Compassionate cuties saving landwhale!

This is male version of the damsel in distress routine. This lucky landwhale has two really hot babes fussing all over him.  Women have a mothering and nurturing instinct and skinny woman have it more so than the fat ones. As you can see from the photo the people who are rescuing him are not big muscle men who would love to show off there strength by lifting this quarter pound plumper. No fat girls are there to get their weight behind this fat boy. Nope! The ones who came to the rescue were two super hot bikini clad skinny women.


They don’t give up either! Maybe this clever fatling can get up but by now he probably has a raging boner under that big belly which is the gas tank for his love machine. I know if I had two hot thinlings pulling on me Little Fat Bastard would be standing at attention in full salute.

Concerned cuties contemplate CPR

Feigning fatigue this big bellied boy garners sympathy from these hot heroines.

Massive meat man establishing vertical base

With the power of a sumo wrestler this bean bag shaped big boy bounds forward. His “rescuers” are awed! FAT POWER!

Petite Pretties Portray Joy

This fat boy gives these beautiful beach bunnies a show and a chuckle. Women love a guy who has a sense of humor!

Portly porker powers up!
Another fatling fails by flaunting to much flab

These girls are awed, excited and entertained. They will be fighting each other to see who he asks out for a romantic dinner. 

Play up on the nurturing nature and compassion of a skinny woman. Fake an injury or illness. If you are a true cardiac cripple all the better. Women find vulnerable men hot. Play your cards right (your credit card) and you to can be boning beautiful beach babes next time you beach yourself.

You don’t believe me? Just go to fat friendly Japan where women love fat guys. In the picture below you will notice how Japanese women shun skinny guys in favor of sumo beef cake. Turning their back is the Japanese way of saying, “Sorry Tojo, not interested. Come back after you gain some weight and then we can talk.”

Hot skinny women shun stick boy!