Just when I thought we had squashed that bug it has returned with more venom than ever. Both Fat Bastard and I tried to get them shut down but to no avail.


If I were married I would love it if my wife was fat, lazy and gluttonous. The most venomous ones of the site are the skinny bitches complaining about their fat husbands. I agree with Fat Bastard when he says that fat men are treated worse that fat women. I see the double standard all to well and NAAFA conventions. We skinny guys get more ass than a toilet seat while guys like Fat Bastard remain wallflowers. Of course there are some mechanical considerations that come into play when two really fat people try having sex but in the case of My Fat Spouse these women are skinny and that means they can ride their husbands just like the skinny hos ride Fat Bastard. Like many woman the simply do not want to be seen with a fat guy and they also want the man to do all the work. Well damn it, a lot of fat guys are not able to get on top and fuck. It could kill them for Christ’s sake. I can see it now some fat guy keels over form a heart attack while porking his wife and they both die as a result. The media would have a field day with that.

Ride em cowboy! Hi Ho Silver away!

This is what I’m talking about! Skank on top!

IMG_2728.jpg Riding The Whale image by raz99fish
If these skinny skanks can ride a whale the certainly can ride guys like Fat Bastard!

Fat Bastard is a horny sperm whale! GO FAT BASTARD!

Women being the skanks they are want one of two things, dick or money. Guys like Fat Bastard have neither. He is not fit enough to fuck and he is on disability now so he is not wealthy. That sucks and it only goes to show just how shallow women can be.

The men at My Fat Spouse are not much better. They hide their disgust for their fat wives by saying that they love them and they want them to live longer. These men are so brainwashed and misguided. Don’t they know it is not the quantity of life that matters but rather the quality of life. If they truly loved their wives they would take them oiut to dinner every night and let them show off their size.

Sadly a very hateful site is back in the net spewing its ignorant venom at fat people. Shame on you My Fat Spouse! Shame on YOU!!


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