Defiant Kirstie Alley stands up for gluttons everywhere!

Thank you thank you thank you Kirstie for standing up to social pressure and not denying your gluttony. We at Bigger Fatter Blog salute you. We understand the courage it took to stand up to Hollywood and Jenny Craig. Your noble defiance is an inspiration to us all!

Hip Hip…. OINK! Hip Hip…. OINK! Hip Hip…. OINK! Hip Hip…. OINK!

Skinny Skank…….. OR Gorgeous Glutton?

Real men know what they want and only a dog wants a bone!

Take that Jenny Craig!

Emaciated Kirstie covering her bones with Oprah forcing a smile.

Hefty heavy hunnies having a ha ha. Kirstie proudly showing off her ham arm. Kirstie flaunts her flabulous flab and Oprah shamefully covers her beautiful and buxom blubbery body. Both are truly happy when well fed.

See how much happier SSBBW’s are when they listen to their hunger cues and EAT! They know there is a big party with lots of yummy yum yums after the show and that is more than enough to inspire their giddy gluttonous glee.

OK guys you know the age old question:
Ginger or Mary Ann? Fat Bastard would bone them both. It’s a toss up for most guys but what about Rebbecca Howe Vs Diane Chambers?

Diane the stick Chambers or Rebbecca holy cow Howe?

Kirstie real women every where salute you you gorgeous girl glutton, you heavenly heffer, you sensuous sow, you plump pretty piggy! You are an inspiration to to girls and young women everywhere. You are a wonderful role model! You get the gorgeous celebrity glutton award!