My good friend “Dr” Gerald “Teddy” Bear never ceases to get me thinking. The erudite “Dr” Bear has been battling bullies and right wing fundegelical meat heads most of his life. When you look at members of the far left and more so the far right you see that they are not much different than scum like Adolf Hitler and his butt buddy Stalin. The womyn of the NAAFA style fat acceptance movement claim to be left of center but in reality they share all the traits with the morons in the TeaBagger movement. The political spectrum is depicted as a line but I think it is more like a circle.
The above graphic illustrates this point.

The liberal/progressive embraces higher education and learning. The first people to condemn scientific research on obesity with knee jerk fact free statements are the NAAFA Womyn.
While some of these fat womyn had some college it’s usually a bullshit and worthless Mickey Mouse degree. Fat studies… LOL!

The NAAFA style womyn make fact free arguments. They make the absurd fat and fit arguments as they waddle on canes or cruise around in their fatty scooters.
The NAAFA girls are always getting their yeasty panties in a bunch about something. They make fact free and retarded tea bag style arguments like this angry fat girl.
The NAAFA girls get their medical information for obesity from dubious sources like Linda Bacon, Kelly Bliss Smelly Piss, dog faced troll Kate Harding, and lawyer Paul Campos.
These tiresome twits are bigoted haters. They hate skinny women like anti-obesity advocate MeMe Roth and they hate fat men because fat guys are unable to pork them. They hate MeMe Roth not only because she kicks their butts in debates but because she has movie star good looks, a smokin body and a superior brain.
NAAFA girls are a hateful bunch of man haters who refuse to acknowledge that the are the cause of everything they hate. Unless and until the accept the good and the bad of their gluttonous lifestyles nobody will take them seriously. Like the teabagger who they think for most Americans, the NAAFA fat acceptors speak only for a fringe group of angry girls who really hate themselves most of all.