not only do they serve humongous amounts of food but philanthropic owner Jon Basso allows gluttons weighing over 350 pounds to eat for free! Jon Basso is a fat friendly angel and the Heart Attack Grill is a shrine and a Mecca  for gluttons Worldwide. A trip to the Heart Attack is not like a trip to your average hamburger joint, it’s a scared pilgrimage.


If you love giant burgers and you can’t make it to the Heart Attack the next best place is Hardees. Political correctness of anti-gluttony advocates will not allow Hardees to market their menu selections the way the Heart Attack Grill does but Hardees offers without a doubt the best and biggest burgers in the entire fast food industry.

>Has MeMe Roth Gone Too Far?

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MeMe Roth riding on her broom and sweeping out all the goodies as she terrorizes our young fatlings.

Everyone in the fat acceptance movement knows MeMe Roth MeMe who runs a group called National Action Against Obesity, and now she is crashing elementary school parties because they are serving kids delicious  glutton fare. MeMe recently went to her daughter’s school and had a conniption fit because of the yummy food being served. Roth exclaimed, “I thought I was sending my kid to P.S. 9, not Chuck E. Cheese,” Ms. Roth, a strident  thinling and a hotling  40-year-old from Atlanta, said in an interview. “Is there or is there not an obesity and diabetes epidemic in this country?” Such a mother hen you are MeMe! Fat kids are cute as hell. Look at the Campbell Soup kids. http://3.bp.blogspot.com/_fHzwF9oHiB4/SYAoMuESi-I/AAAAAAAAG6s/BIgDckgkRAA/s400/campbellkids_birthday.gif

and look at these happy little chubblings….

MeMe Leave us kids alone! 

MeMe Roth will not be satisfied until all children look like these two tykes. 

Stop fretting about diabetes too MeMe because we have Liberty Medical who will deliver our diabetes supplies right to our door at no cost to us along with a free meter. We also have Wilford Brimley telling us to check our blood sugar and to check it often so that our diabetis won’t get to out of control and if it does and we get a diabetic ulcer like one of these bad boyshttps://i2.wp.com/www.erc.montana.edu/biofilmbook/MODULE_07/IMAGES/DiabeticFootUlcer350w.jpg we can get a good old fashioned amputation if needed and then get one of these babies, a 36″ Bariatric Bounder.

https://i0.wp.com/medicalsupplyleader.com/products/bariatric/bariatric2.jpgMeMe you need to consider the health care crisis in the country. Without the medical needs of us fatlings feeding the starving medical industry our economy would tank. Our gluttony is good! It creates jobs! Obesity helps fuel he medical industry. You just don’t get it!

Other blogs have reacted with moral outrage to this out of control food cop.

MeMe Roth cruelly taunting fat girls with her movie star looks and smokin body


Real men like real women with real curves. Only a dog wants a bone and just because I don’t/can’t pork fat girls and Proud FA is no longer porking fat girls that does not mean we don’t find fat girls hot. Fat girls are very very hot and that is why they dress like sluts and show so much skin. They need the ventilation for Christ’s sake or else they’d overheat when they overeat! Ms Roth has no need to dress like a harlot!

MeMe The Terrorist

MeMe Roth is a one woman Taliban. Ms carrots and peas Roth wants to ban most foods. Her deep seated hatred for us fatlings has driven her agenda along with fellow fat hater first lady Michelle Obama to terrorize our fatling pups aka fat kids with fruits and vegetables. If  Ms Roth and Mrs Obama get there way all we will be allowed to eat is lettuce and seaweed. People like Emeril, Paula Deen the Butter Queen will be rounded up and sen to Gitmo and reprogrammed to cook like Graham Kerr and Nathan Lyon. 

You need to be eating some KFC and soul food sista!

We have shootings, bombings and rapes in our elementary schools everyday and you Ms Roth are concerned about cupcakes and a few million cases of diabetes that can easily be treated by the greatest medical system in the world?  How dare you storm into a school and take away the tasty num nums from kids? That Ms Roth is child abuse! You are probably one of those parents that forces your kids to eat spinach and carrots. Somebody should report you you killjoy!

I could not leave BFB’s readers seeing such an ugly image that the First Lady is using to terrorize our kids and create a country of anorexics so I, Fat Bastard, leave you with this comforting image and I give you this sage advice. EAT!


>An Open Letter to Proud FA

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>As may many readers know, Proud FA is my best friend and confidant but lately Proud FA is not happy with me. He feels that I am selling out to the likes of MeMe Roth. He bases this on my recent weight loss (Even though it was induced by medical blunders) and my article titled There are More Important Things Than Fat Acceptance. When you have a series of near death experiences it sort of puts things into perspective.

Folks I have not sold out! I am still a big fat greedy and slothful glutton although I am no as fat and a bit less gluttonous because I am getting laid more. Both Proud FA and I agreed that the new fat acceptance movement would not be anti-diet. I am still slowly losing weight. Sue me! Unfortunately I am an apple shape and “Dr” Gerald “Teddy” Bear the leading voice on super morbid obesity will tell you apples are at greater risks for health complications due to obesity than pears. I hope that “Dr” Bear and I can come up with some BMI guidelines for apples.

Above is an apple shaped body.

Below is a pear shaped body.

With the help of CG Brady I have turned my food lust into less of a hedonistic pursuit of my porcine pleasures into more of an epicurian endeavor. I think it has been a good trade off. Even if I get skinny (Like that is going to happen) I would still be the legitimate leader of the New Fat Acceptance Movement. Kate Harding is not a major fatling, she’s just ugly.

Proud FA, we have been friends for too long for you to diss me like this. I will always be Fat Bastard. I will always be that big fat rolly-poly guy that has been like a brother to you. I will always be Ralph Kramden to your Ed Norton.https://biggerfatterblog.files.wordpress.com/2010/03/ralphwantseatnortonspizza_50.png?w=300

Yes, there are things that are more important than fat acceptance. The health of Americans is one of them. While it is true that we fatlings end up getting the shittiest end of the stick when it come to health care, thinlings also get a stick with a very shitty end. While we fatlings are treated like turds in the corporate medical swimming pool; the thinlings are often the turds in the corporate medical urinal.

Please come back PFA. The movement needs you. We can do it without you but it would be easier with you.


Fat Bastard, your brother in lard

PS. Here is something for you viewing pleasure.

https://i1.wp.com/fc07.deviantart.net/fs41/i/2009/037/8/0/Sexy_Thickness_by_mcs1347_by_ClubBBW.jpgIf you wanna see more hot fat MILF action click here!

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