>It is true that a lot of us gluttons eat ourselves to death each year. Only the crazy girls in the OLD fat acceptance movement would deny that reality. There is one thing that kills more Americans than gluttony each year. I am speaking of medical blunders. It is a fact that each year over 1 million Americans die as a result of medical mistakes and that number is based on the medical fuck ups that actually get reported. The real numbers are even higher. There are not enough lawyers to handle all the cases and even if their were medical errors are very tough to prove. Doctors are good at covering the greedy and careless butts.

A lot of people in the FA movement hate doctors because they have been the receiving end of BAD medicine. I would urge my fellow fatlings to realize that it is not only fatlings who are victims of this abomination we call the American Health Care System. People are critical of the gluttony of us fatlings but our food lust greedy gluttony pales in comparison to the money lust of the US Medical Industry.

Let’s talk about two of the leading cocksuckers involved in allowing this system to become what it is and to continue getting more expensive and more dangerous. I am referring to Dr Congressman Tom Price and vile racist Dr Senator Tom Colburn. Both of those dickheads will tell you to your face that the US has the best health care in the world when they know that by every measurable standard the US has the WORST health care in the industrialized world.

Senator Dr Tom Coburn is puckering up for the veterans he fucked and is getting ready to suck more medical industry dick.

Republican Tom Coburn (Rethug-OK) has been identified as the chickenshit Senator who put an anonymous hold on the Veterans bill. Don’t Ask Don’t Tel? Coburn’s been outed by the military!

Senate Bill 1963, “Caregivers and Veterans Omnibus Health Services Act of 2009,” sponsored by Sen. Daniel Akaka (D-HI) on October 28, 2009, proposes an amendment to Title 38 of the United States Code to provide health care to military members.


Sickly looking CONgressbitch Dr Tom Price looks like he could use a doctor for his asshole cancer. He might want to try Europe. That’s where the good doctors are.

Call your elected official and DEMAND that they stop this meat grinder than it the US corporate run health care system.

Contact every fucking one of them and tell them to protect Americans from our health care system.

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Another whore for the medical industry is this weasel. This turd figured he can make more money taking kick backs as a Congressman from Louisiana than he could taking kickbacks form the drug reps, labs and other collaborators in the health care industrial complex.

Louisiana is the fattest state in the union and recently this shit bum Flemming blamed fat patients for the rising cost of health care as well and thing patients and of course he had no proof to back up he claims that he knew were lies. I bet the Louisiana medical board booted his ass out of medicine.

From Wikipedia

Fleming is the author of the 2006 book Preventing Addiction: What Parents Must Know to Immunize Their Kids Against Drug and Alcohol Addiction, which is aimed at assisting parents in keeping their children from potential chemical dependency.[6][7] He has appeared on numerous national broadcast programs to promote his book.[4]

Fleming is also a businessman; he owns 30 Subway sandwich shops in northern Louisiana[8][9] and owns Fleming Expansions, LLC, a regional developer for The UPS Store, which supports stores in Louisiana, Mississippi, and Texas.[8] See also “Trivia” section infra.

Fleming blames patients for higher health care costs. Here is the nasty little weasel’s logic. He claims that if people got “free” heath care then they would get unnecessary testing and use other medical resources. Since when did patients order their own tests. Fleming bases that absurd assertion on a patient he had who had to go on disability and because Medicare paid for services his private insurance would not cover the patient used those services. The fact is in Europe they have free health care and it cost half of what it does in the US and the quality is far superior.

Dr John Fleming is a lying cock sucking weasel and a whore for the medical industry.