>As the old fat acceptance grows uglier and uglier dies, ossifies and collapses they take a cheap shot at Bigger Fatter Blog and the new and enlightened fat acceptance movement.

One of our spies has let us know about the latest dastardly assault on Bigger Fatter Blog so Proud FA and I responded. Normally we let these sort of cheap shots slide but we felt that this was a good teaching moment and we also were compelled to defend the honor of this blog and fatling everywhere.

Here is a link to their article smearing me, CG, Bigger Fatter Blog and all fat people who do not deny the gluttony/obesity connection. http://fiercefatties.com/2011/01/24/gitm-5-magnanimous-bastard/#comment-5186

Stop by and give these fake fatties a good dose of fattitude and oink hard at them.

Proud FA fired the first salvo and boy did it hit its mark.

February 5, 2011 6:03 pm
You just don’t get it. Gluttony is good. This  will never achieve true fat acceptance until fat people stop denying the gluttony connection. That’s right. Calories in vs calories out. It really is that simple. The constant pathological denial of that by the fat acceptance movement is the reason 99.99999999999% of the fatlings in the US are NOT members of the fat acceptance movement. They know that they are gluttons and nobody is supporting their gluttonous behavior.
Bigger Fatter Blog exists to let every waddling sweating tub of guts know that embracing one’s food lust and celebrating it is the true essence of fat acceptance. If you are not accepting the behaviors ie food lust, hedonism, sloth, and greedy gluttony which are the cornerstones of obesity and morbid obesity one cannot truly say that they are a fat acceptor.
It’s easy to accept fat. Fat is a tissue. Being fat is a misnomer. Fat is a noun really. Having a fat body is the truer definition. If you are fat-bodied or a fatling you are the one who caused what you are now. You can either accept your fat body and it’s fat or you can change the behaviors that make you fat bodied if you don’t like all the perks that come with being fat bodied such as, free diabetic supplies, free power chairs, free sleep apnea supplies, free treatment for all the co-morbid conditions that come with the results of gluttony, they you are not a “fat acceptor.”
One of the most telling things about the mental retardation that is the FA movement is the fact that your pathological denial of reality is that you are too brain washed to know if Bigger Fatter Blog is a parody or the real deal. This isn’t surprising in this day and age where honesty and common sense has been replaced with lies and political correctness.
It would appear that a blind brain damaged engineer shined a very bright light on the hypocrisy that is the fat acceptance movement and the medical and weight loss industry. What is even more telling is that Bigger Fatter Blog gets more page views than any other fat acceptance site.
Let’s look at the facts. The fat acceptors of the old FA movement will say that the only people who go to Bigger Fatter Blog are fat haters but the fact is only about 28% of Americans are lean bodied. The fact is 99% of fatlings reject the fat acceptance movement. I will say that again, 99% of fatlings reject the fat acceptance movement!
You’d think that after 40+ years fat acceptance would have caught on but the TRUTH is it has lost membership as the obesity numbers grow. Bigger Fatter Blog is the only fat acceptance movement that is gaining membership and it is gaining membership rapidly. The old NAAFA style FA movement that denies the gluttony/obesity connection is a parody on itself. Bigger Fatter Blog has opened the dining room door to all the fatlings who know that gluttony is the cause of obesity and the cooks are working overtime. Yes indeed, gluttony is GOOD!
Bigger Fatter Blog does not lampoon fatlings at all. It lampoons liars. Fat Bastard is a genius. His Bigger Fatter Blog has done more to help fatlings than anything else. Truth tends to do that. NAAFA with its hypocrisy and dishonesty has done nothing but hurt fatlings. Real gluttonous fatling waddle to BFB because they know they can get the truth there.


I Fat Bastard fired of the next salvo and I blew them out of the water. It was like a flabbalanche on steroids.

February 5, 2011 6:48 pm
@ Proud FA,
I could not have said it better myself. It is disheartening to see the FA movement ossify and die under the weight of its own hypocrisy and then resort to lies about me. They have done some LOW things but telling people that I am CG is really bad. If they are not censoring free and reasonable speech they are attacking the messengers who bring that speech. What a bunch of scumbags.
The reason I defended MeMe Roth is because of the vulgar hate speech directed at her. When those jealous fat girls kept calling her a NAZI it gave fat people everywhere another black eye. The only fatlings who hate 
MeMe Roth are jealous fat girls who can’t stand the fact that she’s hot but more than that they can’t stand the fact that she beats them soundly in every debate.
MeMeMeMe it will go something like this:
Fat Bastard: MeMe you hot tamale, I Fat Bastard speak for all gluttonous fatlings and I would like to know what you have against gluttony other than the negative effects on health and perceived negative economic impact?
MeMe: Fat Bastard, you big hunk of sexy man meat, nothing! After the show will you take me for a ride on your power chair and allow me to have my way with you? I love men that have bigger tits than me.
Fat Bastard: No problem MeMe but if we go to dinner, you’re buying.
MeMe: It would be my treat to watch you eat. I’m getting wet just thinking about it.
Fox News cuts to a commercial as fat boy Neil Cavuto blushes.
Thanks for posting a link to Bigger Fatter Blog. I will return the favor so that my readers can leave Bigger Fatter Blog the home of fierce free stinking fatties and come here are read the sophistries of fiercely unthinking fatties.
Another reason why the jealous fat girls if the old and dying FA movement hate me is because I have defended MeMe Roth on several occasions form their venomous and catty assaults. Sure, I have fat boy lust for MeMe but that is not the reason why I have defended her. By defending her I am defending the honor and integrity of gluttons everywhere. Sure I would like to have MeMe as my significant other BUT and it’s a BIG BUTT; MeMe is happily married to a really decent guy and why should they be happy. MeMe is the kind of  woman that men want to see and that angry fat girls want to be. I can only hope that her hubby gets all blubbery and has a heart attack or something. Fat chance of that happening. Hell, I’d even eat healthy if I had a hot woman like her. Women like her are almost better than junk food.
The angry jealous fat girls hate women like MeMe but in their hypocrisy the won’t bang fat guys like me but their shallowness gets even worse. They are so blinded with hate for skinny women that they are unable to see why I, Fat Bastard can respect MeMe as a person even though I disagree with her views. It’s sort of like James Carville and Mary Matlin. The angry jealous fat girls are so full of maniacal rage that just the sight of MeMe, a hot thinling makes them foam at the mouth like Nancy Grace but when they hear about a fat boy like me finding her attractive and showing her some respect they fly into a blind rage and become unable to think. It is as though they were at a free all you can eat buffet – it becomes and deadly feeding frenzy and they go after MeMe like a pack of 300 pound Pitbulls. I may be a fat gluttonous waddling tub of goo but I am still a gentleman and I will defend a lady.
MEME ROTH – Men want to see her. Women want to be her!
True fat acceptance is size acceptance but we all have our preferences. I Fat Bastard like skinny women who are really bright while for a long time my best friend and blog partner Proud FA only porked fat girls who were not always the sharpest cheddar but to each their own.
 Because of this scurrilous attack by the jealous and rabid fat girls at Fierce Freethinking Fatties I will post some more pictures of hot looking skinny women like MeMe just to piss them off and remind them of what they are never going to be.
Fat girls hate Calista

 Hate her cause she’s skinny. That’s the motto of the old fat acceptance movement.

Sorry jealous fat girls they are both real women. Get over the fact that most men prefer the one on the left.

It is sacrilege for anyone in the FA movement to say things like, obesity will shorten your lifespan of that real men prefer lean women like MeMe Roth. That’s why the hate MeMe.

The egoistic jealous fat girls of the old fat acceptance movement love to say that “real” women have curves. that is about as  fattist, hateful and chauvinistic as it gets. Here is an example of what they think has curves.

Refrigerators don’t have curves!