>Reverse Fatspo: "Hot" Skinny Chicks

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>Those little pro ana sweethearts often use pictures of fat girls to cause what they call reverse thinspo. I thought that I Fat Bastard would post up some pictures of emaciated skinny chicks and fat girls to provide some fatsporation and reverse fatspo for our million of female readers.

I’d bone here but that is only because I am too fat to pork fat girls.

As you can see this little darling has probably a BMI of 21 and that is too thin. Yeah I know that technically she is probably health as a horse but a BMI over 25 is where real womanhood begins and fake womanhood leaves off.

The laugh is on us fat boys who never experience the joys of a sweaty fat girl as are forced to settle for toothpicks like those two!

Real womyn eat a lot and often each other when they can’t find a skinny guy. Sadly there are a lot of skinny guys who like me, Fat Bastard, like fake women with a BMI between 18 and 24.

Anna/ana Kournikova not a curve in sight.

Skinny women have less curves than a Midwest highway.

Real woman indulging her her porcine pleasure. Sexy sows sucking on sweets… SUUUUU EEEEE!!!

Here big tits can feed and army of piglettes! That’s sexy!

In case you have forgotten what a real woman looks like here is one. Not only to real women have curves many have extra body parts.

When they get really skinny the actually grow 2 extra ribs like a man and frightening faces appear on their nipples. The quest for bones among the pro ana crowd actually causes the little bit of flesh they have to morph into bones. In fact autopsies of the MILLIONS of pro anas who die each year reveal on average 10 extra vertebrae and extra toes and fingers.

More rump to hump. More cushion for the pushin!

You know that they say. The bigger the cushion the better the pushin. Skinny women have butts like scarecrows.

No curves! No padding! No fun unless you are a fat boy.

Skinny women have no padding back there. The are lucky that us fat boys have fat stomachs to cushion the shock when they ride us reverse cowgirl style.



Not a real woman! Legs like tooth picks! Eat Calista. I’d love to..

Reverse Fatspo


Jerry Ryan looking gaunt and ugly.

Reverse Fatspo 

Carni Wilson after recovering from gastric bypass surgery


>Fat NAAFA Womyn Are Really NeoCONS and Nazis

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My good friend “Dr” Gerald “Teddy” Bear never ceases to get me thinking. The erudite “Dr” Bear has been battling bullies and right wing fundegelical meat heads most of his life. When you look at members of the far left and more so the far right you see that they are not much different than scum like Adolf Hitler and his butt buddy Stalin. The womyn of the NAAFA style fat acceptance movement claim to be left of center but in reality they share all the traits with the morons in the TeaBagger movement. The political spectrum is depicted as a line but I think it is more like a circle.
The above graphic illustrates this point.

The liberal/progressive embraces higher education and learning. The first people to condemn scientific research on obesity with knee jerk fact free statements are the NAAFA Womyn.
While some of these fat womyn had some college it’s usually a bullshit and worthless Mickey Mouse degree. Fat studies… LOL!

The NAAFA style womyn make fact free arguments. They make the absurd fat and fit arguments as they waddle on canes or cruise around in their fatty scooters.
The NAAFA girls are always getting their yeasty panties in a bunch about something. They make fact free and retarded tea bag style arguments like this angry fat girl.
The NAAFA girls get their medical information for obesity from dubious sources like Linda Bacon, Kelly Bliss Smelly Piss, dog faced troll Kate Harding, and lawyer Paul Campos.
These tiresome twits are bigoted haters. They hate skinny women like anti-obesity advocate MeMe Roth and they hate fat men because fat guys are unable to pork them. They hate MeMe Roth not only because she kicks their butts in debates but because she has movie star good looks, a smokin body and a superior brain.
NAAFA girls are a hateful bunch of man haters who refuse to acknowledge that the are the cause of everything they hate. Unless and until the accept the good and the bad of their gluttonous lifestyles nobody will take them seriously. Like the teabagger who they think for most Americans, the NAAFA fat acceptors speak only for a fringe group of angry girls who really hate themselves most of all.

>A Brief History of Fat Acceptance: NAAFA PWNED!

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Happy hippy hoggers promote porcine pleasures of portliness

Amid all the other tumult, causes and revolutions of the 1960s — race, sex, war, feminism — the fight of the fat is a historical footnote. But America’s overweight had their cause too. When hippies started staging “be-ins” to protest the Vietnam War, the first fat activists co-opted the idea: they staged their own event in New York City’s Central Park, dubbed it a “Fat-In” and ate ice cream while burning posters of über-thin model Twiggy. Viva la revolución.

Ham armed hunny eating Hog in Daz

On July 31, the group that congealed out of those early demonstrations — the National Association to Advance Fat Acceptance (NAAFA) — is celebrating its 40th anniversary at a national convention in Washington. The all-volunteer group, comprising some 11,000 members nationwide, will use the meeting to raise funds, lobby congressional leaders and stage a plus-size fashion show and all you can eat buffets along with free diabetic supplies  — all in the name of promoting awareness of fat issues.

Uber hot gluttony critic MeMe Roth nemesis of jealous girls everywhere testifying before congress. Men want to see her and fat girls wish they could be her.

Critics say NAAFA, which opposes dieting and weight-loss surgery, is an apologist for an unhealthy lifestyle. But NAAFA says it does no such thing, that some people are just bigger and no less deserving of the same rights as everyone else. (Read “First Comes Love, Then Comes Obesity?”)

Like some of its members, perhaps, the fat-acceptance movement has yo-yoed in size over the years. In the late 1960s, small groups were active on both coasts. NAAFA itself started in 1969 in New York City, although it was originally called the National Association to Aid Fat Americans. Engineer Bill Fabrey had tired of the discrimination his overweight wife faced and started the group as an advocate for the big-boned. But NAAFA remained at the periphery for years, prompting some members to argue for a more confrontational approach. Taking their cue from the radical left, several West Coast members split from NAAFA and in 1972 founded the Fat Underground — which espoused, without irony, the belief that social pressure and overwhelming medical opinion were perpetuating a campaign of “genocide” against fat people. (Read “Why Are Southerners So Fat?”)

Is this a NAAFA convention or the Bay of Pigs?

The radicalism was short-lived. Fat Underground never totaled more than a handful of people and was more of a nuisance than an actual threat — members gave speeches and harassed weight-loss groups but never resorted to actual violence. By the early 1980s, Fat Underground fizzled out, while NAAFA — by then renamed the National Association to Advance Fat Acceptance — remained the most vocal advocate for the rights of obese Americans.

NAAFA Convention regulars Fattatina Wit and Coach Gaines display tapeworm fished out of a BBW’s rectum. Coach Gaines cooked and this bastardly brutal bowel bully and fed it to the same BBW. She remarked, “YUM! This is the best calamari I ever ate. YUM! That’s some mighty good eatin.”

NAAFA has grown larger in tandem with Americans. According to the Centers for Disease Control, two-thirds of adult Americans are now overweight and half of those qualify as obese. There’s a burgeoning blog community, dubbed the Fatosphere, where bloggers rail against antiobesity messages in the media. Although a second group, the International Size Acceptance Association, started in 1997, NAAFA has emerged as the foremost defender in the press of overweight Americans, throwing its weight around on issues ranging from Simon Cowell’s fat jokes on American Idol to airlines’ making obese passengers pay for a second seat. (Read “Brazilian Obesity: The Big Girl from Ipanema.”)

Miss Piggy Howell

Its message, however, has many doctors skeptical. “Virtually everyone who is overweight would be better off at a lower weight,” Walter Willett, chairman of the nutrition department at Harvard’s School of Public Health, told the New York Times in early July. “There’s been this misconception, fostered by the weight-is-beautiful groups, that weight doesn’t matter. But the data are clear.” NAAFA’s public-relations director, Miss Piggy Howell, says her group doesn’t encourage anyone to lead an unhealthy lifestyle but recognizes that for some people weight loss isn’t possible. “We don’t encourage people to get fat,” Howell says. A 2008 Yale University study suggests weight discrimination is now as prevalent as race or gender discrimination, a trend Howell says is unacceptable. “As a citizen of the U.S., just because I carry more weight on my back doesn’t mean I should have any fewer rights than anyone else,” she maintains.

Naughty NAAFA nymphs, corpulent cuties and big bellied babes prepare to pounce on and flatten fat admirer

Mainstream gluttons like the 85% of Americans know that gluttony is good. If they did not believe that then they would not be big fat goodie gobbling gormandizing  gluttons. NAAFA wants American gluttons to live a lie by denying the greedy gluttonous nature and their god – the Belly God.

Ladies and gentlemen; START YOUR EATING! 


>I have returned from the dead!

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>I, Fat Bastard am recovering from a fecal impaction. It caused a condition called sepsis. I went on a cheese and ice cream binge and I got all balled up.


Fecal impaction is a silent epidemic among us fatlings. We don’t like to talk about it but it is a subject that we should discuss. Just because NAAFA denies the downside of obesity and gluttony is no reason for the rest of us ti ignore it. As gluttons we need to take the good with the bad.

Lovely BBW straining to drop a deuce

From now on I will be eating more fiber even though most high fiber “foods” are what real food eats.
I am OK now but I am once again off my feed. It ain’t easy being fat!

More later.

>Why Bigger Fatter Blog is the Top Fat Acceptance Blog.

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In my last article I discussed the many reasons for why NAAFA and the old fat acceptance has failed to catch on with mainstream fatlings in its dismal 40+ years. NAAFA had a great start when Bill Fabrey first started NAAFA and back then NAAFA meant National Association AIDING Fat Americans. We at bigger fatter blog believe that Bill’s original vision was the correct vision. Making life better for fatlings is really the only goal we should have.


Bigger Fatter Blog has expanding on Bill’s vision and instead of being a political organization with a political message our message is one of fat. Aiding fat Americans means accommodating, promoting and enabling obesity and gluttony. We are modeling this movement after other successful movements such as the NAACP and the JDL. Just as Blacks are not apologists for being Blacks and Jews aer not apologists for being Jews we fatlings are not apologists for being fat and gluttonous. That is why Bigger Fatter Blog is getting more page hits than all other FA sites combined.


Big people deserve a big tent. Unlike the man hating angry narrow gate NAAFA style fat acceptance that philosophically  excludes 90% of fatlings; we at Bigger Fattter Blog let in everyone. We are not anti diet, anti feederism or anti male. That alone lets in millions that NAAFA would exclude. We are anti weight loss surgery. Other than that, we are not anti anything.

Drawing by Teddy Bear of the Biggest Fattest Blog

Gluttony is good. No one, not even MeMe Roth  come up with an argument for why gluttony is not good. We want fat people to know that their gluttony is a good thing. Food kicks ass! Food is love.

One of the greatest pioneers in the new obesity/gluttony promotion movement is “Dr” Gerald “Teddy” Bear of  The Biggest Fattest Blog. LINK Teddy better than anyone illustrates the joys of gluttony and obesity and is in many ways a goodwill ambassador for the new fat acceptance.

We stress the positive. Unlike the NAAFA girls there are men running this show. We aren’t always on the rag bitching about something all the time. We are positive fat acceptance and people like it. It really is that simple.


>Why Fat Acceptance Has Failed

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>For anyone who thinks that the FA movement has been a success I have a bridge in Brooklyn that may interest you. What percentage of the fat and obese US population is a member of the FA movement. Is it one percent? NOPE! Is it .5%? Nope it’s lower than that. How about .1%? WRONG! Maybe it’s .01%? Not even close? According to the data there are less than 10,000 members of the FA movement in he US. There are three “major” groups, NAAFA, ISAA and Bigger Fatter Blog aka New American Fat Acceptance Movement or NAFAM.

NAAFA has been around for over forty years and still nobody takes them seriously. They have been the go to source for the mainstream media to contact when they are presenting a story about obesity or size discrimination but even that is changing because today Fat Bastard and Bigger Fatter Blog is rapidly becoming the go to source on all things fat and it has all happened as a result of the humble blog spot blog. There is a saying in advertising; “It’s not the media, it’s the message” In a few short years Fat Bastard, Bigger Fatter Blog and its contributors like Rev BLA, Teddy Bear, Belly Boy, The Chef, Rotunda Hindenberg and other too many to mention have sent that message worldwide but more about that later.

Why after over forty years has NAAFA failed to reach the growing legions of lard?

As the waistlines and gluttony of Americans continue to grow with no end is site the size of the fat acceptance movement continues to shrink. Remember when I said it’s not the media but rather the message? Fatlings are not buying the NAAFA brand because they know it is bullshit and more than that it is an insult to the intelligence fatlings everywhere.

The biggest flaw in the NAAFA message is the denial of the laws of physics. More specifically it is their denial of the gluttony/obesity connection. I think if one of their heroes suck Paul Campos, Kelly Bliss or Linda Bacon told them that there earth was flat they’d believe. In fact there are more flat Earthers that there are people who take NAAFA seriously. Perhaps that is because the flat Earthers have more credibility.

NAAFA style Fat Acceptance is an all girls club.

That would be fine but there are more overweight men than women. Men are bigger gluttons and there are more of them but men are woefully under represented in today’s out dated and silly FA movement. Maybe NAAFA should change its name to NAAFAG. or National Association of Angry Fat American Girls because that’s what they are. The NAAFIAN lie a lot and one lie they have told is that Fat Bastard is a misogynist because he has been critical of the fat feminist invasion of the FA movement. Like all straight men Fat Bastard loves lesbians. In fact girl on girl action is his favorite form of porn albeit they are usually skinny chicks.

Fat Bastard loves women. His stance against WLS is very pro woman because most WLS victims are fat girls.

NAAFA’s anti diet stance

Susan Power: Lesbian, Feminist, Nutritionist, Weight Loss Guru and no Fat Bastard you can’t convert her even with your “educated” tongue.

To NAAFA dieting is a mortal sin and people like Richard Simmons, Jenny Craig, MeMe Roth and Susan Powter are evil incarnate. Susan Powter must really throw them for a loop because Susan Powter is a rug munching man hating feminist just like them with the only difference being is Susan Powter is not a glutton.

Fat people do go on weight loss diets and lose weight. Fat Bastard himself has lost weight and maintained that weight loss for over a year with no effort. NAAFA and site like Big Fat Blog will not allow any diet talk…. AND they call MeMe Roth a Nazi? Not allowing diet talk is like having a church that won’t let in sinners. What do they fear? If their arguments were sound you’d think that they would relish the opportunity to exploit these teaching moments.

The exclusion of feederism and the hypocrisy

For a long time the leading feederism site Dimensions Magazine and NAAFA were joined at the hip as well as the genitals. This was probably the golden age of fat acceptance but NAAFA, bowing to the even angrier man hating rug munching fat feminists pressured NAAFA to condemn feederism and fat female heterosexuality. The feederism movement is growing in leaps and bound with very busy sites popping up all over the world. The same cannot be said about the fat acceptance movement which remains in a steep nosedive.

Feederism and fat acceptance belong together. Feederism is a pillar of real fat acceptance. The celebration of gluttony is another pillar. If you want to read rational and intelligent discussions of fat acceptance you can find them here on Bigger Fatter Blog or on Dimensions Magazine. If you go to sites like Big Fat Blog or Fierce Freethinking Fatties all you will read is the same tired malingering, stale arguments and dishonesty that has been the hallmark of NAAFA and its dwindling loony membership.

Real Women Have Curves?

Talk about misogyny! Sheeeesh! Not only is that statement chauvinistic and demeaning to all women it’s not even true because if it were true Kelly Bliss would not be a real woman. She’d be a refrigerator with legs and a fat balding head.

Curves or a refrigerator with legs and a head showing male pattern baldness? You tell me?

MeMe Roth on the other hand has some dangerous curves.

I often wonder is MeMe Roth were a man instead of a gorgeous woman if the angry fat girls would be so hateful, vile and catty when talking about her. Dr Oz also talks about the gluttony/obesity connection, childhood obesity and gluttony and the heath consequences to those who choose a gluttonous lifestyle. Fat girls probably get all hot over a skinny guy like Dr Oz. Fat girls see a woman like MeMe Roth and they see red. They never attack MeMe’s message and if they gave it some thought they would have some valid arguments but instead they attack MeMe personally. That sort of demagoguery is bad to fat people and bad for the FA movement.

Deep down these fat girls know that MeMe Roth is woman men want to see and the woman that most fat girls including them want to be, so they hate her. She reminds them over everything they can never be such as educated, desirable and classy.

>NAAFA and Fat Acceptance Failure

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>While I was eating and surfing thinling porn, I, Fat Bastard came across the following article. I discussed it with Proud FA and now I would like to discuss it with our Bigger Fatter Blog readers.

The Failure of Size Acceptance

The following is an article written about a year ago as the author made the decision to exit totally out of size acceptance. He/She still supports the ideal of respect for fat people and fighting discrimination. Present size acceptance has lost its way totally and is not working in the best interests of those it claims to serve. Many fat people facing health problems make the decision to leave size acceptance. This includes several of his/her fat friends. Many good people still are in Size Acceptance and I admit that, we just part ways on some philosophies. The article is controversial, however after much time and thought it is the author’s honest appraisal.

While some of size acceptance’s ideals are sound, which include ending discrimination against fat people and advocating for their rights, the foundations of it are crumbling. Americans are getting fatter and corpulence is becoming more reviled. The love of and emphasis of the thin figure has only increased. The Size Acceptance movement as it stands now is failing.

Proud FA: I could not agree more. 99.99999999% of fatlings know that the old Fat Acceptance movement is bullshit. Because the jealous angry fat girls deny their gluttony instead of embracing it nobody can take them seriously especially fatlings who know that they’re greedy gluttons.

Fat Bastard:  Ditto Proud FA! The legions of lard and their beliefs have not been reflected in the NAAFA propaganda and sophistries.

Today’s premier size acceptance groups are NAAFA (National Association to Advance Fat Acceptance) and ISAA (International Size Acceptance Association.) NAAFA has 4,000 members as repeatedly mentioned online. However, recent scandals and change has lowered this “official membership” substantially. Some estimate their actual membership to be around 1000 people. ISAA is much smaller and numbers in the hundreds. There is little difference in the philosophies of these groups. Many groups focus on the social angle of size and others have sprung up from the NAAFA fountainhead. When I speak of Size Acceptance from now on, these groups and their associates are the target.

Proud FA: NAAFA has been twisting in the wind for years. It’s cozy relationship with Penn Computing, Dimensions Magazine and Conrad Blickenstorfer and their hypocritical condemnation of feederism and fat sexuality made everyone fat and skinny look at NAAFA and see them for the hypocrites that they are.

Fat Bastard: True Proud but it got compounded when all the angry man hating fat feminists took over and made obesity a feminist issue. Those angry fat dykes need to stick to rug munching and shut the fuck up.

The first reason that Size Acceptance has not grown is it promotes fat rather than dealing with it as simply a physical characteristic. Sometime around 1980, NAAFA changed its name from National Association to Aid Fat Americans to National Association to Advance Fat Acceptance. This was also a philosophical change not just a linguistical one.

Fat Bastard: They (the jealous angry fat girls) totally destroyed EVERYTHING Bill Fabrey started. (Bill Fabrey founded NAAFA in the 1970’s)

Fat is great according to all the size acceptance minions and while the ideals of the equality of fat people deserving right and proper treatment are commendable, this belief flies in the face of scientific logic. Having fat people be happy is a positive thing, however having them smile their way through the pain of gasping for air climbing some stairs and in denial about a life limiting condition is not.

Proud FA: Immobility is not for everyone. Fat is great for fat admirers but it is not for everyone.

Fat Bastard: It’s great for some people to be fat like Teddy and Belly Boy but for me and BLA it has its drawbacks ie the heart attacks and the diabetes. Nobody can argue with thte fact that gluttony is good. Gluttony rules! Food rules! Again, while it is good to embrace the fat it’s better to embrace and celebrate the food and the gluttony

The big names in SA brush all health problems related to obesity right under the carpet. Anyone who surpasses the 400 lb. mark soon learns that the bikini parties with the “Padded Lilies” (an actual SA group consisting of fat, 300-400lb, synchronized swimmers), conventions and fat positive rhetoric soon rings hollow next to their scooter, sleep apnea machine and bottles of blood pressure pills. One is supposed to be healthy, happy, fat and fit. Marilyn Wann in her book Fatso points out how at 250 lbs she can climb mountains and dance for hours without exhaustion. Sadly this negates the experiences of heavier people who find even walking across a parking lot a exhausting challenge. Fat people can indeed be in better shape via exercise and decent food, but reality checks really are necessary.

Proud FA: It’s about or it should be about aiding, enabling and accommodating fatlings. If medical science could create a yeast vaccine many a fat admirer would be turning cartwheels.

Fat Bastard: Not only that but we need some real science and technology. My dream is anti-gravity technology so that we fatlings could float. We would also look much fluffier.

SA publications all show fat women frolicking in swimming pools and doing aerobics. While this is good for the smaller fat person who has exceptionally good health, physical realities come crashing through for most who suffer obesity in its most severe and moderate forms. Those who find their stamina crumbling usually are ironically told to exercise more but not to lose any weight. When the first health crises arise, many leave SA for the world of university hospital diet clinics and weight loss surgery. SA is just the flipside to the world of detested weight loss schemes.

Fat Bastard: The current warped philosophy of NAAFA feeds into the crooked medical industrial party line. These deluded fatlings then end up having weight loss surgery/butchery. True fat acceptance accepts the downside of gluttony. We fatling, as “Dr” Gerald “Teddy” Bear so adroitly put it, are the Evil Kenevils of gluttony. You never heard Evil complain about the fact he broke every bone in his body twice. No way! Evil bragged about it.

Denying the fact that obesity is a disease or even disabling, size acceptance puts its head in the sand and closes the door on people who are not fat, fit and healthy. Tracy, a super-sized woman with PCOS an endocrine disorder and Ex-NAAFA member points out:

“I have in the past, held the concept of “size acceptance dear to my `heart, but at this stage, and with my health in the crisis that it is, I cannot, with a clear conscious, advocate or agree with any movement that does not address the reality of the negative health consequences of massive obesity.”

Proud FA: I was guilty of judging you Fat Bastard for losing some weight and moderating your gluttony but I would rather have even a live skinny Fat Bastard than a dead super morbidly obese one. How fat one wants to be is a personal choice that we need to respect. After being with Thinnette I understand why you like those skinny ana chicks.

Fat Bastard: Proud, you bring tears to my eyes. Cut it out!

No size acceptance organization supports a cure for obesity. After all, it’s all about “acceptance” and not “aiding”. The people speaking for the fat are as bad as those who wish to bilk them of their wallets for worthless liquid diets. Imagine a kidney disease foundation advocating for all kidney patients to accept their condition. Fat people are told essentially.”This is your lot in life, accept it.” This leaves the average fat person out in the cold in general between fad diet charlatans and size acceptance advocates who tell them there only other option is to make the best of it!

Fat Bastard: We do support a cure but we do not think that cure should be mandatory. The only cure to date is CG Brady’s fattitude reduction therapy and his incremental diet and lifestyle change protocol.

Logic itself is played with to relay the message. A NAAFA leader writes to a response online:
“It is my position and that of many in the movement that we need to focus on what we can do to make fat people healthy—not make fat people thin. Right now I believe that working toward making fat people healthy is a winnable battle-I do not believe making fat people thin is.

Proud FA: Those crazy NAAFA bitches are always talking shit!

This shows that acceptance and promotion of fat has become the prevailing goal of size acceptance. Obesity is to be seen as something like tallness, a normal part of a person’s makeup. I wonder how a 600lb person who can barely walk is supposed to take this information.

Out of fear and justified loathing of a diet industry that has caused more harm than good to fat people, SA has taken nothing more than a reactionary position, shoving its head into the sand. Repeating mantras of “Fat people are healthy!”, even amid wheelchair and oxygen bound fat people, very few are buying into the lie.

Fat Bastard: Some of us are not as sickly as others. Teddy for instance is a real stud at 5’6 and 400 pounds. Belly Boy cheerfully accepts his infirmity because the pleasure of food is worth it to him. You gotta admire that. While thinlings eat to live fatlings live to eat but why eat yourself to death in just a few years when you can live long like Teddy and enjoy your fat and gluttony? For many fatlings a power chair beats walking but there are others who want to show off that fat and throw their weight around.

The problem is the cost of demanding equal rights for fat people should not have as its price out and out lies and denial. Most Americans know of at least one friend or relative that has suffered not only social ramifications which are bad enough on their own, but also dire physical costs. After all, the public is privy to the sufferings of housebound fat people via the talk show. Many fat people outside of this world see SA as a group of extremists who have given up!

Science is discovering more facts on fat people’s behalf, that many diseases “can cause” fat rather than the other way around, including PCOS, Cushings, Syndrome X and fat people have been correct about not eating like pigs. They have written research on the futility of dieting and the complex causes of obesity however, SA has walled themselves off from the scientific community!

Proud FA: Let’s be honest here. Fat women are not the sharpest cheddar.

NAAFA does not support obesity research and says of it that the assumptions of obesity researchers is indeed wrongly based.and shows its own biases by writing within their official stances.

“These assumptions run contrary to the experience of most fat people which is that permanent weight loss is impossible to achieve, that dieting makes them fatter, that many of them are healthy and that valuing thinness over fatness is a cultural biases” Just the fact that some obesity researchers are invested in weight loss matters has led to this child-like refusal to even be open to dialogue.

Fat Bastard: Those jealous fat girls are really fucking stupid.

NAAFA has nothing to offer those who become sick, or disabled from being overweight. Such negative PR is swept under the table. NAAFA would not want most Americans to know that thousands live disabled due to severe obesity. Endocrine sufferers (those who become fat due to health conditions such as those with PCOS, thyroid and glandular disorders) are often left to fend for themselves. NAAFA cannot threaten their position by ever admitting that fat can be related to a disease process.
Proud FA: When I was porking fat NAAFA women it used to bother me how they passed over guys like Fat Bastard who they thought were too fat to throw the dick. While that may be true in many cases they could at least offer them a blow job. Fat girls to give the best head.

Fat Bastard: It never bothered me all that much because like the Chef says, “I ain’t got no wood for them SSBBW’s God bless em.” Two sweaty bodies doing the nasty gets too funky for this fat boy. While the motto No Muff Too Tough may hold true for you fat admirers fat boys like me with a more sophisticated smeller and palate prefer the delicate scent of a thinling chick.

SA, has a dark side that is unknown to the public. Some leaders are indeed involved with the selling of plus size erotica. Go to any SA site and you will find many fat women selling videos and nude photos of themselves to the proverbial “FA”, fat admirer, defined as a man who is attracted to fat women.

Many of the policies of the so-called fat advocacy organizations center around pleasing the FA. In some regards, the integrity of SA has been circumvented by those with other interests. The FAs have taken over! FAs who are attracted to fat, do not want a person to lose it. In fact there is even far out segment of so called “feeders” involved in SA who seek to make their significant others fatter. This has led to an emphasis on the prevailing organizations as social clubs and single meat markets rather than leaders of true help.

Proud FA: I have to disagree. The final nail in the NAAFA coffin was it public condemnation of FA and feeders. We were the only thing keeping the movement afloat. We were competition for militant fat feminist dykes who were looking for bi curious fat girls. That is what cause NAAFA’s knee jerk reaction. Fat porn was empowering fat girls. Fat porn is now huge. When NAAFA conventions were feederism fests and orgies NAAFA had a LOT more members.

Size Acceptance as it now stands is a failure. A new Fat Rights organization that supports the integrity and well being of its members is needed. This could be a movement of millions rather than of a few thousand. A real difference then could be made in the lives of 74% of Americans the percentages that are considered overweight.

Fat Bastard: Everyone should not only eat like a pig but like a herd of pigs. The author is full of shit when he says that people are fat because of diseases but he is spot on when he says the NAAFA style SA movement has a failure. Gluttony is the cause of obesity and a true glutton wears his fat like a badge of honor. It goes without saying that one should not apologize for one’s size but more than that, one should not apologize for one’s gluttony.

This is the kind of woman the jealous fat girls want to be and fat boys like me want to see…… and bone!

Can’t you all just get along?

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