>Next Sunday, Beligod willing, The Most Reverend Big Lard Ass will be speaking to our congregation. Reverend BLA will have a very very very very special guest with him. The Rev will be chewing the fat about his pilgrimage to the the Heart Attack Grill (The Mecca of all true gluttons) and his holy crusade to Africa.


The Chef has graciously volunteered his cheffin services and Coach Gaines from the Meat Center donated 400 pounds of ground black Angus beef. Rotunda owner of the Hindenberg Bakery donated 400 Belly Buns. Bob Rollhandler from the Beer & Beverage Baron will provide the libation and munchies.  The Chef will have some ceremonial sticky green for medical purposes only. Members of the Bloat County Volunteer Fire Rescue Squad will be on hand with nitro glycerine tablets, insulin and defib machines.


Don’t forget our Wednesday Nite Pancake Supper.

I Ain’t Jo Mama SUCKA!