>My Fat Spouse: Back With a Vengeance!

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>Screw You Matilda Tuesday and My Fat Spouse Forum

For a time Matilda Tuesday’s Fat Spouse Forum was off the net. We did a TOS shutdown on those wretched fat haters but now they are back and back with a vengeance. Our NAFAM operatives have been monitoring the activity there for some time now and sadly the site membership and page views have grown in leaps and bounds. The site has had nearly 4 million page views according to Google Analytics.

My Fat Spouse is a place dedicated to thinlings who are unhappy because they are married to a gluttonous fatling. It is like MeMe Roth’s Wedding Gown Challenge on steroids. Thinling after thinling post there only to complain about how repulsed they are by their fat spouse and the meanest ones are the women! The husbands are slightly more tactful.

Here is a sample of what a leanling husband wrote:

I’m in a NO sex marriage and it’s not the fault of both of us. She was trim and in great shape when we first married. She gained 165 pounds in the first year of our marriage, often eating two and three servings at every meal. I totally lost interest in sex with her then, never again initiating. As shallow as it sounds, I find obesity a total turn-off. Since then, she has packed on another 145 pounds with no end in site. I don’t discuss her wight with her; it’s her choice, but I have NO interest in having sex with her ever again. I have been completely loyal otherwise, treating her with respect and providing financially, but that’s it. I’d rather be doomed to this life of celibacy than having to see her in the nude, or worse, have to pretend to be aroused by her.

And this guy is complaining?! As the Dean of Feederism I can tell you that the wife’s gain was no easy task. This man’s sexy sow packed on 305 pounds and she didn’t even have a feeder! She did it all herself! That kind of gluttony deserves a trophy. This fool has himself a trophy fat girl sow of a wife and he’s pissing and moaning about it. SHEEESH! I am a the all knowing Dean of Feederism and I have never gotten my sows to gain like that.

This whiny whiny husband should simply get too fat to pork fat girls just like Fat Bastard and join his wife in her unbridled food lust. If she needs a porking there are plenty of fat admirers who would love to pork a sow of her magnitude. Fat boys like Fat Bastard and Teddy Bear lose most of their libido so eating becomes their form of gratification.

The leanling wives there are far far worse than the husbands.
https://i2.wp.com/www.tabloidprodigy.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/05/obese.jpg“I have worked for months to over come this reaction, and I cannot. I look, and cannot quell the repulsion that rises from somewhere primal within me. I am a woman, and my Obese Significant Other is a man. What is repulsed by sight is confirmed through touch. Indeed, magnified through touch. His shape, with full hips, buttocks, and thighs, large belly and ample man boobs, is more comparable to a female than a male. I have no lesbian leanings. This repugnant tactile sensation causes me to recoil. I look at his form, as he lay under the sheets, and what I see is a fat woman, not a man. When I hug him, its conjures childhood memories of my cuddling with my grandmother.”

https://i1.wp.com/www.xylia.org/susanstinson.jpgTypical Fat Feminist or Emasculated Fat Boy? Does it even matter?

Obviously this fat boy married the wrong woman. He should have married a fat man hating feminist so that when he morphed into an androgynous emasculated girlie man like our own Dr Gerald “Teddy” Bear she’d have the perfect man for a fat feminist and that perfect man is a woman. This guy should never have married a leanling with high self-esteem when there are angry NAAFA dykes out their that like their men more feminine that they are.

Luckily for fat guys like Fat Bastard many skinny woman have low self-esteem and low standards. So what if he can’t satisfy this lean hotling? Then lean men who are unhappy with (don’t appreciate) their fat sow wives can give her the boning she needs. I have delivered the sausage to many leanling MILFs who were married to gluttons.


Look at this leaning preparing himself for a good old fashioned squashing. This hot SSBBW will make this runt of a husband feel like Hiroshima after the atomic bomb hit but he will come back for more and more and more. Then if he’s lucky she will allow him to eat out her yeasty maw. Take that MY FAT SPOUSE FORUM!

This pretty pink piglet gives a thumbs down to Miss Matilda Tuesday and My Fat Spouse!

Can you imagine a more tender moment?

Give Ms Matilda Tuesday a piece of your mind HERE after you have had some pie.


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>I really had some apprehension about posting this hateful garbage that I found online on a message board. I will not post the addy of the site because I don’t want to give them any free publicity but let it suffice to say this was on a fitness site. We all know how cruel those roid monkeys can be.

I am still so flabbergasted at the cruel mockery of these lovely BBW’s that I remain at a loss for words. Perhaps Teddy and Fat Bastard can talk me down but right now I am livid!!! I will add more editorial comments regarding this smudge on fat people and the movement. So watch for this article to change. I am sure Fat Bastard will want to add his outrage to this abomination.

Upon further reflection and a good talking down from Teddy Bear, I have regained my composure. I have spoken with fat bastard he reminded me that no one ever rushes to a fat man’s defense the way I rushed to the defense of these much maligned ladies. Fat men have feelings too and they also suffer the cruel ridicule persecution that fat women suffer. I suppose if a bunch of skinny skanks like Me Me Roth and her band of fat haters started a similar thread about fat men people would laugh and think it was OK.

For Men Only (this is serious man stuff)

I am sure some of you put on the beer googles and porked a fatty. Luckily I got married before most women got fat. I have porked a few voluptuous babes but I have never porked a pig but I bet some of you younger guys have. As men, we all have a minimum standard. Clearly minimum standards have declined given the obesity crisis. Lots of standards have declined because of the obesity crisis.

When it comes to women and sex, what is your minimum standard? In other words how fat does she have to be to make Mr Happy recoil and shrivel up out of fear?

Pick the ones you would do. Then pick the ones you would need beer goggles for. Then pick the ones you would do for a million bucks. Then pick the ones you would rather die than pork.

Patty Perhaps I’d hit that.


Brenda Buffet

Gormanda Sealpup

Maida Ham
Fatty Baluca

Panni Pannicula

Largina Crush
Rotunda Hindenberg
Orca Porka Is this male or female? I can’t tell!
Dora Doritos She has an extra body part!


>My Fat Spouse: The Most Hateful Site On The Net

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>According to this dreadful website My Fat Spouse:

It Is Disrespectful To Willingly Become Unattractive To Your Life Partner. Who died and made them God and the judge of all that is attractive. The site opines that obesity is the cause of divorce. They cannot back up this absurd assertion. They also think fat women are unattractive. They may want to tell the porn industry that and al the guys who are beating off to images of sexy BBWs. Fat porn is exploding all over the net. They go on to say:


” If you have been watching the news lately, I am sure that you have heard of the “Obesity Epidemic“. Marriages are not immune to the effects of this issue. This site will focus on the situation where one partner becomes, or remains obese and the other spouse maintains a thinner physique, or succeeds in becoming thinner.”

This is My Fat Spouse’s ideal of feminine beauty.

Real men like women like these lusty busty beauties.

It’s founder and site owner is a muscle bound roid monkey named Chris Dumbell.

Chris Dumbell AKA Fat Hater

His hateful site is growing in popularity. His site is for spouse who cannot appreciate their obese and super obese partners. They advocate infidelity, divorce, hunting fat people using harpoon and then rendering our blubber into motor fuel and our skin for lamp shades, starvation dieting, torturous exercise, the use of cattle prods on fat people, the fat tax, and many other forms of fat hate bingo. Here is a link to this site that has a forum. http://myfatspouse.com/ They also have a online forum where they bash fat people. The have some very toxic posters. Married2ASweathog is one of the worst. He looks like a Flava Flave wannabe.

This one is terrible!

I was surprised in a way to see that the women who post there are even more brutal to their fat spouses than men. Fat Bastard and I discussed this and we now are not surprised by the fact that skinny women are more brutal to their fat husbands than skinny husbands are to their fat wives. As a fat admirer I am almost embarrassed as to high easy it is for lean men to land fat women but now that I hear the horrible things discussed on that roid monkey’s site I know why we fat admirers can so easily land BBWs.

I’d rather sit on the couch, play video games and feed this sizzling SSBBW than walk on the beach with this prude! https://i0.wp.com/thumbs.dreamstime.com/thumb_309/1220798826u3P4T3.jpg

>Happy Holidays



There are those who celebrate the religious significance of Christmas. They will tell you that Jesus is the reason for the season but in reality the Yuletide season is a celebration of food and abundance. Food is the reason for the season. Very little of the Christmas season has anything to do with the birth of Jesus. What we commonly refer to and Christmas is in fact a time to pay homage to our Belly God. In Norway for example people from work gather in early December to feast and drink booze. Traditionally, the mother of the house bakes seven types of cookies, julekaker. In the tradition called Julebukk or Nyttårsbukk, children dress up in costumes, visit neighbors, singing Christmas carols and receiving candy, nuts and other gastronomic goodies. “We all want some figgy pudding and a cup of good cheer”

In Denmark, Jul is celebrated on December 24th, which is called Juleaftensdag (Juleaften for Christmas Eve specifically). An elaborate dinner is eaten with the family, consisting of roast pork, roast duck or roast goose with potatoes, red cabbage and gravy. For dessert is rice pudding with a cherry sauce, traditionally with an almond hidden inside. The lucky finder of this almond is entitled to a small gift. After the meal is complete, the family gather around the Juletræ to sing carols and dance hand in hand around the tree. Then the children often hand out the presents which are opened immediately. This is followed by candy, chips, various nuts, clementines, and sometimes a mulled and spiced wine with almonds and raisins called Gløgg is served hot in small cups.

The enitire holiday season starting with Halloween is a feast and celebration of the blessing of the Belly God. Every European country and culture celebrate the holiday season with food and excess. America being the greatest nation on earth has turned Christmas in to the most delightful and vulgar Pagan display on earth. That is why the Belly God has smiled upon us.




Yummy BBW enjoying a yummy yummy yum yum for the FAs.


Tasty thinling elf for all the fat guys who don’t get laid.

Happy Holidays to all and a special X-Mas wish to Teddy Bear of http://the-biggest-fattest-blog.blogspot.com/ https://i2.wp.com/www.karterasykremas.com/Pictures/XmasPictures/XmasSaleBIG/TeddyBearWreath85070.JPG https://i1.wp.com/gregandlisamarie.com/sitebuilder/images/minora-138x111.jpg