In my last article I discussed the many reasons for why NAAFA and the old fat acceptance has failed to catch on with mainstream fatlings in its dismal 40+ years. NAAFA had a great start when Bill Fabrey first started NAAFA and back then NAAFA meant National Association AIDING Fat Americans. We at bigger fatter blog believe that Bill’s original vision was the correct vision. Making life better for fatlings is really the only goal we should have.


Bigger Fatter Blog has expanding on Bill’s vision and instead of being a political organization with a political message our message is one of fat. Aiding fat Americans means accommodating, promoting and enabling obesity and gluttony. We are modeling this movement after other successful movements such as the NAACP and the JDL. Just as Blacks are not apologists for being Blacks and Jews aer not apologists for being Jews we fatlings are not apologists for being fat and gluttonous. That is why Bigger Fatter Blog is getting more page hits than all other FA sites combined.


Big people deserve a big tent. Unlike the man hating angry narrow gate NAAFA style fat acceptance that philosophically  excludes 90% of fatlings; we at Bigger Fattter Blog let in everyone. We are not anti diet, anti feederism or anti male. That alone lets in millions that NAAFA would exclude. We are anti weight loss surgery. Other than that, we are not anti anything.

Drawing by Teddy Bear of the Biggest Fattest Blog

Gluttony is good. No one, not even MeMe Roth  come up with an argument for why gluttony is not good. We want fat people to know that their gluttony is a good thing. Food kicks ass! Food is love.

One of the greatest pioneers in the new obesity/gluttony promotion movement is “Dr” Gerald “Teddy” Bear of  The Biggest Fattest Blog. LINK Teddy better than anyone illustrates the joys of gluttony and obesity and is in many ways a goodwill ambassador for the new fat acceptance.

We stress the positive. Unlike the NAAFA girls there are men running this show. We aren’t always on the rag bitching about something all the time. We are positive fat acceptance and people like it. It really is that simple.